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WHERE: India, China, and Indo-china
COAT: Red or orange fur with light underbelly. Black stripes that are unique in every tiger, much like the fingerprints of humans.

WEIGHT & LENGTH: 100 - 670 lbs; 8.5 - 16 ft
UNIQUE: Largest of the four "big" cats (lion, leopard and jaguar), the tiger is only behind the polar bear and the brown bear as the third largest land carnivore. White tigers are rare in the wild but popular in zoos. As a consequence, many white tigers are the result of inbreeding and genetically unhealthy. New Born Tiger Cubs. Snarling Tiger. Tigers paws under the ice. Champawat Tiger. The Champawat Tiger was a female Bengal tiger responsible for an estimated 436 deaths in Nepal and the Kumaon area of India, mostly during the 19th century.[1] Her attacks have been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest number of fatalities from a tiger.[2] She was shot in 1907 by Jim Corbett.[3] History[edit]

Champawat Tiger

A quiet moment in time. Tiger Cub. A tiger at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park. Tigers love water and will readily jump in to kill their preyAt a Californian nature park, a trainer threw meat into a pool to demonstrate the tiger's agilityA photographer captured on film the tiger's quick dash and dive By Alex Ward Published: 11:43 GMT, 17 July 2012 | Updated: 11:43 GMT, 17 July 2012 This hungry tiger has just one thing on his mind - to taste fresh meat. He was quick to leap into water, his jaws open wide, razor-sharp teeth gleaming to reach the chunk of raw meat. Capturing the action on film at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park in Vellejo, California was professional photographer Juan Leon, from Walnut Creek, California. Diving for dinner: Tigers will swim to get food and this feline showed how it's done after a park trainer threw meat into a pool.

Pensive. Wolf and tiger cubs brought together to form a unique bond of endangered species. By Mail Foreign Service Updated: 14:21 GMT, 14 May 2010 In the wild, a chance meeting between a wolf and a tiger would not be this adorable.

Wolf and tiger cubs brought together to form a unique bond of endangered species

But, seeing as they were friends since being two weeks old, these litters of wolves and tigers share a unique bond. Separated from their mothers to insure their survival, they are beginning their journey as animal ambassadors at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species - conveniently abbreviated to 'Tigers'. Tigress and cub playing in the Snow. A tiger chasing a leopard up a tree. Tiger kisses. Best places to spot tigers in India. Wanna see a real wild tiger?

Best places to spot tigers in India

Head to India, where nearly half of the world's remaining wild tiger population roams. The country's 1,400 big cats are spread over more than 40 national parks in the country. To help increase the odds of spotting a tiger in India, we've narrowed your choices down to five places where it's most likely you'll get a good sighting. Very big cats: tigers can weigh up to 300 kilos. Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans. Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans, in India and Bangladesh are estimated to kill from 0-50 (mean of 22.7 between 1947 and 1983) people per year.[1] The Sundarbans is home to over 100 [2] Bengal tigers,[3] one of the largest single populations of tigers in one area.

Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans

Before modern times, Sundarbans were said to "regularly kill fifty or sixty people a year".[4] These tigers are a little smaller and slimmer than those elsewhere in India but remain extremely powerful and are infamous for destroying small wooden boats. They are not the only tigers who live close to humans; in Bandhavgarh, villages encircle the tiger reserves, and yet attacks on people are rare. Although attacks were stalled temporarily in 2004 with new precautions, they have been on the rise. Precautions[edit] The locals and government officials take certain precautions to prevent attacks. Causes of the attacks[edit] About 5,000 people frequent the swamps and waterways of the Sundarbans. Sloth bear faces off against tiger.

Dying tigress bidding farewell to her cub in Madhya Pradesh India. Rajah and Sakari. Tiger Coloration. Siberian Tiger Infographic. The BIG cat who likes getting wet and wild. By MICHAEL HANLON Last updated at 11:46 29 May 2007 Most cats do not like getting wet - as anyone who has tried to bathe a moggie will know.

The BIG cat who likes getting wet and wild

But as these pictures show, there's always the exception to the rule. For the cat in question is a large male white Bengal tiger called Odin. Six years old, and at the prime of his life, Odin lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco. Scroll down for more White tigers - the colour is caused by an unusual genetic combination - are rare in the wild, although there are several dozen in zoos. Odin was hand-raised at the zoo. In fact, although Big Cats generally do not like water, tigers of all types have been spotted taking to the water to hunt and even to bathe for pleasure.