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Diverso - Hélio Oiticica - Parte 1. Lygia clark. Le cadavre exquis. How to Visualize Poetry — And How Not to. Having known next to nothing about visual poetry when I picked up an anthology of it this past year, I thought that I’d find one of two things in it: poems with drawings on them in the old tradition of illuminated books; or elaborate graphic representations of poems, backward ekphrases of, I don’t know, the river Acheron in Rothko paint.

How to Visualize Poetry — And How Not to

I even hoped that the book would be made up of objects beautiful in the way that poems are beautiful, would be full of intricately ambivalent street art or particularly inward sticks in the road. Needless to say, I was wrong for the most part. The poems (or whatever they are) in The Last Vispo — the pieces — don’t make up poems with visual means but make the means of poetry visual in what the poets (artists?) Clearly think are unordinary, visceral ways. The Conceptual Advertising of J.G. Ballard. J.G.

The Conceptual Advertising of J.G. Ballard

Ballard, “Advertiser’s Announcement,” first in a series, in Ark no. 42, London, 1968. Photograph: John BlomfieldFrom 1967 to 1970, the British author J.G. Ballard published a series of disturbing conceptual ads in several periodicals at his own expense. The five “Advertiser’s Announcements,” as he called them, have been part of discussion about Ballard since they were reproduced as a set in Re/Search no. 8/9 in 1984, with a brief statement by the writer. 3-D Is The Next Wave In Tattoo Design. Perhaps 3-D is best suited to the grotesque.

3-D Is The Next Wave In Tattoo Design

As anyone who's seen Jackass 3D knows, it can be the gross, the unpleasant, and the visually painful that ultimately become the most visceral when given the 3-D treatment. Italian tattoo studio Lippo Tattoo seems to take that side: The studio creates mock 3-D tattoos using shadows and perspectives, and the most affecting of them are sort of ... grisly. Lippo Tattoo uses one particular technique where the skin appears to be peeling like wallpaper that can reveal something almost Magritte-esque, like a blue sky with fluffy white clouds or something more anatomically accurate (yet still shocking) like blood and raw flesh. REGINA SILVEIRA. The True Inner Beauty of Fishes. The skills that make a good biologist are not unlike those that make a good artist.

The True Inner Beauty of Fishes

“A desire to understand detail, you focus on how things work. These things are qualities that good poets and good biologists share,” says Adam Summers, a biologist at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs and consultant on Finding Nemo. Summers draws on his talents as a biologist and a photographer for “Cleared: the Art of Science,”an exhibition now at the Seattle Aquarium. Simon Stålenhag. Marble Proust by Alessandro Mendini Alessandro Mendini penned a new chapter in the story of his most iconic work, the “Proust” armchair originally created in 1978, making it entirely in marble.

Simon Stålenhag

The whiteness and weight of this material give the object a hyper-realist appearance and an almost surreal effect, with a touch of very contemporary visual design.

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Experimentos. O universo em cada olhar. The Monster Engine: Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically. Dave Devries takes sketches of monsters drawn by children purely from their imagination and renders them realistically giving them a truly devilish look.

The Monster Engine: Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically

His collection of drawings and paintings form a 48-page book “The Monster Engine”. Devries would project a child’s drawing with an opaque projector, and then faithfully trace each line. Applying a combination of logic and instinct, he then paint the image as realistically as he can using primarily acrylic, airbrush, and colored pencil. Works. Artista crea impresionantes obras utilizando su pierna como lienzo. Hello. Las heridas del paisaje americano: fotos aéreas de granjas industriales. Press - Mishka Henner.

MISHKA HENNER: OPEN-EYE GALLERY, LIVERPOOL, Sarah James, Frieze LESS IS MORE, Colin Pantall, British Journal of Photography LESS AMERICAINS, Midtown Mocha NO MAN'S LAND Book Review, Daniel Jewsbury, Source THE GOLDEN AGE OF DUTCH AERIAL LANDSCAPES, Giampaolo Bianconi, Rhizome FOTOGRAAF ZONDER CAMERA, Hans Aarsman, De Volkskrant (in Dutch)

Press - Mishka Henner

Javier Zabala.


Palido y triste. Erotico. Colorido. Jonathan Bartlett. Þrándur Þórarinsson: Laugavegi 51. Saatchi Online. Jan feindt. Ryusuke Fukahori e seus peixes dourados. Christy Lee Rogers. Alex Grey. Photography. Shaden: Gallery. Stas Stankovskiy on Behance. My name is Stanislav Stankovskiy.

Stas Stankovskiy on Behance

I was born in 1985 in Saint Petersburg. I photograph in multiple genres but staged photography attracts me the most. I trust my intuition, and philosophy. Irving Harper: Works in Paper. 02.07.13 — By Jill Singer To say Irving Harper once worked in the office of George Nelson is kind of like saying Hillary Clinton once worked in the office of Barack Obama — Harper’s contributions were almost too many to count.

Irving Harper: Works in Paper

He worked under Nelson for 17 years and was responsible for some of the studio’s — and design history’s — most famous works, including the Marshmallow sofa and Herman Miller’s still-current logo. Rizzoli recently published a book on Harper, but it wasn’t to set the record straight about who did what (there’s long been controversy over Nelson receiving credit for things that were actually authored by Harper.) No, the book, Irving Harper: Works in Paper , reveals Harper’s even more secret life: the intricate paper sculptures he began constructing in his Westchester County home way back in 1963 and which he continued to make until about 10 years ago, when, he says, he ran out of room to display them.

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Chrystal Chan. Miss Christine Wu. JAW Cooper Illustration. Djorkaeff. We are excited to announce that Instacanvas is taking a big step in our evolution as a creative community.


We are changing our name from Instacanvas to Twenty20. Our site will be accessible at, and all artist galleries will be located at The Road From Instacanvas to Twenty20. Peter Lindbergh ›› official website. Japanese-inspired illustrations from longyan-based creatvie TANSE.


56 Pages Of Brutal Beauty From Moebius And A Legendary Filmmaker. When Moebius (aka French comic artist Jean Giraud) passed away in March, fans mourned the loss of his voice--er, pen--which had been so influential in sci-fi visual culture. Filmmaker Ridley Scott summed Giraud’s influence nicely last year: “You see it everywhere, it runs through so much you can’t get away from it.” But many more were completely unaware of Moebius, whose works remain largely in French, despite his work on films like The Fifth Element and Tron (to say nothing of his own prolific bibliography).

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Cuerpo. Escultural. Luz. Artistes au travail. PechaKucha 20x20. En lo cotidiano. Recursos actuales. Mecanico. James jean. Arte comercial. Pálido deconstructivo. Explorar os limites: as "combinações" de Robert Rauschenberg.