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Reading Promotion with Games

80 Days. Minecraft. Gaming by the book: Why aren't more video games based on novels? I am currently reading The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding, the third book in his series about a ragtag bunch of pirates and smugglers -and occasional heroes - who all live aboard a flying ship called the Ketty Jay.

Gaming by the book: Why aren't more video games based on novels?

This is classic, old school swashbuckling adventure. Set in an earth-like world which has access to a chemical called aerium, which can be broken down into a super-light gas that enables nimble flying ships, it is set during a kind of industrial revolution and age of exploration. Different nations and empires jostle up against each other, and access to rich sources of aerium has been the cause of the last two big wars.

So no, nothing like the real world. The Ketty Jay's captain is Darian Frey, a charming womaniser and perpetual maker of bad decisions. The world of the Ketty Jay has everything. This got me to thinking, though: why are so few games based directly on books? It seems strange that in the English-speaking world we don't often do the same. How Games Can Be a Centerpiece for Student-Driven Learning   Join Matthew Farber and Steve Isaacs for our upcoming webinar How Games Can Be a Centerpiece for Student-Driven Learning, and discuss how games can create a shared learning experience for students.

How Games Can Be a Centerpiece for Student-Driven Learning  

Learn more. While phonics workbooks are useful for reinforcing certain literacy skills, they are not the sole means of teaching reading. If children learn to read through whole-language approaches, why are educational games still honing in on single concepts? Many view educational technology as a tool to support learning, not the focal point of instruction.

Information Fallout. English Vocabulary. Super Terrific Games. Playing History. The ReDistricting Game. Persuasive Games - Our Games. Green the Building Manage a portfolio of buildings with sustainable design and upkeep.

Persuasive Games - Our Games

Colorfall A puzzle game promoting cognitive health and physical activity. Windfall A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy profitably. Test your knowledge. Save the Earth. Learning tools & flashcards, for free. World Maps - geography online games. An Exciting Way to Learn Geography & More. Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics.

Games for Change. Gamers - Relationships Australia SA. Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner. A Parents Guide to Video Games - Classification - IGEA. Jul 1, 2009 Computer games, whether they are locally made or come from overseas, have to be classified before they can be sold, hired or demonstrated in Australia.

A Parents Guide to Video Games - Classification - IGEA

The Classification Board classifies films, computer games, and publications and some internet content. Consumer Advice (content descriptors) The Classification Board also adds consumer advice to indicate the type of content in a game. Consumer advice does not include descriptions of all content. For example a game classified M – Moderate Coarse Language will include language of a moderate impact that requires an M classification; but it may also include violence that could be accommodated at a lower classification such as PG, even if the violence is not mentioned in the consumer advice.

241. Helpful tips for parents about video games. Check the rating.

Helpful tips for parents about video games

Checking for a game's ESRB rating - on game packages or online - is a great place to start in terms of gauging its age-appropriateness. If you want more info, many of the games rated by ESRB also have rating summaries that describe in detail exactly what type of content a parent would want to know about, along with specific examples. You can even access them from the store using ESRB's free mobile app. Check game reviews. Gamestar Mechanic. Playing to Win — Sirlin.Net — Game Design.

GAMER THEORY 2.0. Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games. Steffen P.

Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games

Walz 2010 Whether we think of a board game, an athletic competition in a stadium, a videogame, playful social networking on the World Wide Web, an Alternate Reality Game, a location-based mobile game, or any combination thereof: Ludic activities are, have, and take place in or at, spaces. “Toward a Ludic Architecture” is a pioneering publication, architecturally framing play and games as human practices in and of space. Filling the gap in literature, Steffen P. Beyond Fun: Serious Games and Media.

Drew Davidson et al. 2008 This book focuses on strategies for applying games, simulations and interactive experiences in learning contexts.

Beyond Fun: Serious Games and Media

The contributors orchestrated this collection together, reading and writing as a whole so that concepts resonate across articles. Throughout, the promises and problems of implementing games and media in learning experiences are explored. Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding, and Supporting Games Education. José P.

Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding, and Supporting Games Education

Zagal It seems like teaching about games should be easy. After all, students enjoy engaging with course content and have extensive experience with videogames. However, games education can be surprisingly complex. This book explores ludoliteracy, or the question of what it means to understand games, by looking at the challenges and problems faced by students taking games-related classes. Extra Credits. Six Ways to Tell Stories in Video Games. We’re just starting to make great progress with Spellirium, our word puzzle/adventure game hybrid.

Six Ways to Tell Stories in Video Games

For the past few months, it feels like we’ve been building pieces and elements of the game. Now that they’re built, we’re starting to assemble the actual game. Spellirium has two main modes: the lightning-quick Blitz Mode, where you try to rack up mad pointz with a 3-minute time limit, and Story Mode, where we’re putting the bulk of our efforts. i thought i’d take today to talk about our storytelling technique in the game. We have a BIG story to tell in Spellirium – so big that it’s becoming a real creative challenge to convey it within our budget. Game Design FAQs.

Good game design books? - Game Development Stack Exchange. Must read game development books - Game Development Stack Exchange. Game Design Books... Recommendations? I dunno if buying any book would be beneficial to me.

Game Design Books... Recommendations?

I know if I like playing a game... and so I would know if I liked playing my own (which would indicate to me if anyone else would).Just like when I create a music tune (my other hobby) I know if I like it or not. Some people just simply know if they like there own work whilst others seem to be so fanatic they think everything they produce is great. Luckily most of us have common sense and can judge our work to a high degree of being critical and take constructive criticism from others to build upon minor areas we may of missed some attention on.

Sandbox MMO News. The best sandbox games on PC. Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube The sandbox game is difficult to nail down, spreading across countless genres with disparate mechanics and settings. All Games - Sandbox Games. Deepworld - Steampunk Crafting MMO Game. Digital Technologies Hub. Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup. Classcraft - Make learning an adventure. ClassDojo. Institute of Play. Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling. Choosing a Tool One of the first decisions you’ll need to make before you do serious work on your own piece of interactive fiction is what tools you will use to create it. While you could create IF in a general purpose programming language, most people choose to use a language or design system specially created for writing IF. This reduces the amount of work involved, and it often produces a more polished, more widely-portable product, as well.

Your choice may also be affected by the format you want your work to take. Some IF systems are better than others at running on small platforms such as handheld devices. Writing in Collaboration with the Machine is an article I wrote on how your choice of system affects the way you write and the kind of content you can create. Choice/Hypertext. Parser. The joy of text – the fall and rise of interactive fiction. The annual Interactive Fiction Competition is an institution that has endured for almost 20 years, with the goal of discovering each year’s best and brightest works in the world of text-based gaming.

The genre is surprisingly broad and complex – and this year’s entries show how much text games have to offer modern audiences, even those who don’t ordinarily play computer games. The age of free and intuitive creation tools, combined with the explosion of mobile platforms, e-reader devices and an audience that’s comfortable reading screens, means a brand-new opportunity for fresh narrative experiences that stand to attract new types of players. Veteran gamers may remember the text-based adventures of history – titles like Adventureland, Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A room or situation would be described to the player, perhaps with objects or obstacles therein, and the player could type directions to navigate, or, say, “tie rope” or “light lamp” to interact.

Use Classic Games to Ignite Student Engagement. As a new middle school media specialist in a school that serves students in grades 5 through 8, I spent most of last year collaborating with Sara, our school's instructional technology facilitator. We focused on converting our media center from a traditional library model into a learning commons model. This model updates the library from a storehouse of information to a place where students can interact with information, learn 21st-century skills, and create content and materials in a whole new way. Our language arts, social studies, and science teachers were quick to see the value in our new learning commons.

But many math teachers didn't see the relevance to their subject area. After I regularly pursued a particularly skeptical math teacher, he finally agreed to give our learning commons a whirl. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. PBS Digital Studios. GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks. Jon Radoff - "Designing for User Motivation: Understanding the Four Q…

Bartle's Taxonomy of Player Types (And Why It Doesn't Apply to Everything) The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures. The best-selling video games of the last 10 years. Welcome to TeamSpeak - TeamSpeak. Theconversation. Nintendo’s latest gaming device is unique. Turf war: pick your side and get outside with Google's Ingress. 12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn from Minecraft. Video gaming has been seen by some detractors as a passive, mind-numbing activity that has an adverse effect on children’s social development. In fact, research indicates the exact opposite. Turning everything into a game is squeezing the fun out of life. The Experience: Ingress and Education. Tutorials/Beginner's guide – Official Minecraft Wiki.

Created for players who do not know how to begin their Minecraft journey, the Beginner's Guide is a tutorial created to provide a list full of good ways to start! James Gee. GlassLab Games. Will virtual and augmented reality move us into the knowledge age? Where History Comes Alive: Augmented Reality in Museums — The Synapse. “Museums will need to do everything they can to engage with their public, through their displays, education and outreach programs, and by being as open as possible to what their audience wants. Museums are much more than repositories of objects; they are meeting places for people and ideas. 3 Ways to Use Game-Based Learning. Campo Santo - Firewatch. 12 Interesting Ways Playing Video Games Can Boost Your Health. Playing video games has long been associated with poor health due to its sedentary nature and long exposure to digital screens. But Karen Reed suggests that there are many benefits to video games we may not have considered.

She addresses all of them in detail in the article 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games, featured on Positive Health Wellness. Even though Reed has some great information to consider, she cautions wisely that these 12 points should be accompanied by a common-sense approach. Ingress: The game that reveals Google's secret war to control London. Category:Video games based on films - Wikipedia. Games Based on Literature (Concept) - Giant Bomb. Ever, Jane. 11 Games You Didn't Know Were Based on Books. MindShift GuidetoDigitalGamesandLearning. Made With Play: Game-Based Learning Resources. Epic Guide To Game Based Learning. Video Games And Participatory Culture. Playing games at the Library: Seriously?

Board Games in the Library – Teen Services Underground. Knowledge Quest Volume 40, No. 1 - Educational Gaming. Gaming the Common Core: Many board games align with the standards. Games and learning. Playing Together: Trends in Game-Based Education – Office of Ed Tech – Medium. Reviews & Age Ratings - Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. Common Sense Education. GameDesk on Vimeo. Find, create and share lesson plans and teaching tools to empower your classroom. Gamestar Mechanic. Histrionix. Theconversation. Speech: The Importance of Tech Education in Our Schools. Is coding the blue collar job of the future? Digital Australia 2016 DA16 Final. How much data does gaming use? A handful of popular examples. Publications - Serious Play. Tapping into kids' passion for Minecraft in the classroom. Transedu: Alternate Reality Games in Education. Gaming in the Classroom.

Puter gamers have an edge in the classroom: study. Overcoming 10 Common Obstacles of Game-Based Teaching. Game­-Based or Playful Learning, not Gamification for All Things.