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How to create a sunken trampoline - little green fingers

How to create a sunken trampoline - little green fingers
I think a sunken trampoline has to be my favourite family garden feature. It's a simple enough idea but solves so many headaches. It's safer, less intrusive and popular with everyone. I have sunken a couple myself. Well, to be more accurate, I've sunken the same one twice (note to self - decide where to put the thing and don't change your mind after 12 months). So what do you do...? First, measure up - I would say buy a relatively large trampoline (ours is 14') but make sure that it won't dominate the garden. And that's it, except to say, sunken trampolines might be safer, but not so safe that you shouldn't supervise very carefully. Oh and if you want to see a couple of films about putting in sunken trampoines and how to maintain them, check these out below: Related:  projects

Drink Can Tinwork Tinwork Embossed tinwork is sometimes used to decorate rustic style photo or mirror frames, or just to make decorative items such as Christmas tree decorations. The metal used is usually thicker (tinplate) and is normally worked with hammered tools - I wanted to try to get a similar effect, but with a bit less effort. The Most Popular ArticleOn Atomic Shrimp No, really! More Metalwork If this project interested you, you might also like Lost Wax Casting Safety This project makes use of very thin sheet metal that is likely to have sharp, jagged edges and is prone to springing back. Great care should be taken to avoid injury. This project probably isn't suitable for children - and certainly not without supervision. Updated Autumn 2010 - now with Video Goodness! Please note: Before, during or after the video, the player may display advertisements or links to additional videos - these are not affiliated to Atomic Shrimp and the selection is something over which I have no control. Materials Finished

Sunken Trampoline - How to Sink a Trampoline in the Ground | Atlantic Trampolines Blog It is becoming increasingly popular to install your trampoline in the garden at ground level by sinking it into the ground. This has a number of advantages, firstly a sunken trampoline is less visible so will be less obvious and will not spoil the look of your garden as much as it might do otherwise. Also, with a sunken trampoline you do not need a trampoline safety enclosure, which can look unslightly and saves money too. Secondly, there is less distance for people to fall off a sunken trampoline and injure themselves and thirdly younger children can play on the sunken trampoline without needing assistance in getting on it and with less risk of them falling off. Fourthly, you will not need to move the trampoline at intervals to avoid damage to the grass underneath or when cutting the grass. One leading garden designer says, “I think a sunken trampoline has to be my favorite family garden feature. Here are some tips if you are considering sinking a trampoline in your own garden:

The Basic Binding of Books: A Tutorial Tutorials | About Me | Contact | Soapmaking Tutorial Page 1 of 8 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Leave a comment! In addition to your book making materials you will need: 1) A large working area (if you don't have a large area, you will need to clean up well after each stage) 2) Both large and small binder clips (I use them gratuitously) 3) A waste paper basket close by 4) A stack of clean scrap paper 5) Pre-cut sheets of wax paper 6) A wet cloth (for wiping glue from fingers) 7) A dry cloth Start by deciding how many pages and what dimensions you wish your book to be. Clamping the spine end with large binder clips (here I use cardboard to protect the pages) and allowing to compress overnight helps with having flatter signatures for sewing. It helps to make a pattern of your page for later use in measuring and cutting board, endpages, etc. Lay one of your signatures on a blank page and trace, then cut. Perfect. Measure and cut linen tape and mull cloth for the backbone.

Sunken Trampoline InstallationEden Sunken Trampolines *Launched in June 2014* Sunken Trampoline Installation Service Sunken trampolines are the new ‘must have’ garden toy. By sinking a trampoline you create a fun way for children to run on and off the trampoline and reduce the risk of falling from a height. Sinking trampolines can be tricky, particularly if you decide to sink your existing trampoline. Alternatively you can look at kit which has thought all this through, tried and tested and worked out a brilliant way of minimising the hassle of a sunken trampoline. The kit (designed by Capital Play and supplied and installed by eDEN) is robust and high quality, it contains the trampoline and a retaining wall built within the structure. eDEN Sunken Trampolines will aim to fit your trampoline in ONE DAY.

Binder Clips into Office Weapons Wow, if you thought working at your white-collared job, sitting in your well equipped air-conditioned office, thinking that this is probably one of the safest place to be… you may just want to think twice about that. The office is a jungle. Beside having to watch your back against office colleagues who may be wolf in sheep’s clothes, you may just have to watch out for those seemingly utilitarian office supplies, because in conjuncture with other seemingly innocent office supplies, they may just result to be one of the deadliest office weapon yet. Below is an example of our favorite office supplies- binder clips, turned into office weapons. Take a few binder clips of varying sizes, turn them upside down, and clip the smaller binder clips inside the larger clips. It should look like this when the larger binder clips have clipped the smaller ones. Remove all the binder clip handles. Add another 2 larger binder clips on top of the smaller edge with a rubber band in between. stumbleupon

Plum 10ft In-Ground Trampoline Take 3 Option Buy Now Pay Later20% off your first credit orderLow Monthly Payments 1x Plum 10ft In-Ground Trampoline £87.50 for 3 months Take 3 and pay £87.50 for 3 months and opt out of interest. 1 month = 28 days. You can pay what you want when you want, if you pay the balance in full by the end of the payment free period, you will avoid any interest. Buy Now Pay Later for up to 12 months when you spend £150 or more. In checkout you can choose: Buy Now Pay Later for 6 months when you spend £100 or more (1 month = 28 days)Buy Now Pay Later for 12 months when you spend £150 or more (12 calendar months) The payment free period will start from the date of order (including for those items which are purchased on pre-order and/or are not ready for immediate dispatch). Over 18s only. Open a Very Account today! The 20% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and cannot be used on the following ranges: iPhones, audio, gaming, computers, projectors, tablets. Over 18’s only.

origami hang glider Build and Surf an Origami Hang Glider on a Wave of Air (revised August 22, 2010) Good News! I have completed (July 2011) instructions for foam gliders, which I think are much better for beginners: easier to adjust, lighter weight so you have more time to react, not affected by high humidity (makes paper limp). Shortcut to the EZR Origami Hang Glider Pattern (PDF) New: an origami expert in Taiwan, who goes by the moniker "Ponder", has modified the Origami Hang Glider design. If you want to know more about the history of walkalong gliding, there is great new material, including interviews with the pioneers of walkalong flight. Yikes! If YouTube is blocked at your school, try this SchoolTube equivalent link Part 1 Here are some still shots from the introductory video. If YouTube is blocked at your school, try this SchoolTube equivalent link Part 2 Here are some still shots from Part 2, the construction video. Part 5: Advanced Flying (with your hands) Here is the SchoolTube equivalent

Goldenridge Climbing Frame - Wooden Climbing Frame for Older Children The Goldenridge Climbing Frame, one of the biggest climbing frames introduced to Climbing Frames UK The Goldenridge Climbing Frame, approximately 5.24m in width and 2.28m in-depth (safety area) and is suitable for medium to large sized gardens. This climbing frame is unique with partially enclosed upper and lower cabins; it is also very aesthetically pleasing with a wooden roof, flower boxes, windows and even a door. To top it off the lower cabin has a faux stone effect. This climbing frame is made from cedar wood. The Goldenridge has a 1.5m play deck height, which is accessible via either a solid rock wall or a ladder at the back of the climbing frame. Underneath the play deck there is a partially enclosed cabin which makes for a good den for your children. The Goldenridge climbing frame is supplied with all necessary hardware, pre-drilled wood and a fully illustrated instruction manual. Warranty information for this product can be found under the ‘tech spec' tab on this page. Ladder Cabin

almost free garage heat – just drink a lot of soda | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts I’ve had a few days during the HMX build while I’m either waiting for parts or waiting for something to dry and had some free time. I’m not exactly one to sit and watch TV when I have nothing planned, so I set out on another project. While I have electricity out to the garage now, heat has been an issue all winter long. Mattar graciously lent me his kerosene heater, which did an okay job of taking the bite off the chill. Insulating the garage would go a long way to help keep the bitter Vermont cold out, but that’s a project for another day. I started with some 2x4s and plywood to build a simple box. I actually built the box to certain dimensions, based on what scrap materials I had and on the dimensions of my heat collection method – aluminum cans. Sealed the box using adhesive caulk, just to keep any heated air from escaping the box. So you may have already thought, “How can air climb the columns of cans when there’s no hole at the bottom of the can?” The caulk is pretty strong.

Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre (3-10 Years) (Installation Available) Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre 3-10 Years Installation Available This Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre opens the door to imagination and creativity every time your child plays. Multi-level and packed full of exciting play features, it is safe, innovative, and adventurous and has everything to give your children endless hours of fun. Upper Clubhouse Features: Twist N’ Ride tube slide2 Crows nestsTelescope and steering wheelMulti-level wood roof with sunburst gables4 premium windows, 2 with decorative shutters2 extra wide rounded windows2 play flags Lower Imagination Pavilion: Canopy covered picnic area with table topMovable activity benchSpinning chalkboard signWooden door with premium window2 premium windows Additional Features: Side-by-Side access ladder and rock-wall with 2 metal safety grips and a safety bar2 belt swings and an acrobatic swing with swing chain Specification: The Installation will be carried out as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Returns

More pallet repurposing … In this installation, Smart Solar Multi-Coloured Chinese Lantern String Lights with 10 White LED's Bio Your bio is currently empty. Now is a great time to fill in your profile. Rank This profile is private. This profile is under review. We were unable to follow this user. We were unable to follow this user. You are now following this user. We were unable to stop following this user. We were unable to stop following this user. You are no longer following this user. We were unable to ignore this user. We were unable to ignore this user. This user is now ignored. We were unable to stop ignoring this user. We were unable to stop ignoring this user. This user is no longer ignored. We encountered a problem recommending this user. pluck_user_recommend_permission You have recommended this user. Please limit your comment length to less than 2000 characters. Send Cancel