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iDoceo Grade Scanner. Seven Tech Tools for Fast Formative Assessment. By Curtis Chandler You and I would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who’s against formative assessment.

Seven Tech Tools for Fast Formative Assessment

We would have better luck finding someone who hates whales or pizza. In theory, every teacher is regularly designing and deploying a variety of outcomes-based learning activities that help the teacher determine where students are in the learning process. And then adjusting their instruction accordingly (Greenstein, 2010). But in practice, formative assessment is more like proper diet and regular exercise—just another one of those things that we all know is important, but few of us have the time and focus to achieve. In education, there is nothing—not even technology—that is a silver bullet.

That’s why I’m always on the hunt for free tech-tools that help me engage students, track their individual achievement, and provide them with opportunities for improvement. 1. Geddit is a free, powerful tool that works on any web-enabled device. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Digital Technology Tools for Implementing Formative Assessment – Post One. We’ve blogged numerously on classroom formative assessment strategies that can be implemented easily into everyday classroom activities.

Digital Technology Tools for Implementing Formative Assessment – Post One

All of the formative assessment blogs we’ve done to date can be categorized into various types, to include: – Rubrics – All student response systems – No hands up – Feedback – Activating self and peers – Eliciting evidence of student learning Within each of these formative assessment categories, there are digital tools that can help facilitate the assessment, most of which are free or affordable. In this blog we’ll identify and share digital tools for the first two categories, and we’ll cover tools for the other categories in subsequent blog posts. Rubrics ForAllRubrics – This software is free for all teachers and allows you to import, create and score rubrics on your iPad, tablet or smartphone. Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment. 5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Edtech Tools Get Creative With Formative Assessments. How can you prepare students for workplace experiences that don’t exist yet?

Edtech Tools Get Creative With Formative Assessments

As an educator in this digital age, that’s one of my biggest challenges. Our students now in elementary school have never had a time in their lives where mobile technology wasn't present. Look at the most innovative technology we have today: iPhone, ChromeBook, Galaxy Note, iMac, or whatever your favorite tool might be. You are literally looking at the worst piece of technology our students will see in their lifetime. Technology will only get better, because we are constantly working to improve it and make it better.

As the second half of the school year begins, educators around the world share a common focus on preparing our students for standardized testing. Free Digital Formative Assessment Tools… Important Thoughts Before Implementing. As you might know there are some amazing formative assessment tools on the web.

Free Digital Formative Assessment Tools… Important Thoughts Before Implementing

In this post I wish to share some of those with you, along with some things you should think about before using. First, to ensure you do not miss a valuable post or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans). Please give this post a retweet and pass it on. The Best 8 Web Tools for Doing Formative Assessment in Class. February 25, 2015 Formative assessment, as we have agreed elsewhere, is assessment for learning which is completely different from summative assessment, which is assessment of learning.

The Best 8 Web Tools for Doing Formative Assessment in Class

The insights gained from formative assessments are usually used to decide on the next instructional steps and also inform teachers as to the additional opportunities needed to ensure students' success. Examples of formative assessment include: assigning projects and performances, giving writing assignments, and asking questions. There are a variety of ways to do formative assessment in class and this post features some interesting examples of formative assessment techniques. You can also draw on technology to formatively assess your students and gather feedback from them. 50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success.

The beauty of formative assessment is that there is no shortage of strategies and techniques available to teachers to use in their classroom.

50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success

They provide teachers the valuable feedback they need to adjust their teaching so student learning moves forward. Today, digital tools available in smartphones and tablets make implementing formative assessment as easy and effective as ever. 33 Digital Tools for Advancing Formative Assessment in the Classroom. I came across a great blog post the other day – Formative Assessments Are Easier Than You Think – that told the firsthand account of a teacher, Steven Anderson, who implemented formative assessment in his classroom.

33 Digital Tools for Advancing Formative Assessment in the Classroom

He used a sticky-note version of an exit ticket to elicit evidence of student learning and in his words, “what a difference that made.” Formative assessment is ‘easier than you think’ and with all the digital tools and apps now available for mobile devices it’s even easier. We’ve shared some digital tools before and with the five tools that Steven shared combined with our earlier suggestions there are now 33 digital tools that we’ve uncovered that are free or inexpensive and help teachers implement formative assessment in their classrooms. Here they are: A few of Steven’s discoveries: Lino – A virtual corkboard of sticky-notes so students can provide questions or comments on their learning.

Poll Everywhere – Teachers can create a feedback poll or ask questions. 10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations. The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

Hello there! I'm Miranda Rensch, Product Manager at SEOmoz and lover of visual communication. Communicating visually is one of the most effective ways to explain complex concepts and relationships, and can be a great way to explain your services/products and create valuable site content. 9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION.

Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Infographics Infographics are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them!

9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION

By presenting information in a compact and creative format, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. Most Infographics are fun to read and provide valuable information. Important to marketers, submitting unique infographics to the web that have to do with your niche, is one of the best things you can do for online marketing!

46 Tools To Make Infographics In The Classroom. Infographics are interesting–a mash of (hopefully) easily-consumed visuals (so, symbols, shapes, and images) and added relevant character-based data (so, numbers, words, and brief sentences). The learning application for them is clear, with many academic standards–including the Common Core standards–requiring teachers to use a variety of media forms, charts, and other data for both information reading as well as general fluency. It’s curious they haven’t really “caught on” in schools considering how well they bridge both the old-form textbook habit of cramming tons of information into a small space, while also neatly overlapping with the dynamic and digital world. So if you want to try to make infographics–or better yet have students make them–where do you start? The 46 tools below, curated by Faisal Khan, are a good place to start.

46 Tools To Make Infographics In The Classroom. Wideo - Make animated online videos free. 9 tools for creating great animations. Creating animations has always been considered as one of the most complex aspects of graphic design that requires specific software and technological expertise. It is a time-intensive activity that requires heavy software and high speed computers. However, over the past few years, the emergence of different online presentation and animation tools have simplified the process of creating animations. 10 Teacher Tools to “Techify” Your Classroom – Learn2Earn Blog. By Bethany Petty The classrooms of today have the potential to look vastly different than those of the past. Many teachers have access to a vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement.

Sometimes, however, the world of educational technology can seem daunting and extremely overwhelming—especially for newcomers. Use this list of teacher tools to “techify” your lessons one step at a time. Hot Potatoes - Descargar. Hot Potatoes es una aplicación con la que puedes desarrollar hasta seis tipos distintos de ejercicios educativos para tu página Web. Las herramientas que incluye el programa son las siguientes: JQuiz, JCloze, Jmatch, JMix, JCross y The Masher.

JCloze permite elaborar un listado de oraciones en las que el usuario debe adivinar la palabra que falta. No te olvides de proporcionar pistas para facilitar al internauta la resolución del ejercicio. Mas de 200 recursos y herramientas para integrar las Tecnologías digitales en el aula Compilado por Raúl Santiago: The app that lets you create Khan Academy-style videos in 60 seconds.

How flipped educators can create video tutorials a la Khan in no time flat. Tools for Flipping. Screencasting Tools. The 18 Best Free Web Tools Chosen By You. It’s the start of a new year and that means there’s infinite possibilities that lay before you. But you can’t move forward without arming yourself with the best free web tools and apps. I was perusing some of my favorite education blogs, social networks, and other time-sucking online spots when I came back to the Edublog Awards . Teaching Tools. A Very Useful Tool to Create Educational Animated Videos on Google Drive. December 21, 2014 PowToon is a very powerful web app which you can use on Google Drive to create beautiful animated videos and presentations.

PowToon provides you with all the necessary animation tools you’ll need to immediately begin creating your own professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations. It has an easy to use interface with pre-designed templates and a variety of style libraries to choose from. The videos you create in PowToon can also be easily converted into animated presentations with each slide representing a scene in the storyline of your presentation. To create your videos, simply drag and drop characters and props then assign them animations. How Seesaw accidentally became a teacher’s pet at 1/4 of US schools.

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom - WeAreTeachers. It’s not just the tweens and teens that are addicted to Instagram, it’s the teachers too! So instead of scrolling through your celebrity crush’s feed, we’ve rounded up some legitimate, educational ways you can use Instagram in the classroom. Of course, it’s important to protect students’ privacy, especially when using a public channel like Instagram. Herramientas, insignias y juegos con las hojas de cálculo de Google. Os presento una web, que para mí es muy importante ya que me permite generar artefactos digitales de manera muy sencilla y rápida, cosa fundamental para que los profesores se animen a utilizar las TIC. Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world. 100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a learning style is a way in which an individual approaches learning. 26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators Infographic. Social Learning Infographics. The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools. Nishith Sharma is the co-founder of frrole, a social intelligence startup. Raw data is boring and it’s difficult to make sense of it in its natural form. Add visualization to it and you get something that everybody can easily digest. Education Technology Tools for Teachers. Massive Open Online Courses make it possible for students of all ages to access high-quality coursework at no cost. Colleges and universities across the country publish video lectures, podcasts, reading lists, practice exams and more for anyone who wants to learn about a particular subject and/or experience what it’s like to take a college class.

The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about. Below is a list I have been working on for the last couple of days. Montenegro Editores Crucigramas. 16 apps para llevar un registro de notas de tus alumnos. 17 herramientas para crear actividades educativas interactivas. 8 Herramientas Básicas Para el Profesor Creativo.


Español 2. Español 3. Google. Inglés. Inglés 2. Inglés 3. A-E. F - K. L - P. Q - Z. Infografías. Mapas. Motivational Devices. Publicaciones digitales. Quizz. Redes Sociales. Rúbricas. StoryTelling. Symbaloo. Taller MMI. Webquest (Caza del Tesoro) Whiteboard. Creando vídeos didácticos: Herramientas esenciales. Varias herramientas gratuitas para crear gifs animados con texto.

Top 10 Sites for Creating Timelines by David Kapuler. Herramientas digitales según taxonomía de Bloom. @diegoarroyom @danimartic @francho2punto0 @felixvalpolo @JGUALLARLES @AlfonsoCortesA. Education. **Mas de 100 recursos y herramientas para integrar las Tecnologías digitales en el aula Compilado por Raúl Santiago: Murales interactivos para alumnos creativos con un solo click. How To Use Plickers in your Classroom - Cassie Dahl: Teaching & Technology.

5 herramientas para elaborar horarios. 8 of The Best Web Tools for Taking Students On Virtual Field Trips. Super Teacher Tools. 32 Innovative (Free!) Online Educational Tools to Try in 2015. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) Jane Hart's independent resource site about learning trends, technologies and tools. Make Kids' Books Online For Free! 50 Free Animation Tools And Resources For Digital Learners. 7 Ways Teachers Can Create Videos without Installing any Software. The Teacher’s Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom. Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay.

14 Brilliant Uses for Mind Maps - Engage Your Whole Brain - Daring to Live Fully. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. 24 Top Tools for Online Teaching. 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2017. Selección de herramientas TIC para el Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos.

Get Ready For The Class ;) 32 Innovative (Free!) Online Educational Tools to Try in 2015. Apps. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff. Live Worksheets Maker - Getting started guide. 7 New EdTech Tools for Teachers. 321 FREE Educational Technology Tools for Teachers. 7 apps para flipear tu clase.

Powerpoint & alternatives. Thinglink in the classroom. Ten Ideas for Using Instagram in the Classroom. Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014.