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Creating Fundraising Opportunities All Year Round | StayClassy Blog. How do you create opportunities for your supporters to fundraise throughout the entire year without burning them out? Simple. You let your supporters decide when, where, and how they want to raise money for you. That’s the beauty of having a year-round peer-to-peer fundraising program. By adding a permanent fundraising option to your website, you allow your supporters to interact with your organization on their own terms. Your followers can use their birthdays, athletic endeavors, weddings, and other life events as moments to support a larger cause that they care about. This transforms every individual milestone into a new fundraising opportunity for your organization.

BENEFIT: More Personalized Fundraising Opportunities Year-round p2p offers more than just extra fundraising opportunities throughout the year; it also gives you the ability to make the fundraising process much more personal. EXAMPLES: Three Organizations that are Doing it Right 1. 2. 3. Ready to Raise More Money Online? Donate. Your donation supports Invisible Children's life-saving work, including the rescue and rehabilitation of former child soldiers and the education of war-affected youth in northern Uganda.

Learn More Your donation makes these stories possible Thomas Thomas wants to be a doctor when he grows up. As a student in Invisible Children's donor-funded scholarship program, he is well on his way to a white coat. Thomas wants to be a doctor Akena Thomas attends Pope Paul Secondary School, one of Invisible Children's partner schools in Uganda. Help kids like Thomas Give Now Agnes Before, Agnes had to walk a mile and a half each way to get water. Agnes now has easy access to water Akello Agnes is a busy mother of two. Help families like Agnes' Opondo When he was 10 years old, Opondo was abducted by the LRA. Opondo used to be a child soldier In June 1998, LRA rebels kidnapped Opondo from his home.

Help former child soldiers like Opondo "We give the charity 4 out of 4 stars for its financial health. 5 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2013. 5 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2013 By Nell Edgington I started a tradition in December of 2010 with a blog post on the nonprofit trends to watch in the coming year. Keeping with that tradition, here is my take on the nonprofit trends for 2013 (you can read my nonprofit trends posts for 2011 and 2012 as well). As I’ve said before, I’m more optimist than fortune teller, but I do think that the nonprofit sector is changing in some exciting ways. And I for one am excited to see what the new year brings. Here’s what I think we should watch for: 1. This increasing focus on nonprofit outcomes is leading to the 4 other trends: 2. 3. 4. 5. These are exciting times for the nonprofit sector. Photo Credit: zigwamp Learn more about nonprofit innovation anddownload a free Financing Not Fundraising e-book when you sign up for email updatesfrom Social Velocity.

Six Simple Steps to Major Gifts for Small Shops. Donation Matching: Where Corporate Giving Meets Grassroots Fundraising | StayClassy Blog. People sometimes overestimate the importance of corporate giving as a piece of the overall fundraising pie, but even still, there’s no doubt that it plays an important role in charitable funding.

Corporate giving makes up about 14% of the total amount given to charities in the United States ($41 billion in 2010). And while individual giving dwarfs corporate giving ($212 billion compared to $41 billion in 2010), there is definitely a place for nonprofits to forge relationships with businesses to help maximize their fundraising. [1] Some Things to Keep in Mind Before you go out looking for corporate dollars though, remember that it’s extremely important to choose your partners wisely. Anyone who remembers the pink KFC buckets a few years back will immediately understand why. Make one faulty partnership decision and you can easily damage the brand you’ve spent years to build.

Bottom line? Using Donation Matching in P2P Campaigns Donation Matching Benefits Everyone Comments. The Charity Commission for England and Wales. Why donors stop their support. Mon, February 04 2013 Filed under: Fundraising essentials • I recently hosted a guest post by Jay Love on the great donor exodus. He covered how to determine how many donors you are keeping - and losing. Today, he’s back with another guest post to discuss WHY they leave. Please share this post, because understanding why donors quit is the first step to getting them to stay. By Jay Love With the extreme importance of the topic my title introduces, you would think there would be a large amount of research and hundreds of articles about it.

The cornerstone of support and funding of most charity causes around the world is a dedicated group of loyal supporters. How in the world then could this phenomenon of “loyalty to a cause” not be studied as much, if not more so, than the fuel economy in vehicles or weather patterns in Antarctica? As I did in my previous post, I am going to compare research pulled from the commercial sector. 1. << Back to main. Using Email Segmentation to Drive Your Fundraising Campaign | StayClassy Blog. The days when mass emails could be relied upon to effectively engage a diverse audience of readers are long gone. The fact is that people get more emails now than they ever have before. And they want messages that are relevant to them, not generic communications. As a result of this trend, marketers have been increasingly looking for ways to deliver more personalized emails.

And the most common device that they have fixed upon to accomplish this goal is email segmentation. Email segmentation really isn’t anything that complex. Hubspot has previously reported on some of the findings from the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, which highlights the powerful benefits that email segmentation can deliver. And many nonprofit professionals are already taking heed of this trend. Below are three simple ways you can segment your fundraisers to help you deliver more targeted messages and increase the returns from your next online fundraising campaign: 1. The Preemptive Thank You. 2. 3. Comments. Expand Your Holiday Giving with Social Fundraising.