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The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures

The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures
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Interactive Fiction Interactive fiction was the first great computer-game craze. Through the early 1980s, the most sophisticated, complex, involving games available were the text adventures. Everyone agreed. Of course, advancing graphics eventually washed away IF’s supremacy. I’ve been part of that community for a decade and a half. You can play my games freely (and for free). (Okay, except for Hadean Lands. If you’ve never played IF before... Everyone’s heard that IF is hard to play. Furthermore, most situations in every game are amenable to a handful of common commands. (Click for PDF version, HTML version, print-quality bitmap, or others. If you still feel overwhelmed, I recommend you start with The Dreamhold, listed below. Hadean Lands An interactive alchemical interplanetary thriller. This is my next game. Bigger Than You Think Fanfic of xkcd “Click and Drag,” with a dash of Invisible Cities Marco Polo tells the Khan of an unusual underground journey. Cold Iron Where's that axe? The Matter of the Monster - Fiction-FR --- Le carrefour francais de la fiction interactive Format : zcode Titre : Le Cercle des Gros Geeks disparus Auteur : Adrien Saurat Présentation : Construction d'une machine infernale Genre : One-room Première publication (dans cette langue) : Description : Un mal de tronche terrible. Langue : fr Système : Inform Url : Licence : freeware mots clés : machine, nolife Longueur de jeu approximative : ** Page sur ifwiki : Page sur ifdb : Référence : 005 fichier de jeu : cerclegeeks.z5

Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games Créez votre fiction interactive avec Twine : Makery Flashback dans vos années tendres. Vous avez huit ans et ouvrez un livre à la promesse alléchante : avec 42 fins différentes, à vous de construire votre propre aventure. Pendant tout l’été, vous ne décollez pas vos yeux de cet ovni littéraire et recommencez votre livre jusqu’à tomber sur une fin heureuse. Dans les années 1970 et 1980, l’édition jeunesse découvre les livres jeux, ces livres dont vous êtes le héros qui promettent des fins souvent atroces aux enfants (mourir de solitude, dévoré par un requin…). Reléguée au rang de culte vintage – le magazine technophile Daily Dot organisait en mai 2016 une session en direct sur Facebook, où les commentateurs avaient la main sur les décisions –, la pratique a muté sur Internet. On crée des histoires sur Twitter, sur Google Form, mais surtout sur Twine, un logiciel gratuit et simple d’utilisation, chef de file des aventures interactives nouvelle génération. Matériel Téléchargez Twine 2.0. Déroulement 1. D’abord, le scénario. 2.

Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling | Essays and reviews on narrative in games and new media Out There Chronicles for iOS and Android News and Updates | IGDA Fiction interactive | Wikia Jeux vidéo à l'institut français du Maroc | FANDOM powered by Wikia Par fiction interactive, on désigne les jeux vidéo qui se présentent sous forme textuelle, et peuvent alors s’apparenter à des récits sur le cours duquel il est possible d’influer par des choix. Qu'est-ce que la fiction interactive ? Modifier On est ici dans un genre assez ancien, qui remonte aux débuts du jeu vidéo sur micro-ordinateur, avec les jeux produits par Infocom (Zork, l’adaptation du Guide du voyageur galactique) ou encore Sierra Interactive (Mystery House), en France dans les années 1980 avec des sociétés comme Froggy Software (Le vampire fou, Paranoiak, Le crime du parking) et Compagnie Informatique Ludique (L’enlèvement, La bête du Gévaudan). On est à l’époque dans des jeux à analyse syntaxique : une description figure à l’écran, on tape l’action qu’on veut que notre personnage réalise ("Attraper lampe", "Aller vers l’ouest", "Ouvrir porte"), et le jeu vidéo reconnaît les mots et fait évoluer l’histoire dans la bonne direction. Fiction interactive et bibliothèques Modifier

In-depth: Is it time for a text game revival? For years, the traditional publishing industry has been telling us that nobody wants story-driven adventures or game forms oriented around interactive storytelling. But the Kickstarter age has been showing us something a little bit different, amid successful fundraising for developers of renowned adventure games of yore. But there's more than just nostalgia contributing to a potential revival for interactive stories. A broader gaming audience means appetites for game forms we might have once called "casual" in another time -- and furthermore, the popularity of tablets and e-readers means there's a real appetite for game forms that take advantage of a culture now habituated to reading on luminous screens in ways prior generations were widely not. In a market where books and games are close rivals for the most popular category on app stores, what happens when today's new gamers are hungry for something more than word puzzles? Text gaming: Back to the roots Playing with books, too

Search for Games If you're getting too many irrelevant results, try searching for a complete phrase in quotes rather than individual words: "deep space drifter" rather than deep space drifter. By default, IFDB searches each game's title, author, and description for the words you enter, and shows all of the games that match at least one of your search terms. You can customize the search with the special modifiers below. Note that modifiers with ":" parameters have to go last, after regular search words. +word makes word mandatory - only items that contain this word will be listed. -word makes word prohibited - only items that don't contain this word will be listed. "phrase" searches for the exact phrase within the quotes: all of the words have to be matched in the exact order given. author:name lists games by the named author or authors. tag:tag name searches for games containing the given tag text. series:name lists only games with the given series name. ifid:xxx searches for a game with the given IFID.

Topic: Game Developer Magazine Intro to User Analytics by Magy Seif El-Nasr, Alessandro Canossa, Anders Drachen [05.30.13] An intro to analytics written by the editors of Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data, a compendium of insights from more than 50 experts in industry and research, which covers the most relevant questions: what to track, and how to analyze the data. Business/Marketing , Design , Game Developer Magazine , Console/PC , Social/Online , Smartphone/Tablet , GD Mag , GD Mag Exclusive Internal Indies by Steve Stopps [05.29.13] Are there lessons from indie development that can be utilized in a larger, established studio setting? In order to answer this question, Blitz Game Studios started a simple experiment: inviting five senior developers to form a team with complete creative freedom. — Chicago, IL, USA [06.06.13] Build Engineer Wargaming is looking for a Build Engineer to work on our upcoming titles.