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How to create a sunken trampoline - little green fingers

How to create a sunken trampoline - little green fingers
I think a sunken trampoline has to be my favourite family garden feature. It's a simple enough idea but solves so many headaches. It's safer, less intrusive and popular with everyone. I have sunken a couple myself. Well, to be more accurate, I've sunken the same one twice (note to self - decide where to put the thing and don't change your mind after 12 months). So what do you do...? First, measure up - I would say buy a relatively large trampoline (ours is 14') but make sure that it won't dominate the garden. And that's it, except to say, sunken trampolines might be safer, but not so safe that you shouldn't supervise very carefully. Oh and if you want to see a couple of films about putting in sunken trampoines and how to maintain them, check these out below:

The Psychology of Color [Infographic] | Louisville Painters Download the infographic as a PDF Embed this image on your site: Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play By Handmade Charlotte | Now that summer has arrived, the backyard is the central spot for family activities. Here’s a roundup of unique spaces for outdoor play that break the traditional mold to bring the fun to a whole new level! nggallery id=’121260′ Kiddie Car Wash How about a backyard car wash for keeping cool during the hot days of summer? Nest Treehouse Why constrain your ideas to the traditional concept of a playhouse? Backyard Skate Ramp Give your kids a safe place to skate with a backyard half-pipe! Build your own sunken trampoline with DIY instructions that can be found here! Check out other articles by Rachel here! For more from Rachel, check out her beautifully curated blog: Handmade Charlotte. Other posts you might enjoy: • Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play • Tiny Summer Cottages • Inspired Kids Rooms: Hidden Nooks • Beyond the squirt gun! 25 hilarious and totally absurd maternity t-shirts The 10 most disturbing baby shower cakes…EVER The 15 creepiest, weirdest dolls of all time

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Sunken Trampoline - How to Sink a Trampoline in the Ground | Atlantic Trampolines Blog It is becoming increasingly popular to install your trampoline in the garden at ground level by sinking it into the ground. This has a number of advantages, firstly a sunken trampoline is less visible so will be less obvious and will not spoil the look of your garden as much as it might do otherwise. Also, with a sunken trampoline you do not need a trampoline safety enclosure, which can look unslightly and saves money too. Secondly, there is less distance for people to fall off a sunken trampoline and injure themselves and thirdly younger children can play on the sunken trampoline without needing assistance in getting on it and with less risk of them falling off. Fourthly, you will not need to move the trampoline at intervals to avoid damage to the grass underneath or when cutting the grass. One leading garden designer says, “I think a sunken trampoline has to be my favorite family garden feature. Here are some tips if you are considering sinking a trampoline in your own garden:

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Tiny Polaroid Magnets | { Ambrosia Girl } Hi there! It’s felt like forever since I’ve last blogged, and has felt like an eternity since I’ve done anything crafty and nifty. Since my morning sickness has gone into full speed (yes, we’re expecting our third this fall!) I haven’t felt like myself. But nothing like inspiration to wake one out of a reverie — or nightmare, in my constantly sick state. I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. You will need: Cardboard (mine was the backing of a sketchbook — much thicker than the back of a regular spiral bound notebook) or 2-3 sheets of white cardstock or poster board spray-mounted together to use as a sturdy backing to the magnetsOpaque white marker (necessary only if your cardboard is not white) Craft knife Metal straight edge/ruler Clear packing tape or frisk film. Step 1: Download a Photoshop file of the Polaroid frames below. Step 2: Print out photos onto photo paper. Step 4: Trim out photos with craft knife. 487 Comments

Lesson Plan for Making a Speaker Laboratory ©1995 The Regents of the University of California by Regan Lum Introduction: A speaker is a device that converts an electronic signal into sound. figure 1 Purpose: In this laboratory, you will explore how a speaker works. Materials: 1 permanent magnet 2 feet of wire 1 pencil tape or glue 1 Styrofoam or paper cup 1 signal source (tape player) 1 plug with alligator clips for tape player Procedure: Assemble material as shown in figure 1. Leaving about 10 centimeters on the end, wrap the wire around a pencil to make a wire coil and tape or glue it to the bottom of the cup. Conclusion Does the volume control on the tape player work on your speaker? Return to CEA Science Education Home Page

Sunken Trampoline InstallationEden Sunken Trampolines *Launched in June 2014* Sunken Trampoline Installation Service Sunken trampolines are the new ‘must have’ garden toy. By sinking a trampoline you create a fun way for children to run on and off the trampoline and reduce the risk of falling from a height. Sinking trampolines can be tricky, particularly if you decide to sink your existing trampoline. Alternatively you can look at kit which has thought all this through, tried and tested and worked out a brilliant way of minimising the hassle of a sunken trampoline. The kit (designed by Capital Play and supplied and installed by eDEN) is robust and high quality, it contains the trampoline and a retaining wall built within the structure. eDEN Sunken Trampolines will aim to fit your trampoline in ONE DAY.

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