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The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about

The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about
Below is a list I have been working on for the last couple of days. This list features some interesting web tools for teachers keen on integrating technology into their instruction and work routine. There are loads of web platforms that are educationally focused and to contain them all in one list is way beyond the scope of a short blog post like this , therefore I selected only what I deemed the most important. 1- Google drive Google Drive is a great suite of productivity tools that works across different devices. Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage. 2- Dropbox Dopbox is another wonderful cloud-based storage platform that allows you to easily save and store your docs and PDFs and share them with others. 3- Evernote Evernote is powerful web tool that you can use to make notes, bookmark webpages and many more. 4- Twitter This is one of the best social networking platform out there. 5- Google Plus 6- Pinterest 7- Socrative 8- Edmodo 9- Tweetdeck 10- Prezi 11- 12- ThingLink 15- Skype

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Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015 Technology Evolves Quickly! When I started teaching in 2004, I used any/all available technology. I had an overhead projector and a CD player. Then I scored an InFocus machine and a laptop because no one else in the social studies department had use for it. Afterwards, I graduated to a SmartBoard and “hoarder of laptop carts.” Even when I was a “floater,” without my own classroom for several years, I would wheel my own teaching cart and two laptop carts to all of my classes- without missing a beat. Set your kids up for a wealthy life with these top tips Encouraging your kids’ entrepreneurial tendencies is a great way for them to develop early business instincts. Source: Supplied All parents are responsible for helping their kids learn the ways of the world. But while most of us are pretty good at imparting our wisdom on things like how to ride a bike, table manners and reading and writing, we often struggle when it comes to the important subject of money. Making sure your kids get a great financial education can go a long way to helping them become successful as an adult.

Multimedia Principles and PowerPoint - CATL Teaching Resources Research on Multimedia Richard E. Mayer (in collaboration with many others) has done extensive research and writing on cognitive load theory, the effect of multimedia on retention and transfer of learning. Cognitive load represents the amount of mental resources required by working memory to process information at a single point in time. Any data not absolutely needed for sense making is extraneous and consequently leads to an overload condition.

Canvas Learning Management System Will itget used? 1. Is it easyto use? “Canvas is on the leading edge. The SpeedGrader, the ability to record audio/video while grading and the use of rubrics is worth the cost of the entire package! It saves me so much time grading.” How to Write a Friendly Letter (with Sample Letters) Edit Article Four Methods:Sample LettersBeginning the LetterDrafting the BodyClosing the Letter Texting and instant messaging are common ways of communicating with friends these days, but writing a letter is a traditional, effective way of bringing a smile to someone's face. Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever It’s important for you to make the most complicated stuff look simple. Simplifying these stuffs through these kinds of life hacks is awesome. When I have a difficulty doing something I’m always eager to find a new “hack” that will make things easier. No luck so far, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find one sometime before I die.

Guides and Tutorials – Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL) 10 Online Teaching Tips (PDF) Consider these 10 essential suggestions for teaching an awesome online course, prepared by CATL instructional designers.Alignment of Outcomes and Assessments (Web) This guide, with examples, describes the process of aligning course outcomes, assessments and learning activities. RealizeIt Can Make Your Program Adaptive Imagine a platform that would turn static content into an adaptive sequence, and would get smarter the more it was used. RealizeIt, based in Dublin and Chicago, can semi-automatically ingest almost any form of learning content and, with a little coaching, can identify prerequisite relationships and build a competency-based sequence of granular learning nodes with assessment gateways. Founder David Collery spent 14 years teaching Mathematics in inner city Dublin schools.

Activities for correcting writing in the language classroom How can teachers encourage learners to correct their own writing? Second-time winner of TeachingEnglish blog award, Cristina Cabal, offers a few tried and tested error-correction activities. Does every single writing error need to be corrected?

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