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Adorable footage shows baby monkey playing with tiger cub. An extremely adorable vireo of a tiny monkey and a cute tiger cub has recently gone viral.

Adorable footage shows baby monkey playing with tiger cub

The heartwarming duo, both residents of a Chinese zoo, share a very special friendship, so the staff caught them on camera as they play together. The short footage – very popular on Douyin, the Chinese version for TikTok – was filmed at the Hengshui Wildlife Park in the Hebei Province, northern China. In it, the 4-month-old macaque, Ban Jin can’t get enough of his very best friend September – an adorable 3-month-old baby tiger. Since they were born nearly a month apart, the two unlikely friends are both restless and always seeking for new adventures. Great fond of them, the caretakers spoils the pair and let them play more than unusual.

“At first, Ban Jin was quite afraid of September[the tiger],” Ms Dai, the park manager shared with MailOnline. Source. Hero Dog Paddles Out Into Lake to Save Baby Deer, and Makes a New Friend. Dogs can be real heroes.

Hero Dog Paddles Out Into Lake to Save Baby Deer, and Makes a New Friend

They have a great ability to sense when someone is in danger and come to the rescue, whether they be human or animal. That’s what one dog proved, when he jumped into action to save a baby deer who was out in the middle of a lake. Ralph Dorn, a retired Marine Corps pilot from Virginia, is the owner of a Goldendoodle named Harley. On June 2, they were outside at the lake near their home, and suddenly Ralph couldn’t find his dog anywhere. Then, he noticed Harley was in the water, paddling himself out to the middle of the lake: Horses Look after Baby Fawn While Her Mother is Away. It’s always heartwarming to see different kinds of animals looking after each other.

Horses Look after Baby Fawn While Her Mother is Away

Tiger Refuses To Eat Goat Who Was Given To Him As Live Food, Instead, They Became Best Friends - Fascinating Things. Besides eating their prey, predators can also form friendships with their prey.

Tiger Refuses To Eat Goat Who Was Given To Him As Live Food, Instead, They Became Best Friends - Fascinating Things

They build a unique bond with their “live” food instead of eating them. Some people may not believe this but it actually happens. Friendship has no limit. Log into Facebook. Heroic Dog Caught On Camera Jumping In Water To Save Drowning Cat. By Elana For as far back as you can probably recall with your personal memories, you've been under the impression that dogs and cats are some sort of mortal enemies, complete opposites, incapable of co-existing peacefully.

Heroic Dog Caught On Camera Jumping In Water To Save Drowning Cat

People often humor at the relationship cats and dogs tend to have with each other when they do share the same abode, like this illustrator who made an absolutely hilarious comic of his cat's reaction to his dogs barking. Not only that, but we regularly see people share photos on social media of the chaos that can easily erupt when multiple fur-babies reside together and we often find ourselves amusing at the scene provided. However, it's not an all or nothing situation and there are definitely exceptions to the precedent we believe is set in stone. No one knows how the cat fell into the deep water, but it's cries for help were simultaneously impossible not to hear and far too easy to fall on deaf ears.

Orangutans Make A Beautiful Friendship With The Otters At The Zoo While No One Is Around.

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Finnish Photographer Documents Bear-Wolf Friendship. A female gray wolf and a male brown bear were spotted every day for ten consecutive days, spending time together, playing and even sharing food.

Finnish Photographer Documents Bear-Wolf Friendship

“It’s very unusual to see a bear and a wolf getting on like this” says Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen, 56, who took these surprising photos. From what I could find, it’s actually the first time, at least in Europe, where such a friendship was developed. “No-one can know exactly why or how the young wolf and bear became friends,” Lassi said in an interview. “I think that perhaps they were both alone and they were young and a bit unsure of how to survive alone…It is nice to share rare events in the wild that you would never expect to see.” That’s as good a guess as any – there are no scientific studies on the matter, and these cases are extremely rare – especially in the wild. Wombats are the Unsung Heroes of the Australian Fires, Sheltering Animals in Their Burrows.

Wombats are allowing other species to take refuge from the fires in their complex underground tunnels Wombats have reportedly been “inviting” other species into their underground homes, as a temporary safe haven from the ongoing flames and smoke in Australia.

Wombats are the Unsung Heroes of the Australian Fires, Sheltering Animals in Their Burrows

Their complex underground tunnels are serving as shelters for all kinds of unlikely visitors from lizards to wallabies, according to documentarian Peter Hylands, who recently ventured deep into Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary. “You’ve got animals that are completely unscathed and those must be the animals that have been under the ground, it’s the only explanation when the fire zones are so extensive,” he told Yahoo News.

“I’ve seen echidnas going into burrows — lizards, and skinks, rabbits — those sort of things. The Grizzly and the Tabby cat. Shy, blind bison never had a friend on the farm — until he meet Oliver. As incredible as it sounds to us, both animals and humans need socialization.

Shy, blind bison never had a friend on the farm — until he meet Oliver

Nobody likes to be alone, loneliness makes us sad, that’s why we need someone who will be our friend. Mama Cat Adopts 4 Orphaned Baby Squirrels. Doberman who just had litter of puppies 'adopts' kitten. Caring dog adopts orphaned opossums - carry them on her back. Lately, we’ve been witnessed to so many acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between animals of different species.

Caring dog adopts orphaned opossums - carry them on her back

Turns out that when comes to caring and comforting those in need of help, nothing compares with a dog’s gentle heart. These angels we call dogs, aren’t just men’s best friends, but apparently everyone’s best friends. It is also the case of Pretinha, a lovely dog who became adoptive mom for some orphaned opossums. Due to a misfortunate event, the little one’s mom lost her life, so the baby opossums found themselves all alone with some extremely low chances of survival. But the luck was on their side as someone found them just in time.

A female lion takes care of and adopts a baby deer after her cubs were k.i.l.l.e.d by a rival male lion. - Mynews28. You might be forgiven for thinking this lioness is just playing with her food.

A female lion takes care of and adopts a baby deer after her cubs were k.i.l.l.e.d by a rival male lion. - Mynews28

But these remarkable photographs capture the powerful beast caring for a young springbok as if it were her own offspring. For although the antelope species are her natural p.rey, this g.rieving lioness adopted the calf after her own cubs were k.illed by a r.ival male lion. Photographer Gordon Donovan recorded the extraordinary scenes of her tenderly cradling the antelope, licking it clean and shielding it from danger. She even protected the bok from a pair of pregnant lions who approached in search of food at Etosha National Park in Namibia. Photographer Mr. ‘But it never came and started cleaning the calf. Lonely Husky Escapes From His Yard To Go Hug His Best Friend. Messy and his human, Oranit Kittragul, live in Thailand. In the same neighborhood just across the street lives Audi, a Husky who is alone most of the day while his human is at work. Being alone makes Audi a little sad and anxious, and whenever he feels that his friend feels a little too alone, Messy barks at him and that somehow calms Audi.

One time, Audi’s human forgot to secure the gate while leaving for work and the dog ran out to go visit Messy for the very first time. Oranit saw the two greet and hug each other, and took a photo of that adorable moment to share it online. This was their first time seeing each other, face to face, but their bond was as strong as they had been friends for a lifetime. Drivers Notice Four Dogs Blocking Traffic Because Their Friend Is Down - DOGFULL.COM.

Stray dogs are far too common in many parts of the world, and because of this, sometimes all they have is each other. As dog owners we know how seriously they take love and companionship, and it’s why we call them Man’s Best Friend. Their loyalty knows no end, and the heartbreaking video below proves just that. In China, four dogs were seen sitting in the middle of the road around a friend who’d been hit by a car. The pups were blocking traffic and making cars go around them as they hoped for the best. You can see the one nudging the dog’s body as if to try and wake him. Missing dog comes back to his family with handwritten note calling him a hero. A family in New Zealand was extremely worried after their senior dog went missing. They were left speechless when he returned back home, with a touching note around his neck! Since he was a few weeks old puppy, Louie lives with Marolyn Diver’s parents at their farm.

The adorable sheepdog had always been a very energetic puppy, so all day long he used to wonder around the family’s property. Yet, the things have changed as Louie grew older and now at his 12 years old, the senior rather prefers to hang out around the house than exploring the neighbourhoods. Therefore, when Louie went missing on day for several hours, his family was very concerned, and on a good reason.

“He looked so exhausted, and had basically just collapsed,” Marolyn shared with THE DODO. Stray Cat Breaks Into Lynx’s Enclosure At Zoo, And They Become Best Friends. Size doesn’t matter. What’s a Lynx other than a big cat, really? At least, that’s what these two furry friends seem to think, even though the rest of us might consider them an unusual pair. Gentle Goose Becomes Nanny To Her Best Friend’s Puppies – Dog Dispatch. This fluffy dog and downy goose are proof that nothing can get in the way of true love and friendship.

Interspecies relationships are beautiful to see. They are proof that with a little acceptance and understanding, friendships can blossom between the most unlikely of pals. What Rat Empathy May Reveal About Human Compassion. Man Raised by Wolves for 12 Years Wishes He Could Return to the Wild. Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja was abandoned aged 7 and survived in the mountains. Wild stallion saves a young horse from drowning. In the late 15th century after the Europeans reintroduced the horse to the Americas, some horses escaped and formed feral herds. Blind Raccoon Brings Two Stray Kittens To Human Friend And Saves Their Lives. Abandoned Baby Fox Becomes Best Friends with Orphaned Two Badgers at Animal Sanctuary. Phoebe the fox cub was found in a box in Leeds, while two baby badgers were found at the roadside.

A blossoming friendship between Phoebe, an abandoned baby fox cub, and two orphaned badgers has astounded animal lovers after an animal sanctuary in Whitby put the unlikely new family together. The Power of Friendship: This Dog Refused to be Rescued without Her Bestie! When a huge dog wandered across the road in Romania, the humans that she encountered immediately sought to help her. But she quickly disappeared, and they weren’t sure if she would return to the road and let them help. Mother Hen Found Taking Care of Two Small Kittens During Snow Storm. Compassionate chicken keeps scared kittens safe and warm during a storm The factory-farmed chicken industry would have us believe chickens are dumb, unfeeling animals, but pictures like this prove these birds are more intelligent and loving than many humans. The photo, of unknown origin, has been circulating the internet for at least four years. and is now making its rounds again.

Dog Breaks Out Of Kennel To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies. An Abandoned Puppy Found With Back Legs ‘Sawed Off’, Three Women Charged With Cruelty To Animals. Facebook. (14) Facebook. (2) Facebook. Penguin chicks rescued by unlikely hero. Photos from Jocelyne Peiffer's post. (5) Facebook. (3) Facebook. (2) Facebook. A Huge Gorilla Named Bobo Has Made Best Friends With A Tiny Bush Baby. Each morning at Ape Action Africa’s Mefou Primate Sanctuary, caregivers check-in on the animals to see how they’re doing. And there are a lot of animals to check.

The sanctuary cares for over 300 rescued animals. In August, the caregivers had gone to check up on the gorillas. A silverback gorilla named Bobo had found something out of the ordinary. Bobo, western lowland gorilla had arrived at the sanctuary in 1994. Though he is an alpha-male, Bobo shows he can be a gentle giant of his forest domain. Image by Ape Action Africa. Monkey Saves Tiny Puppy From Stray Dogs, “Adopts” Him, And Even Lets Him Eat First. Homeless Cat Sneaks Into Zoo And Befriends a Lynx Against All Odds. It doesn’t seem to matter what species of animal you are, friendships often develop. (1) Facebook. (7) Facebook. Donkey 'Adopts' Puppy Too Sick To Play With Other Dogs.

We’ve all had to go through some type of growing pains back when we were young, but a few of us had it worse than others, a lot worse. This Lonely Blind Bison Finds an Unlikely Best Friend in a Young Calf. A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. Hero Animals Saving Humans Caught On Camera. Try To Not Emotional Challenge 2017. 17 Photos Prove Capybara Can Befriend Every Other Species. (5) Facebook. Loyal German Shepherd Steps Up to Be Protector of Orphaned Baby Deer. Photographer Captures Unusual Friendship Between Bear And Wolf. Orangutans Befriend Otters That Often Swim Through Their Enclosure At The Zoo Forming ‘A Very Special Bond’ Rats avoid harming other rats. The finding may help us understand sociopaths.

A Puppy Who Can't Walk Becomes Friends With a Pigeon Who Can't Fly. Belgian Malinois And Tiny Owl Have The Most Unlikely Friendship, And Their Photos Are Adorable. Blind Lonely Bison Builds A Heartwarming Friendship With A Curious Young Calf. Monkey Saves Tiny Puppy From Stray Dogs, “Adopts” Him, And Even Lets Him Eat First.

Pies ratowniczy cierpiał na depresję, dopóki nie znalazł niezwykłego przyjaciela. Eager Coyote Encourages Slow Moving Badger Into Culvert So They Can Cross Under Highway Together. Królik zaopiekował się porzuconymi szczeniakami - Dobre Wiadomości. A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. Oddest Friendships Between Animals. Facebook. Friendship Between Great Dane And Deer Lasting Years. 4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They are Guarding Friend Hit by Car. Cat Bonded With Horse and They Explore Places Together Almost Every Day. A man saved a she wolf from a trap, a few years later she saved his life. (4) Watch - Discover.

Photographer Documented The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear. Golden Retriever Comes Home With A Baby Koala Whose Life She Just Saved - Animal Forum. Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop Hugging The Volunteers Who Saved Her Life. (9) Facebook. Uwolnił łabędzia zaplątanego w siatkę. Nie spodziewał, że ptak odwdzięczy się w ten sposób - Dobre Wiadomości.

Photographer Documented The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear. - Rasy kotów, porady i ciekawostki o kotach - miauczymy z sensem! Abandoned baby giraffe befriended by dog in Africa dies. Disabled Baby Cow And Giant Tortoise Become The Best Friends Ever. (3) Watch - Discover. (2) Facebook. Bezpański kot wkradł się do klatki rysia. Pracownicy zoo wstrzymali oddech - Kochamy Zwierzaki. Silverback Gorilla Makes a Friend and Now They’re Inseparable. Dog Runs Away From Home Only To Be Found On A Trail Camera Wandering In The Woods With A Wild Deer. (6) Facebook. Blind, Lonely And Ignored By All Other Animals, Helen, The Bison, Seemed Destined For Loneliness, But Then She Met Oliver. Missing Dog Returns Home With Two New Friends He’d Made Along The Way. Photographer Documented The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear.

Kocia Mama Adoptowała 8 Osieroconych Jeżyków. 10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals. Aggressiva jaguaren går till attack mot hunden, men vad som sker därefter lämnar alla i chock. Hunden gråter när han skiljs från kon som uppfostrat honom – se nu när de får krama varandra igen. Stray Cat Breaks Into Zoo, Becomes Best Friends With A Lynx. Magpies can form friendships with people – here's how. (1) Facebook. Gorillor festar i djungeln och har kompisar. Ny studie: Gorillor har kompisar.

This Duck and Malamute Odd Couple Go Everywhere Together. Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Defends It From Stray Dogs, And Lets It Eat First. Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Freezing Weather By Warming Him Under Its Wings. Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Freezing Weather By Warming Him Under Its Wings.