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Big data for CIOs

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'Democratization of Data' Pushes Big Data Trends in 2014. Privacy and Big Data. Trust In, and Value From, Information Systems Sign In.

Privacy and Big Data report - cios and big data report.pdf. FAQ: CIOs focus on BI strategies that meet needs of big data analysis. In this FAQ, find answers to your most frequent queries on BI strategies.

FAQ: CIOs focus on BI strategies that meet needs of big data analysis

It might have seemed like just another buzzword, but before 2011 was out, the need to mine big data was topping many a CIO agenda, upending long-established practices for data management. By the time the calendar turned to 2012, all eyes were on big data analysis -- how to make sense of this wealth of information to maintain, enhance and expand the business. Accordingly, attention also turned to business intelligence (BI). Based on a survey of CIOs at 178 organizations worldwide, the CIO Executive Board of Washington, D.C. -based Corporate Executive Board Co. "[T]he real action right now is in business intelligence, as well as [in] collaboration and anything at the customer interface -- from either understanding the customers' patterns, performing customer service or empowering salespeople through IT to be better at their sales jobs," Shah said.

Banking 2014: An Industry at a Pivot Point. Banking Outlook 2014 KPMG. Content Analytics. 30-day trial download. Follow these simple instructions to download: Click the download button below.Fill out the form.It’s important to note that the download link will be emailed to you, so you must provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.Check your inbox, download the software – then get going with the fastest database on the planet!

30-day trial download

The world’s fastest applications run on VoltDB! VoltDB Download Everything you need to start changing the world, building the coolest application ever, or just satisfying your own curiosity is right here. Digital Transformation Consulting. Technology Enablement. The ongoing challenge to do more with less has made utilizing technology for business advantage more critical than ever.

Technology Enablement

KPMG helps businesses capture technology’s potential to not merely support, but also to transform the business. Read More...The ongoing challenge to do more with less has made utilizing technology for business advantage more critical than ever. Value-seeking leadership teams continue to search for business transformational opportunities enabled by technology.

Yet with the multitude of technology options available, the pressure to grow the business, achieve cost efficiencies and mitigate risk requires specific assistance to navigate the best way forward. When designed and deployed thoughtfully, technology can provide a “forcing function” by helping to optimize business processes, enable new products and services, achieve scale and consistency, and enhance the ability to manage risk and compliance. Peter Sondergaard — A Member of the Gartner Blog Network. Peter Sondergaard Research Director 25 years at Gartner 29 years IT Industry Peter Sondergaard is a senior vice president in Gartner, where he is the global head of Gartner Research.

Peter Sondergaard — A Member of the Gartner Blog Network

Mr. Sondergaard is responsible for people management and the direction of the global research organization, which includes Semiconductors, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Communications, Software and Services Management, Business of IT, Research Operations Management, and IT provider and end-user organizational roles. What CEOs think of Digital Business by Peter Sondergaard | April 14, 2014 | Submit a Comment This week we published the 2014 Gartner CEO and Senior Executive Survey.

What really caught my eye in this year’s survey is that IT-related issues, including mentions of digital, are much more prominent as key priorities for CEOs. CEOs are undoubtedly taking a greater interest in applying technology more aggressively in their organizations. What does this tell us? This is where the CIO comes in. Why? Big Data University.

Data Management: Are You Prepared for a Lawsuit? CIOs can impose order on unstructured data and loose files that bedevil legal defense efforts.

Data Management: Are You Prepared for a Lawsuit?

Your company is named in a lawsuit and, as part of the discovery process, the plaintiff asks for all email correspondence and other data relating to one particular topic. With detailed inventories of data and applications, meeting the request might be a snap. Unfortunately, your company has neither. In fact, there are so many loose files hiding on laptops and on shared drives that no one really knows where to begin looking for the requested information.

Enterprise Big Data Business Solutions - Real-Time Analytics. Infochimps Cloud powers innovative Big Data solutions that drive enterprise decisions Big Data is a realm of possibility and opportunity — and at the same time it’s an incredible challenge.

Enterprise Big Data Business Solutions - Real-Time Analytics

It takes innovative Big Data solutions to convert your massive volumes of data into the customer and business insights that will propel your company into the future. DeveloperWorks : Download : InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition. Emerging Technologies - jStart - Solutions - BigSheets. Open Source Distributed Real Time Search & Analytics. Cloud Log Management Service. Search Data at Scale in Five Minutes with Pig, Wonderdog and ElasticSearch. Working code examples for this post (for both Pig 0.10 and ElasticSearch 0.18.6) are available here.

Search Data at Scale in Five Minutes with Pig, Wonderdog and ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch makes search simple. ElasticSearch is built over Lucene and provides a simple but rich JSON over HTTP query interface to search clusters of one or one hundred machies. You can get started with ElasticSearch in five minutes, and it can scale to support heavy loads in the enterprise. Pricing. Bonsai - Hosted full-text search, powered by ElasticSearch and One More Cloud. Datadog - Home. BIG DATA - The CIO Report.