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Elliot Rodger's parents had read his manifesto and were driving to stop their son. Elliot Rodger had emailed the 140-page document to a couple of dozen people including his parentsMother received it hours before he went on his shooting rampage Friday She then went on to her son's YouTube page where she found the newly uploaded video titled 'Retribution' Earlier, killer's father spoke of the family's 'inconceivable pain'Peter Rodger, who helped direct Hunger Games, offers victims sympathySays family called police weeks ago after Elliot put sinister videos onlineBut officers sent to check on his mental health hadn't seen the videosRevealed Elliot was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autismElliot lived in luxury California home with family and drove black BMWGrandmother said he was 'very disturbed' and had mental health issues By Daily Mail Reporters Published: 00:44 GMT, 26 May 2014 | Updated: 15:47 GMT, 26 May 2014 Scroll down for video Evidence: ATF officers leave the home of Lichin 'Chin' Rodger, mother of Elliot Rodger, in West Hills, California Sunday.

I sold my body (and nearly my soul) to Abercrombie. “Hey, you look collegiate and quality,” he said to me. ”You play rugby? You wrestle? Student-athlete?” He was dressed like an aging actor who had been miscast as a teenager in a hot college comedy. Three too-tight t-shirts, one layered atop the next, with each shirttail exposed. Several shell necklaces. Beaded anklets on each ankle. “I’m a recruiter for Abercrombie & Fitch, and we’re looking for collegiate, quality people who can represent our brand,” he explained. ”You have a bachelor’s degree, right?”

“Yeah, I double-majored in journalism and history,” I said. “Oh, it doesn’t matter what it’s in. That was the entire interview. ”Collegiate,” “quality,” “bachelor’s degree.” I signed on with Abercrombie in 2002, which would prove a banner year for the company. When I arrived for my first day as a “manager-in-training,” I had only three pieces of information about the company at my disposal: Once upon a time, Abercrombie & Fitch sold durable outerwear.

That would soon change. “More layers? Disney Put Out An EDM Version Of "Let It Go" And It's Pretty Damn Good. The Tale of Two Schools. Fieldston and University Heights are in the same borough but worlds apart. How much understanding between their students can a well-told story bring? University Heights High School is on St. Anns Avenue in the South Bronx, which is part of the poorest congressional district in America, according to the Census Bureau. Six miles away is the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, with its arched stone entrance and celebrities’ children and $43,000-a-year tuition. Eight years ago, as part of a program called Classroom Connections, students from the schools began exchanging letters, which eventually led to a small group from University Heights visiting Fieldston for a day.

Over the next eight years, the two schools maintained their connection, groups of students meeting intermittently to talk about race relations, say, or gun violence, or to take a combined field trip to work on a community-garden project in Van Cortlandt Park.

Eating indigenously changes diets and lives of Native Americans. History and health came together one dark November evening for Marty Reinhardt at Northern Michigan University. Reinhardt, a professor in the Native American Studies program, was helping to serve up fry bread, Indian tacos and other offerings at the annual First Nations Food Taster, a fund-raising event for the Native American Student Association, when he had an epiphany: “Would my ancestors even recognize this as food?”

Much has changed between Reinhardt and his ancestors. Indians have long since been removed to reservations, and diets based on seasonal hunting, fishing, gathering and gardening have been replaced by government-supplied commodity foods. Indians have suffered a crisis in diet-related obesity and health issues. These disparate threads converged that evening in the Lake Superior port city of Marquette, Mich., as Reinhardt, of Anishinaabe Ojibway heritage, turned his question inside out, “I wondered if I could eat what my ancestors ate.”

It’s been a struggle, Romero said. I'm sorry Imgur, but I could use some help. – Conservative ‘Christian’ Calls For Banning Women From Voting (AUDIO) David Barton As if women didn’t need more reasons to flock to the voting booth in November to reject Republicans, yet another conservative Christian is calling for repealing the 19th Amendment. Conservative Christian leader David Barton wants to ban women from voting. For nearly 100 years, women have enjoyed the right to vote in this country. Ratified in 1920, the 19th Amendment of the Constitution says: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

But in the present day, there are still people who want to repeal it and once again ban women from exercising voting rights in America. “So family government precedes civil government and you watch that as colonists came to America, they voted by families. See what he did there? Conservatives want to stop women from voting because they vote for Democrats. Here’s the audio via Raw Story. Women vote for Democrats because their policies are pro-family. Mona Mahmudnizhad. Mona Mahmudnizhad (September 10, 1965 - June 18, 1983) was an Iranian Bahá'í who, in 1983, together with nine other Bahá'í women, was sentenced to death and hanged in Shiraz, Iran because of her membership in the Bahá'í Faith.[1][2][3] The official charges ranged from “misleading children and youth” because she was teaching children who had been expelled from school for their beliefs and serving in an orphanage to being a ‘Zionist’ because the Bahá'í World Centre is located in Israel.[4] Childhood[edit] Mahmudnizhad was born on September 10, 1965 to Yad'u'llah and Farkhundeh Mahmudnizhad, who had left their home in Iran to teach their religion in Yemen.

She was the second child in the family; the family's first daughter, Taraneh, was seven years old at the time of Mahmudnizhad's birth. Mona spent her first four years in Yemen; at age two, she was hit by a car and thrown to the sidewalk, but sustained no serious injury.[5] Arrest, interrogation, and sentencing[edit] Mrs. [edit] Pop culture. Bahá'í Faith. The Bahá'í Faith (Arabic: بهائية‎ Baha'iyyah) /bəˈhaɪ/[1] is a monotheistic religion emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind.[2] Three core principles establish a basis for Bahá'í teachings and doctrine: the unity of God, that there is only one God who is the source of all creation; the unity of religion, that all major religions have the same spiritual source and come from the same God; and the unity of humanity, that all humans have been created equal, and that diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance.[3] According to the Bahá'í Faith's teachings, the human purpose is to learn to know and love God through such methods as prayer, reflection and being of service to humanity.

The Bahá'í Faith was founded by Bahá'u'lláh in 19th-century Persia. Bahá'u'lláh was exiled for his teachings, from Persia to the Ottoman Empire, and died while officially still a prisoner. Etymology[edit] Beliefs[edit] God[edit] Bahá'í Temple, Ingleside, Sydney, Australia. Vincent Cianni: Gays in the Military is a series about gay men and women who served their country in secrecy (PHOTOS). Vincent Cianni In 2009, while listening to a radio interview, photographer Vincent Cianni was moved by the story of a mother whose son was in the Army and had been discharged under “don't ask, don’t tell.” Although he wasn’t certain how he would create a series around the story, Cianni said the mother’s sense of love and pride prompted him to call her about contacting her son.

That initial call sparked a four-year project that took Cianni around the country interviewing and taking portraits of gay service members. His initial uncertainty about how he would develop the project eventually became a book, Gays in the Military, published by Daylight. Cianni began working on it while DADT was still policy, but the movement to repeal it was at its height, and he continued the project after the policy was lifted in 2011. As is the case of Cianni’s other projects, Gays in the Military appealed to him from a personal place. A typical shoot would produce between 30-60 images. Digital Archives - The Montreal Massacre - The Montreal Massacre. Women who are from Egypt: how bad is it really for women in Egypt? : AskWomen. About The Virginity Project | The Virginity Project. Hate Map. US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study.

In America, money talks... and democracy dies under its crushing weight. (Photo: Shutterstock)A study, to appear in the Fall 2014 issue of the academic journal Perspectives on Politics, finds that the U.S. is no democracy, but instead an oligarchy, meaning profoundly corrupt, so that the answer to the study’s opening question, "Who governs? Who really rules? " in this country, is: "Despite the seemingly strong empirical support in previous studies for theories of majoritarian democracy, our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise.

To put it short: The United States is no democracy, but actually an oligarchy. The authors of this historically important study are Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It's Not a Democracy. The news: A new scientific study from Princeton researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page has finally put some science behind the recently popular argument that the United States isn't a democracy any more. And they've found that in fact, America is basically an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a system where power is effectively wielded by a small number of individuals defined by their status called oligarchs. Members of the oligarchy are the rich, the well connected and the politically powerful, as well as particularly well placed individuals in institutions like banking and finance or the military.

For their study, Gilens and Page compiled data from roughly 1,800 different policy initiatives in the years between 1981 and 2002. It's beyond alarming. This problem has been steadily escalating for four decades. Piketty and Saez also calculated that as of September 2013 the top 1% of earners had captured 95% of all income gains since the Great Recession ended. What kind of oligarchy? Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It's Not a Democracy. Why We’re in a New Gilded Age by Paul Krugman. Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty, translated from the French by Arthur Goldhammer Belknap Press/Harvard University Press, 685 pp., $39.95 Thomas Piketty, professor at the Paris School of Economics, isn’t a household name, although that may change with the English-language publication of his magnificent, sweeping meditation on inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Yet his influence runs deep. It has become a commonplace to say that we are living in a second Gilded Age—or, as Piketty likes to put it, a second Belle Époque—defined by the incredible rise of the “one percent.” The result has been a revolution in our understanding of long-term trends in inequality. It therefore came as a revelation when Piketty and his colleagues showed that incomes of the now famous “one percent,” and of even narrower groups, are actually the big story in rising inequality. Still, today’s economic elite is very different from that of the nineteenth century, isn’t it? Why? Craftacular Home | Craftacular. Hey, hey, LA! (And Brooklyn, too.) By popular demand, the BUST Craftacular is returning to the West Coast this summer! You won't want to miss the amazing handmade shopping, food trucks, danceable DJs, and more surprises that we've got in store. We're looking for over 65 smokin' hot local vendors to join us for fun in the sun. Have you got what it takes?

Applications are open now through May 21. East Coasters can join in the Craftacular fun, too: don't miss BUST Craftacular's Primped on May 4 in Brooklyn! This applies to Canadians too. Criminal Organizations and Gangs - TMYK. The Unluckiest Roll In Humanity's History Was Contracting HIV. The American Scholar, Vol. 59, No. 3 (Summer 1990), pp. 429-434. Why I Left Mormonism - the Mormon Church.

Documentation on my reasons for leaving Mormonism is listed at the beginning of my story. These links are here so that it is clear I left Mormonism because Mormonism is not what it claims to be. I did not leave due to hurt feelings or "sin". Documentation for those investigating Mormonism Documentation in a format for Mormons The reasons are numerous and difficult to confine to a few words in a post on this web site. This was originally written as a letter to a friend, a Mormon, who wanted to know why I left Mormonism.

This is a listing of what is in this post: Brief Background of My Life as a Mormon Leaving Mormonism and Some Experiences as a Mormon History of Joseph Smith Book of Mormon Book of Abraham The Temple Church Members Glad to be Out A Brief Background of My Years as a Mormon I joined the Mormon Church when I was 20 years old and living in Upper Michigan. Leaving Mormonism Leaving Mormonism was not a step I took lightly. LDS History The Book of Mormon Cities Plant and Animal Life. I'm The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I'm Telling The Story In My Words. "But why would you do porn? " People often ask me this question. They know I am a freshman at Duke University, and their shock and incredulity are apparent when the rumor they've heard whispered or read on a chat board turns out to be true.

However, the answer is actually quite simple. I couldn't afford $60,000 in tuition, my family has undergone significant financial burden, and I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt, doing something I absolutely love. Because to be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering. The next question is always: "But when you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job, will you? I simply shrug and say, “I wouldn’t want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers.”

I am not ashamed of porn. That's why I am writing this. One of the facts Internet commenters have gotten very wrong is accusing me of participating in "rape fantasy porn. " When I got the notification, my heart stopped. I'm The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I'm Telling The Story In My Words. Why Gay Pride Day Misses the Point. MarchHare wrote: If people lived in a culture where coming out as straight was a big challenge for many people and heterosexuality was frequently condemned, then heterosexual pride days would probably be a good idea for them. Difference and separation are not the same thing. Ginger-haired people are different from non-ginger-haired people; it doesn't mean that they should be separated into different societies. A more serious example is black and non-black people: we can celebrate being black, without being black separatists like the old Nation of Islam or many of the KKK.

Of course you can: paedophilia and rape are bad forms of sexuality. Most sexuality that people engage in is good. But it doesn't follow that if your sexuality isn't bad (bad being things such as paedophilia, although I don't think anyone has a sexual orientation to rape, for this isn't a thing one can be attracted but more of an activity) it is good. Church mistreats homeless man in church, unaware it is their pastor in disguise - endoRIOT. Everything You Need To Know About The Growing Crisis In Ukraine. Ramin Haghjoo. Vladimir Putin's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I Am A Ukrainian, This Needs To Go Viral. (1)NE DROP: SHIFTING THE LENS ON RACE (BLACKprint Press, 2013) | 1ne Drop. 10 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse.

A Library In A Remote Village In Guatemala Proves The Internet Is More Than LOLcats. Gendered Marketing Perpetuates Stereotypes, Constrains Minds and Limits Our Children's Potential | Chi Onwurah. School Allegedly Told Buddhist Student His Faith Is 'Stupid' & He Should Convert Or Switch Schools.