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Our path to $1 Million in sales -, IT Entrepreneurs. 6inShare This is a guest post written by Walker Williams, Co-founder of Teespring & purveyor of t-shirt magic.

Our path to $1 Million in sales -, IT Entrepreneurs

Just over nine months ago, armed with a few beta users and a short wait list, we launched Teespring to the world. The concept was simple: Kickstarter for custom t-shirts. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars to get your tees screen printed and trying to figure out how to get them to your buyers, all you had to do was come to Teespring, design your tee, set a goal (the higher the goal, the cheaper the price per tee), and launch the campaign.

Buyers could come to your campaign and pre-order your tee, and once you reached your goal we’d handle the production and fulfillment and send you a check for the profit. The original Teespring platform We had big dreams of Techcrunch articles and explosive growth. The reality was far less exciting. Custom T-shirts » Design & Sell T-Shirts for Your Group. Test Your Startup Idea with a Minimum Viable Transaction. The entire startup world owes Eric Ries a huge high five for everything he’s contributed to our understanding of how startups are created and grown.

Test Your Startup Idea with a Minimum Viable Transaction

One term that he coined back in 2009, minimum viable product, has stood for the difference between shipping “error-free” shrink-wrapped software, and releasing something barebones that you can test and learn from. And while Corporate America and the Federal Government are just starting to adopt the ideas of lean startups, the term is starting to show its age. The world has changed a lot since 2009, and I think we need a concept that goes beyond MVP. Many of the fastest growing startups right now – Instacart, Homejoy, Airbnb – they facilitate real-world transactions of goods, services, and money.

Creating Brand Love Through Your Email Newsletter. Email marketing is a very effective way to keep your core audience engaged.

Creating Brand Love Through Your Email Newsletter

Forget about an auto responder that fires off a prewritten sequence of emails to every subscriber on your list – or that continues to hammer a subscriber until a purchase is made or he or she opts out. An email newsletter should be designed to provide useful information on a regular basis, keeping readers interested in and engaged with your brand.

Les 4 canaux marketing que chaque start-up devrait utiliser ! Les possibilités de campagnes marketing sont infinies : social media, référencement, display, brand content, email marketing… Perdu au milieu de tous ces canaux marketing, il est compréhensible que vous soyez un peu confus lorsqu'il s'agit de décider quelle sera la meilleure campagne marketing pour votre start-up.

Les 4 canaux marketing que chaque start-up devrait utiliser !

The 5 hottest health-tech startups at SXSW. AUSTIN, Tex. — Health technology startups shone this year at South by Southwest Interactive.

The 5 hottest health-tech startups at SXSW

Pedicab bikers raved about TumorPaint (the inventor of the “molecular flashlight” delivered a rousing talk), and Misfit Wearables piqued excitement by giving out 100 of its free fitness devices to attendees. And a mental health startup called ThriveOn beat out social networking apps to win Best of Show at the accelerator competition. Missed SXSW this year? I attended sessions and consulted with the experts for our list of the five most intriguing health startups at the festival: America's Coolest College Startups 2014. Not long ago, people would call college "kids" who started businesses quaint.

America's Coolest College Startups 2014

Now they call them the boss. Helped in part by low-cost technologies and an increased prevalence of entrepreneurship training at the university level, college students--and indeed those even younger--are making solid strides at founding companies. And they're not just launching local pizza shops and fashion boutiques. They’re starting up businesses that could scale into much bigger companies and may already cater to a national audience. Here, we give you proof: Inc.’s 2014 top college startups. Their founders may be young, but the companies are already making significant strides--from earning revenue and seed funding from the likes of Y Combinator and Mark Cuban to cultivating celebrity clients.

PressFriendly: A Virtual PR Firm for Tech Startups. Editor’s Note: Thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to begin?

PressFriendly: A Virtual PR Firm for Tech Startups

Check out the tip below from Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding campaign consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals and was recently named as a top 100 crowdfunding thought leader. This is the latest in a series of tips, suggestions, and best practices Spinelli is writing exclusively for; you can find previous tips here. You are a bootstrapped tech startup. You need PR. BeeInvested. Kwaga : la start-up française qui perce aux Etats-Unis. ITRnews - Le premier quotidien des marchés numériques. The Hacker's Guide to Getting Press. BeeInvested. 5 Common Startup Mistakes That Will Sink You Later. How to Value Your Startup. It's commonly said that business valuation is more art than science.

How to Value Your Startup

If this is true, then the practice of valuing a startup business is squarely in the domain of the artist. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs need to put a value on their startups in order to raise money, and investors need to put a value on their investments to generate liquidity. Inventing Can Be Fun, and Profitable. Here's How to Get Started. Companies are looking for your ideas.

Inventing Can Be Fun, and Profitable. Here's How to Get Started.

Smart businessmen understand and respect that great ideas can come from anywhere -- and anyone. Open innovation makes sense! By seeking out and being willing to accept product ideas submitted from outside their own walls, companies up their chances of finding the next great idea. At the same time, they lower their research and development costs. The 5 hottest health-tech startups at SXSW. 91 millions de francs levés par les startups ICT suisses. Le portail et la Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) ont publié leur rapport annuel Swiss Venture Capital Report.

91 millions de francs levés par les startups ICT suisses

Le secteur qui a bénéficié du montant d’investissements le plus important est celui des biotechnologies. Les startups suisses actives dans ce domaine ont profité d’apports en capitaux de 185 millions CHF en 2013. Sponseasy : [La Start-Up française de la Semaine] BeeInvested. The 5 hottest health-tech startups at SXSW. BeeInvested. Start-up : pour un même pitch, une femme sera moins bien financée.

BeeInvested. The Best Entrepreneurs Don't Start Companies, They Invent Categories. Jordy Leiser is co-founder and CEO of StellaService, a company that independently monitors and rates the customer service performance of online retailers. Starting a new company is difficult. The numbers say that 75 percent of startups fail, but that doesn’t change the fact that lots of people do it every day. Inventing a new category, however, is downright herculean.

It’s the most challenging path an entrepreneur may take, because it requires the greatest risk and elicits a tsunami of doubters. But, when it works, it is capable of having profound impact on the world. MonsieurDrive, comparateur de courses alimentaires, lève 2 millions d’euros. Crowdfunding new regulations in UK anger start-up industry. Summary The policies on crowdfunding, which come into force next month, have been drawn up by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) . Description The FCA is now proposing that inexperienced investors will have to certify that they will not invest more than 10% of their portfolio in unlisted businesses SOURCE LINK to the full article: BeeInvested. La start-up du jour : Newarty’s, la marketplace pour l’art urbain, le graffiti et le street art. Benoit Brigault : Un matin, nous voulions acheter un tableau pour habiller un mur de notre salon.

Habitant en banlieue parisienne, il était impossible de trouver une galerie d’art proche de chez nous. Nous avons réfléchis à un moyen de rapprocher l’offre de la demande. Nouvelles incertitudes pour les start-up. 3 milliards d'euros pour les start-up cleantech les plus innovantes de l'UE. What Investors Look For in a Crowdfunding Startup. Before launching an equity campaign, entrepreneurs should understand what investors look for in a crowdfunding startup. Thinking like an investor will help project creators stay on track in their business reports. Devising plans in such a way that both properly represents the company and appeals to experienced investors is not an easy task. While full disclosure’s a crowdfunding requirement, projects must go beyond this in order to raise quality capital effectively.

So, to answer the original question, there are four general areas of focus when dealing with a startup investment: #1) Traction Traction, also referred to as “momentum,” assists investors in when weighing the risks of a particular startup. The ideal startup career path. For most people I know who join or start companies, the primary goal is not to get rich – it is to work on something they love, with people they respect, and to not be beholden to the vagaries of the market- in other words, to be independent.

The reality is being independent often means having made money and/or being able to raise money from others. A while back, I posted about how I recommend thinking about non-founder option grants. In the comments, Aaron Cohen made the point that given today’s “good” exit sizes and standard equity grants, most non-founders will not gain independence even in the (non-extreme) good cases: Most startup employees need to realize they are on a journey and that in addition to making a few hundred thousand dollars on a good outcome they are learning how to become more senior at the next company.

Real wealth creation will take founding, seniority, or staggeringly large exits. The ideal startup career path. The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get. Overnight success. It’s one of the biggest myths in the tech industry. It’s an ongoing struggle to overcome this bias. I say “struggle to overcome” because I care about young people entering our industry with a set of realistic expectations about what “normal” is. If you take a snapshot during an extraordinary surge in valuations, M&A activity, IPOs and thus wealth creation you’d echo John Doerr’s famous quote from 1999 that, “The Internet is the greatest legal creation of wealth in history.”

That’s how it felt then and a bit how it feels in May 2011. So which is it? Rapid success stories happen, true. And even the best teams combined to create big innovations sometimes don’t time markets well, are surprised by unexpected technology breakthroughs by competitors or just don’t find the magic the leads to mass customer adoption. Would Zynga have been the smashing success it has become if it weren’t perfectly timed to ride on the back of Facebook’s growth? Why Your Startup Should Be Involved in Open Source. Oftentimes, when you hear the arguments for "Why open source? ", they are aimed at convincing companies to use open source software. But the other piece of the argument is, of course, an argument for why your company should build open source - why it should develop its technology in a community-driven, open sourced way. Why Your Startup Should Be Involved in Open Source. Oftentimes, when you hear the arguments for "Why open source?

", they are aimed at convincing companies to use open source software. But the other piece of the argument is, of course, an argument for why your company should build open source - why it should develop its technology in a community-driven, open sourced way. Starting a Business: 4 Ways to Be Intentional About Growth. Tous les jours, présentation d'une startup françaiseStartup 365. Brian Cohen on Startup Networking: 10 Minutes Apiece - The Accelerators. L'innovation boostée par les 100 millions du franc fort - Techno. Incompatible browser. Richard Branson on Finding Funding. Combien tu donnes ? - - vidéo - émissions - ttc. The new hot startup model is being an exceptional middleman. How to Improve Morale and Productivity in the Workplace. The best information about the tech startup world.

Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything. Everything you need to know about Growth Hacking. The Top 10 Most Popular Growth Hacks Of All Time. Business Plan 2.0: The Venture Design Stack – Starting a Tech Business. Doodle passe la barre des 20 millions d’utilisateurs mensuels. 14 Early Startup Execs Who Missed Out on Making Millions. Part I: Validate Your Business Model Start With a Business Model, Not a Business Plan - The Accelerators. Paolo Lorenzoni: Where Lean Startups and Design Thinking Meet. Is Lean Startup Misunderstood? Plateformes de crowdfunding : dans les méandres de la règlementation financière. Applying lean startup theory in large enterprises.

How Many Times Should You Try Before Success? 2014 May Be the Year of the Hedge Fund Startup. Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs. Crowdfund More Money with a Project Management Team. 41% Annual Returns. Start-up : comment réussir son pivot ? Lean as the solution to scale agile methodologies. Vigicolis : Incubé à @IncubParisTech... What It Takes to Grow Your #Startup 500% in Months #growthhacking #growthhack #startups. 4 techniques pour construire son Minimum Viable Product. 1392332798-how-build-business-plan-infographic. Should you join that start-up? Running the numbers. Lean Startup: L’entrepreneuriat ça s’apprend ? Lean Startup.

Don’t waste your time in crappy startup jobs. « Michael O.Church. Les dix start-up les plus disruptives selon l'EBG. Can Tech Startups Transform The Weak Palestinian Economy - And Ultimately Bring Peace? Avec Kima15, Xavier Niel va financer les start-up à la vitesse de la 4G. Levée de fonds : Comment la start-up DBV a trouvé 29,9 millions d'euros en une nuit aux Etats-Unis. Quand la France soutient l'innovation, le CNC lui tourne le dos. La start-up du jour : YourLecturer met en relation l'enseignement supérieur avec les vacataires. Startami - Build TEAM for your STARTUP.