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Bolt-Action Platform. ND3x50 Subzero Laser Designator. Now hunting predators at night can be achieved even in the coldest of temperatures.

ND3x50 Subzero Laser Designator

The new incredibly bright ND-3 x50 Subzero™ Laser Designator is the most powerful Laser Genetics product yet. Equipped with a innovative unique circuitry system which enables the DPSS 532nm Green Laser to operate at temperatures below freezing and even down to 0˚Fahrenheit, without loss of power. The patented Rotary Optical Collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allows full adjustment and control of the beam diameter and intensity to focus light where you need it most.

Rotating the collimator to minimum, it creates a bright intense beam of green laser light visible up to 3 miles. Padded Nylon Rifle Sling. Model-870-express-tactical-a-tacs-camo. Skip Navigation Home » Products » Firearms » Shotguns » Pump Action Model 870™ » Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo Overview Specifications Overview:


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