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(Positive reinforcement) Motorists get pulled over - for doing good

When Mr Lim Kan Seng's Toyota Previa was pulled over by the Traffic Police along New Upper Changi Road yesterday morning, he panicked a little. Mr Lim, 50, a hawker, thought he might be in for a summons, but what he received instead were a zebra plush toy and $40 worth of petrol vouchers. "I thought I had done something wrong... but the police said they saw me giving way to another driver, and wanted to commend me," he said. "I had just turned left into the main road when another car was trying to cut into my lane from the right, so I let him pass." Mr Lim was among seven motorists who were pulled over on the roads yesterday for displaying good driving habits, as part of a nine-hour island-wide "Spot the Conscientious Motorists" operation conducted by the police. Since the programme started in October 2013, 391 motorists have been identified and rewarded. Motorists get a commendation certificate, in addition to the road safety mascot toy and vouchers.

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(Positive Punishment) Over 560 motorists fined in first half of 2014 for their failure to signal, Transport News You see it all the time on the road - drivers turning or changing lane without signalling their intention to do so. But according to traffic rules, the failure to signal is an offence. The Traffic Police said 564 summonses were issued for this in the first six months of this year - the highest in three years. Traffic Fines in Singapore - LTA, URA, HDB, TP and ERP When you own a car, traffic wardens are your worst enemy and roadblocks send shivers down your spine – after all, there’s nothing worse than getting traffic fines in Singapore. As if it’s not enough that the cost of your car and COE would be enough for you to retire in a neighbouring country, there’s also quite a number of traffic fines you could potentially be slapped with. LTA fines in Singapore HDB parking fines in Singapore

Certificate of Merit. What is it? And how can you get one? Getting a driver’s licence ensures that you are qualified to drive. But along with that comes the responsibility of making sure you drive safely, not just for your sake but also for the sake of other road users. To ensure that drivers are aware of this and keep safety uppermost on their minds while driving, the Traffic Police has instituted a system of rewards and punishments.

(Positive Reinforcement - Resource One) Website: Driver gets award for helping elderly wheelchair user who was struggling to cross road in the rain, Singapore News SINGAPORE - A split-second decision on the road has seen Mr David Chin, 41, become the subject of a viral online video as well as the recipient of the Public Spiritedness Award on Friday (Sept 25). Recounting the incident, Mr Chin said that he was driving home in pouring rain after picking up his 11-year-old daughter from ballet class on Sept 5. At a traffic junction, he saw an old man on a wheelchair struggling to cross the road. The green light for pedestrians at the crossing were already flashing but the man, who looked about 70, had barely made it half way across. He had an umbrella over his shoulder, which impeded his manoeuvring of the wheelchair. "He could not move.

(Negative Punishment) Parliament: Licences of 69 drivers revoked for driving with disabilities or diseases that affect safety, Politics News SINGAPORE - The driving licenses of 69 drivers were revoked over the past four years after they were found to have disabilities or diseases that impeded their driving abilities. Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin told the House on Tuesday (Jan 10) that drivers' licences are revoked if they fail medical examinations after they were involved in accidents or other investigations. Of the 69 cases, 12 were drivers involved in accidents due to their conditions, he said. He was responding to questions from Mr Murali Pillai (Bukit Batok) on whether the Traffic Police intends to require drivers and medical professionals to report cases where drivers develop diseases or disabilities which could affect their driving safety.

(Negative Reinforcement) Police officer fined S$200, 12 demerit points for beating red light Read more at SINGAPORE — A police officer has been fined $200 and given 12 demerit points for beating a red light last month. In a video recorded by an in-car camera on June 4 and posted online, a police car is seen driving through a red traffic signal at a T-junction at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 and Bukit Batok Street 31. The lights had turned in favour of adjacent traffic, but the police vehicle drove through the junction toward a pedestrian crossing where people were crossing the road. The police officer realised his mistake mid-way through the traffic junction and managed to stop the vehicle just before the pedestrian crossing. He then reversed back to the stop line.

Traffic Police And Motorist Announce Strategic Partnership To Foster Safer Roads In Singapore SINGAPORE, 8th June 2020 – Motorist, Singapore’s leading automotive platform, today announced a strategic partnership with the Traffic Police to cultivate a safer driving culture in Singapore. The partnership will see the Traffic Police tap on Motorist’s mobile app as they look to encourage safer driving by discouraging reckless driving acts such as speeding. Together, they have developed a new audio integration feature called Co-Driver, which is set to be launched today. This feature, found exclusively in the Motorist App, will incorporate data from the Traffic Police on the locations of speed and red-light cameras. By simply activating Co-Driver on the Motorist App, drivers will receive real time audio alerts on these cameras, as well as reminders to drive safer and more courteously. While there are a number of other apps that provide audio cues on red-light and traffic cameras, Co-Driver is the only one that includes red zones for Police Speed Laser Camera (PSLC).

Penalties for Dangerous Driving for Singapore Drivers Perhaps you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious film franchise and want to try out those cool car stunts for yourself. Or maybe you think you have the hots to be Singapore’s Best Car Drifter just because you own a sweet car. Or maybe you’re just in a rush and are cutting in and out of the lanes so you can get home faster.

(Negative Punishment - Resource Two) Website: 55 months' jail and lifetime driving ban for driver of Maserati that dragged cop along road for over 100m, Courts & Crime News SINGAPORE - A Maserati driver whose car dragged a police officer for more than 100m along Bedok Reservoir Road in 2017 was sentenced on Tuesday (July 28) to four years and seven months' jail with a lifetime driving ban. District Judge Ng Peng Hong, who said that Lee Cheng Yan's offences "warranted a retributive and deterrent sentence", also ordered him to pay a fine of $3,700. In December last year after a five-day trial, the judge found Lee, now 36, guilty of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to the policeman, Staff Sergeant Khairulanwar Abd Kahar, 26. The policeman had stopped Lee on Nov 17, 2017 for driving without a seat belt. He approached the car to speak to the driver.

(Positive Reinforcement) Demerit Free Driver car decal – DeeKay Dot SG To encourage good road safety behaviour, the Traffic Police is partnering with Singapore Road Safety Council and Shell Singapore in a new commendation initiative. All license holders who have maintained a demerit-free status over the last five years will be receiving a Letter of Commendation from the Traffic Police. Motorist can present their letter and redeem a Badge of Honour decal or sticker at any Shell petrol station from 27 July to 30 September. More than 1.2 million license-holders will qualify for this Demerit Free Driver decal. If you qualify, you should redeem your decal soon. Display the Badge of Honour on your vehicle and you could win a goodie bag worth $80 if you are spotted at Shell.

(Negative Punishment) NTU associate professor jailed and banned from driving for colliding into motorcyclist while making discretionary right turn SINGAPORE: A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) associate professor drove without a proper lookout and made a discretionary right turn into a motorcyclist, who suffered multiple fractures. For one count of a negligent act causing grievous hurt, 61-year-old Lau Kim Teen was jailed for five days and banned from driving for two years on Thursday (Sep 24). The court heard that Lau, a Malaysian and Singapore permanent resident, had driven to an eatery near Pioneer Road for dinner on Dec 30, 2018. He drank beer during his meal, and left at about 8.45pm, driving along Jurong West Street 93. At the T-junction between Jurong West Street 93 and 92, he intended to make a right turn. The victim, a 24-year-old motorcyclist, was approaching the T-junction from the opposite direction, and went straight ahead after spotting that the traffic light was green in his favour.

Road Safety Tips A safe road journey cannot be taken for granted! Like Gracious Joseph, remember to always exercise patience and graciousness. Stay alert, drive carefully and follow traffic rules, signs, and signals. Follow these safe-driving tips and habits to enhance your experience on the roads, and make your journeys more safe and pleasant. Traffic Offences in Singapore: Demerit Points & Composition Fines (2020 Update) (Photo Credit: Singapore Police Force) Updated: 25 August 2020 Here is the full list of traffic offences that carry demerit points and composition fines in Singapore.