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5 Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs know that good habits don’t start on Monday and end on Friday.

5 Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs expect to work longer hours than anyone else, but they also know that they have to fuel that success. While researching to compare my weekend habits to those of other successful entrepreneurs, I found this LifeHack article that teaches many extremely valuable habits, some of which I already noticed in my own routine. Related: 5 Things You're Doing Wrong Every Morning Here, I’ll shed some light on some of those habits that work best in my life as well as some others that I have found valuable. 1.

Find a ritual that you can follow each weekend that leaves you feeling recharged. 2. It gives you a chance to think, sort out problems and plan where you want to be in the future. Related: 7 Life Rules That Will Position You for Greater Success 3. Take a Saturday or Sunday and choose to unplug. 4. What did you do well this past week and what did you do wrong? LinkedIn Inks $1.5 Billion Deal for Online Education Company Lynda. Back when he was in college, Ryan Roslansky prepared to launch his first online business, but he had no clue how to design a website.

LinkedIn Inks $1.5 Billion Deal for Online Education Company Lynda

To get up to speed quick, he read one of Lynda Weinman’s crash-course web design books and it worked. Now, nearly 20 years later and in a full-circle moment, Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s head of content, announced today that LinkedIn is acquiring Wienman’s popular online career skills education company, The forthcoming acquisition is valued at an estimated $1.5 billion, and would constitute LinkedIn’s largest deal to date, according to The Wall Street Journal. The transaction, expected to close some time this quarter, will be paid out in approximately 52 percent cash and 48 percent stock. LinkedIn’s second largest acquisition occurred last July, when it scooped up Bizo, a B2B marketing platform provider, for approximately $175 million. Related: Marc Andreessen: It's Shocking 'How Little M&A There's Been' in Tech.

2014 Summer Startup Internship - Application Form. Professional Development. About the Programme The purpose of the Professional Development fund is to enable artists and other creative professionals to develop their skills and/or professional practice nationally and internationally.

Professional Development

Support can be offered towards a range of research and development activity, including, but not limited to: Attendance at conferences, seminars, festivals, and other professional networking/information sharing events A structured programme of technical skills development Attendance at, and participation in, conferences, workshops, master-classes, seminars and trade fairs; or a residency to develop professional practice Mentoring and shadowing opportunities Participation in international and European networks; exploratory visits to establish contacts / build new relationships Please note that this fund will also support the costs of research and development activity that requires international partners to come to Scotland.

Who Can Apply Funding Available Deadline. Inside FI: Where to Start When You Are Starting Up by Founder Institute. Start now, work hard. — Business Daily: Startup, Development, Management. You’ve heard this advice a thousand times before.

Start now, work hard. — Business Daily: Startup, Development, Management

At first, it can be inspiring to imagine staying up until 4am every night, passionately building your startup (which will revolutionize “X”). This fantasy is what I thought was going to happen when we began FindMySong. But here’s the truth: You’ve set yourself up for at least a year of incredibly hard work, racing against the clock with no instruction manual and barely any experience or funding. Working on your idea every day is exhausting, and most of that work won’t be on revolutionary features or speaking with legendary venture capitalists. Don’t stop. The 9 P's to Prepare for Pitching Panic. Entrepreneurs all face those moments when we have to stand up in front of a group of potential investors, customers, or other supporters and make a pitch to convince someone that our ideas will fly.

The 9 P's to Prepare for Pitching Panic

Pitch panic ensues. For many, the scariest part of this is not worries about the idea itself, rather the process of delivering the information effectively. For those that get clammy palms and feel a little shaky, here are a few tips to cope better with the process: 1. Prep work. 2. MassChallenge Startup Accelerator 2014. MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup accelerator and the first to support entrepreneurs with no strings attached.

MassChallenge Startup Accelerator 2014

Over $1 million in cash grants is awarded annually, along with over $10 million of in-kind benefits -- and MassChallenge doesn't take equity or place any restrictions on startups in return. MassChallenge uses a competition framework to identify the highest-potential startups. The MassChallenge application process is designed to present early-stage entrepreneurs with questions that they will face (if they haven’t already) while building their companies.

Benefits for Startups include: 4-month accelerator program in the heart of Boston's Innovation District.World-class mentorship, free office space, access to funding, media & more.$1M in Cash Awards. $10M+ in-kind support.Open to all. Registration. NASSCOM Product Conclave – OCT 29-30, 2013. Our Approach - Wolff Olins. Home - In50hrs : India's Premier Idea to Prototype Platform. Creative Enterprise toolkit. Our enterprise resource toolkit contains tried and tested methods for teaching enterprise skills to creative individuals who are thinking about setting up a business.

Creative Enterprise toolkit

Key findings: >> - Cultural Enterprise Office Home Page - << Free Web UI Design Elements PSD. Free PSD web user interface design elements sets to create full websites.

Free Web UI Design Elements PSD

These Web User Interface Kits contains hundreds of useful web elements, buttons, icons and much more to create modern style websites. Psd web elements will guide you to design your websites easily in Adobe Photoshop. All web element kits are professionally design by best graphic designers from all over the web. This is the place where you can find free User Interface Element kits for web layouts and prototypes designing.

UI kits are very helpful for web and graphic designers. You may be interested in the following modern trends related articles as well. Subscribe to our RSS via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Web elements are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good quality design elements are like a treasure for designers. Today’s freebie is 25 Free Web UI Design PSD Web Elements for web and mobile app designing. Freebie PSD: UI Kit by Patryk Adas Download Download Download. Seven dirty, gritty, real startup lessons that cost me $2 million. By Pablo Fuentes On July 31, 2013 As CEO and founder of a company that makes an app that helps people apply to jobs from their mobile phones, I am happy to report that we’ve sucked a lot since launching in 2009.

Seven dirty, gritty, real startup lessons that cost me $2 million

We’ve pivoted four times, a fact the press won’t let me forget. I’ll spare you the details, but it involved multiple layoffs, a founder split, brief homelessness, extended brokenness, multiple bridge rounds, a broken engagement, and other personal and professional obstacles. Along the way, we iterated our way to product-market fit, have solid growth in both users and engagement, and recently raised more funding.

But getting here has been brutal. CODE2040. NewME Accelerator. NewME Accelerator.