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Social Justice

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Non-profit charity and social enterprise fundraising. Ethical Chic: How Women Can Change The Fashion Industry. Is there any clean money left to fund the arts? In the wake of the Sydney Biennale’s split from its major sponsor Transfield in recent days, certain uncomfortable questions are again floating very close to the surface. In the late 1990s, I had a successful career in finance. As a free-market hawk, I had revelled in the introduction of the neoliberal agenda and, armed with an education from a conservative economics department, honestly believed a free market would lead a fairer society for all.

In retrospect, I was naïve – but that’s who I was. Working in finance, I was well compensated and built a healthy share portfolio, purchased property and enjoyed the benefits of an expense account. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights around the world. Gender and the Body Language of Power. Why Organic Coffee? - Global Café Direct. Certified Organic products are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilisers.

Why Organic Coffee? - Global Café Direct

Organic systems provide a range of environmental benefits by reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources. Organic systems work in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of the land, water and air, creating a healthy environment rich in wildlife, woodlands and nutrients. The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil, nutritious crops and animal welfare - all important factors for the livelihoods of our coffee producers. In addition a number of studies have shown that organic products contain more vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants than non-organic foods.

International standards underpin the organic farming process and these are supported via annual audits of all certified operators. Sorry Asylum Seekers. Manus Island: so many questions, one simple solution. A man has been killed while in the care of the Australian government.

Manus Island: so many questions, one simple solution

PUMPMAKERS bring water & work to wherever it's needed! Nurses take a stand for universal healthcare. MEDICARE works for everyone in our community It’s as simple as that.

Nurses take a stand for universal healthcare

Thirty years after the introduction of Medicare, our healthcare system continues to provide world-class care for all, regardless of background, age, financial resources or where you come from. Support the Yes Lab. At the Yes Lab, we use humor to help journalists (and others) talk about issues that matter.

Support the Yes Lab

Compared to the wealthy entities we're up against, our work takes little money—but it does take some. We need your help! Russia - The Iron Closet - Foreign Correspondent - ABC. Bleijie's response to a bad decision? More bad decisions. I have arse pimples older than Jarrod Bleijie and I suspect the two weeks they sat festering on the hard wooden benches of UQ law school might make them better qualified to be the state's senior law officer than our current Attorney-General.

Bleijie's response to a bad decision? More bad decisions

Of all the dodgy appointments, bad decisions, and half-arsed ill-conceived soon-to-be-embarrassing oh-no-what-were-we-thinking moments that Commandant Can-do has come up with, few could challenge anointing Jarrod Bleijie as the first law officer of the state. Here comes Jarrod with advice that the government absolutely has to give itself a big pay raise because not to do so would be illegal. Freedoms and Rights concerns in QLD bikie laws. The Commission has significant concerns about the effects of the three Bills passed by Queensland parliament this week to curtail criminal activity among bikie gangs throughout the state. – The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill, The Tattoo Parlours Bill and The Criminal Law (Criminal Laws Disruption) Amendment Bill.

Freedoms and Rights concerns in QLD bikie laws

“We have concerns that the internationally agreed freedoms and rights of specific groups of people in Queensland may be breached by the effect of these laws,” said Commission President, Professor Gillian Triggs. Cameron to look at giving pardon to gay war hero Alan Turing. British Prime Minister David Cameron will ‘look at’ giving a pardon to World War II hero Alan Turing who was later persecuted for being gay.

Cameron to look at giving pardon to gay war hero Alan Turing

Cameron made the commitment at the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session when quizzed by openly-gay Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) Stephen Gilbert. Blog - New Internationalist AustraliaBlog – New Internationalist Australia. The future is in good hands.

Blog - New Internationalist AustraliaBlog – New Internationalist Australia

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, GetUp, The Oaktree Foundation and many other organizations are supported by crowds of enthusiastic young activists. The best activism is supported by meticulous research and motivational stories, and that’s exactly the specialty of the New Internationalist magazine. Can you please help us with a pledge so that we can nurture more young activists? Here’s the deal: We’ve started work on designing our New Internationalist magazine subscription Apps for iPad and iPhone.

Busting media domination - support our indy App on StartSomeGood. Syria: A brighter tomorrow. LGBTI aged care programs win national award. Aged and Community Services Australia, the peak national body, awarded Annette Hogan the ‘2013 Employee Award’ for her work with the LGBTI community and her advocacy for last year’s National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy.

LGBTI aged care programs win national award

Hogan, who works as a client services manager for Care Connect, focuses on seniors who still live at home but are frail and need assistance. Sexism: I've had a gutful. Geoffrey Cousins. It is perfectly possible to act legally but unethically.

Geoffrey Cousins

Take one noted American businessman and philanthropist. Florida’s tomato farms supply 50% of all U.S. fresh tomatoes but have also been called America’s ‘ground zero for slavery.’ Countless workers held against their will, threatened with violence and forced to haul hundreds of heavy tomato buckets a day for little to no pay. Thankfully, a new solution called the Fair Food Program has been proven successful. The Fair Food Program is working to enforce a policy of zero tolerance for slavery on tomato farms. But a major U.S. supermarket chain, Publix Super Markets, is refusing to support the Fair Food Program. Publix continues to buy tomatoes from growers that are not partners of the Fair Food Program and where workers still toil beyond the reach of its proven protection from modern slavery. Tell Publix to make the right decision to join the Fair Food Program and ensure our tomatoes meet the highest human rights standards in the food industry today.