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Sour Cream Peach Pie - Taste and Tell. Crack Pie. You read the title correctly.

Crack Pie

Lightning Bars - GOODEness Gracious. Do you want a super quick dessert to throw together that is absolutely amazing?

Lightning Bars - GOODEness Gracious

Check out these Lightning Bars with almond icing from Gooseberry Patch’s Foolproof Family Recipes. Aunt Lou here. The Hungry Hounds— Hazelnut Tart With Fresh Strawberries. Simple moments: Angel food cake with strawberries and cream. Days start at about 5 in the morning here, and from then until bedtime, it feels pretty nonstop.

Simple moments: Angel food cake with strawberries and cream

There’s breakfast to make, a toddler to entertain, a baby to change and a puppy to feed — all before 7 a.m. I know this isn’t unusual for parents with young kids. Or any kids for that matter. I spend the day racing the clock, juggling nap time and work time, proofing a magazine while bouncing a baby on my knee. Pinterest. Easy Strawberry Pudding with Blackberries Easy No Bake Fruit Dessert. To be a host, party-giver, entertainer.

Easy Strawberry Pudding with Blackberries Easy No Bake Fruit Dessert

For us one of the most important priorities is to make sure everyone feels included. Wether it is clients at the studio for a shoot, or if we are hosting one of our photography/styling workshops, or if it is just friends over at the house, that sense of inclusion amongst everyone defines the success as us as hosts. More than once we’ve subjected friends to dorky games, coercing even the shyest ones into participation. There’s nothing like shared dorkdom to bring a group together. However as we’ve grown, our style has shifted away from shared torture and more towards pleasure, I sure to the relief of our dear friends who somehow still want to get together with us.

Instead we focus on the food. Watermelon- Lime Sorbet Recipe (Just 3 Ingredients!) I decided for Father’s Day I would post a recipe that my husband loves.

Watermelon- Lime Sorbet Recipe (Just 3 Ingredients!)

We make this a lot during summer. It is super fast and much healthier then standard ice cream or sorbets. This has just 3 ingredients and doesn’t require an ice cream machine- so super easy! Watermelon- Lime Sorbet Recipe (Just 3 Ingredients!) 50 Coffee desserts to wake up to. Happy Easter & Japanese Cheesecake. I had a good Easter break (but is now sad to see it almost over...)

Happy Easter & Japanese Cheesecake

I met up with some old friends, I made a somewhat strange fruit crumble (next post!) , and took advantage of the awesome exchange rate and bought myself some books from the U.S (any recommendations for a good book/cookbook?) But most importantly, I reflected on the reason why we celebrate Easter. I made this favourite Japanese cheesecake a while ago...but I didn't think to post it since out of the dozen times I've made this cheesecake, this was the first time it had a crack right in the middle...a deep, visible imperfection. However despite this fault, I kept these photos as they reminded me of my own imperfections. Japanese Cheesecake.

There are cakes which look absolutely stunning and gorgeous on the outside, but when it comes to the taste, it disappoints, and you just wished that it tasted as good as it looks.

Japanese Cheesecake

I've had a lot of those experiences, and in fact, I think I've made a few of cakes like that myself! What I love about a good Japanese cheesecake is that while in appearance it resembles a humble (and perhaps, plain or boring?) Sponge cake, but the minute you put it into your mouth, you want to close your eyes and go 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmm'. We all go through phases, don't we?! Well, about a month ago, I was in a cheesecake phase. Right out of the oven...hmmmmm. Japanese Cheesecake. Lemon Tree Dwelling. Zeppole Recipe. Cherry Slab Pie. Good morning!

Cherry Slab Pie

Strawberry Shortcake with Creme Anglaise ~ Lulu the Baker. A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to serve something for dessert that was light and summery and delicious.

Strawberry Shortcake with Creme Anglaise ~ Lulu the Baker

Strawberry shortcake, one of my favorites, totally fit the bill, but I can never seem to get enough strawberry sauce on my strawberry shortcake. It’s not that I find it too dry, I just always want more sauce. And out of nowhere, I had this genius idea to make creme anglaise to pour all over my strawberry shortcake. Beany, baby. While I did make my mom a tried-and-true coconut cream pie for Mother's Day, I also played with a new recipe, which is always a risk.

beany, baby.

Fortunately, the results were incredible. While it might not be quite as magnificent as my beloved brown sugar pie, this pie is definitely going to be part of my favorites rotation. I think vanilla beans are fantastic--I love the speckled appearance of the tiny black seeds against the pristine white filling. Their taste is enjoyable too, and much more intense than vanilla extract. Yep, this pie is truly tasty. The original recipe was entitled Sugar Cream Pie, but that just didn't sound descriptive enough for me. Blueberry Breakfast Rolls.

This morning at the table having a sweet little breakfast with my husband, we got on the topic of passion and how when it’s plentiful, life has such clarity and meaning; but when it’s lacking, moving through life can be a little like moving through murky waters that are hungry for the sun’s rays to penetrate through. Really, there’s nothing like passion to get a job done, and done well and with full intentionality. At this point in my life, I cannot escape the fact that it is passion that is the driving force behind every single thing that I place my hand on to do that is of any real meaning to me, as it is a sort of magical infusion of gusto and purpose that can turn the relatively-mundane into something that has indescribable charisma and flavor. It is something that springs up from within, like a well of living water. Ah, but when passion is hiding…that’s another thing. Endeavors lack luster, in the same way that a simple dough without salt lacks flavor.

And it’s the best thing. Blueberry Breakfast Rolls. Angel Food Cake with Strawberries. You know those blogs who post a TON of pictures of one stupid cake? Seriously, who do they think they are? The queen of the universe? I mean, one picture is all it takes. Maybe two. How to Make Cream Puffs- Baker Bettie. Learn how to make cream puffs from scratch using the basic pate a choux pastry. Fill with chantilly cream or pastry cream. Soooo…. Blackberry & Strawberry Crisp w/Gingersnap Crumble Recipe for Father’s Day. The way to my husband’s heart is through his fruit dessert-loving stomach…or packaged up on a plate of Smoky Peanut Mole. Last year on Father’s Day I strayed from the sure-fire rhubarb dessert and made a batch of Dulce de Lech & Chocolate Waffle Cone Ice Cream. It was a risky move, but one that was well received.

And who can blame him? We are talking about caramel, chocolate and ice cream here. Cannoli Tart. Oh hi. As a self-proclaimed cannoli hater, this totally changed my tune. One of the best desserts I had in 2012. Seriously. Recipe is on the Tasty Kitchen blog! Sweet Cherry Filled Buns (Vatrushka Recipe) On June 18, 2014 Vatrushka buns are very popular in Russia and Ukraine. Toffee Chocolate Bars. Toffee Chocolate Bars. Mt. Dew and Doritos Cupcakes » Tramplingrose.

Yeah, you read that right. Mt. Dew and Doritos Cupcakes. Blueberry Breakfast Cake. Blueberry Pie Bars. Hummingbird Cake. Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake) Let me state things plainly, you are going to want to make this pie =). Vanilla Melting Moments Sandwich Cookies with Nutella-Cream Cheese Filling. Vanilla Melting Moments Sandwich Cookies with Nutella-Cream Cheese Filling These cookies remind me of cookies on Christmas cookie platters that I ate growing up. Mom's Texas Delight Recipe. Chocolate Magic Custard Cake. Here is another bad-ass chocolate cake! Simple Oatmeal Cookies. Raspberry Ice Recipe. Strawberry Super Pie. 75+ Delicious Ways to Enjoy Strawberries. Blueberry Hand Pies. Recipes, Food and Cooking Easy Butter Danish Rolls » Recipes, Food and Cooking. Coconut Cloud Cake, Recipe from Martha Bakes, March 2011. Cream Cheese Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Streusel and Keurig Giveaway. Cookies and Cups My Kids Favorite Brownies.

12 Tomatoes. Chocolate Frosting I Recipe. Salted Carmelitas.