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Major Muscle Groups. Strengthcamp - 08-balance-ans.m4v. Sledgehammer tire training benefits + Workout. Ice baths – The cool way to recovery. Whenever you increase exercise intensity, whether it be through longer bouts of cardio exercise or by increasing weight during heavy lifts you are putting yourself at greater risk of injury.

Ice baths – The cool way to recovery

25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength! By Muscle & Fitness Last updated: Aug 17, 2012 Lift barefoot, if possible, or in minimalist footwear like Vibram FiveFingers shoes, wrestling shoes, or converse chucks. having your feet flat on the floor lessens the distance you have to pull the bar on a deadlift, increasing your leverage and helping you lift heavier weights.

25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength!

Training barefoot also strengthens your feet, which in turn adds stability and traction to all your lifts. Squeeze your glutes at all times during a set, especially on lifts like the bench press and overhead press. It stabilizes your entire torso. Zen to Fitness - A Simple Guide to Rockstar Abs. Unconventional Abdominal training at its best! No Crunches Necessary. Romanian vs. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts. By John Paul Catanzaro Most people own a key chain, but do they possess an adequate posterior chain?

Romanian vs. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

That's the question. You can easily perform back extensions or reverse hypers until you're blue (or more appropriately "red") in the face, but to truly work the posterior chain in a functional movement pattern, consider these two variations of the deadlift — the Romanian deadlift (RDL) and the Stiff-legged deadlift (SDL). Classically, these lifts are used by European men as a diagnostic tool to ass-ess whether a female would make a good wife! Nah, actually, the RDL in particular is used as an assistance exercise to the Olympic lifts (i.e. snatch and clean.)10 This is a difficult exercise to grasp for many beginners and the SDL tends to be an easier option. Done regularly, you'll quickly find out that leg curls are not the only way to build a set of hamstrings. Remember, the hamstrings are a biarticular muscle, meaning that they cross two joints — the hips and the knees. Confused yet? The Ultimate Guide to Building Bigger Legs. “Ricky!

The Ultimate Guide to Building Bigger Legs

What’s up, buddy? Long time, no see. Looks like you’ve been training pretty hard. Your entire torso is much thicker than the last time I saw you.” “Thanks for noticing, Jay. Are You Using The Wrong Rep Speed in Your Workouts? I like to keep things simple.

Are You Using The Wrong Rep Speed in Your Workouts?

So a general statement like, “always lift the weight as explosively as possible and lower it under control,” works pretty well for me in most cases. But there are definitely some exercises that you do NOT want to explode on. Doing so can result in sloppy form, training muscles other than those you intended, and injury. How to Build Muscle- 3 Things You Need to Know. DIY Strength Training Gear. Physiological Strength As Your Foundation (pt. 1) Digestive Strength By Eric Hulse A stable foundation for strength involves more then just a steady improvement in physical strength and muscular development.

Physiological Strength As Your Foundation (pt. 1)

It involves a balancing of all body systems and understanding how they work together in order to increase over all strength, energy, and health. Of these systems, the health of the digestive system is crucial to establishing a foundation of strength that is vital and strong. The digestive system is responsible for the majority of your immune function and the proper absorption of nutrients needed to develop and rebuild muscles, cells and organs. When the digestive system is compromised, the rest of the body systems suffer due to their inability to receive proper fuel and energy. Physiological Strength As Your Foundation (pt. 2) In part one of this series, I spoke about the importance of healing the digestive system as a way to create a strong foundation for overall strength.

Physiological Strength As Your Foundation (pt. 2)

Part 2 will cover the link between your digestive system, hormones, and how they have an effect on your overall health and ability to grow stronger. When your digestive system is functioning poorly, the body is placed under a hugh burden as it is unable to breakdown and absorb food properly. This stress may lead to adrenal fatigue, low testosterone, growth hormone, and further complications to the digestive system.

Vital nutrients, which would normally aid in digestion and the development of a healthy immune system, are essentially being lost leaving you open to a wide range of illnesses and infections. The production of HCl (stomach acid used to break down food) is also compromised leaving undigested food to literally rot in your body releasing toxins while leaving you vulnerable to fungus and parasite infections. It’s a two edged sword. Is Bodyweight Training Effective for Building Muscle? - How to Build Muscle. Bodyweight training is incredibly effective for building muscle.

Is Bodyweight Training Effective for Building Muscle? - How to Build Muscle

Some would even argue that it’s better than free weights. Bodyweight exercises don’t beat up your joints as much as traditional weight training exercises do. They allow for a more natural range of motion and improve your overall athleticism quite effectively. Advanced bodyweight exercises require unmatched levels of full body tension. Muscle Building Workouts- 44 Ways to Get Big & Strong - How to Build Muscle. 1) Before you get to the gym make sure you have your muscle building workouts planned out.

Muscle Building Workouts- 44 Ways to Get Big & Strong - How to Build Muscle

Failing to plan is planning to fail. 2) Psyche up on the way there by visualizing the workout in your head. See yourself going through each of your exercises and dominating the weights. One Arm Chin-up / Pull-up. (1) Mobility Tip Number 2 - Improving the Back Bridge. Recon Ron Pullup Program. Sprint Training - 100m, 200m and 400m. Below are a number of sprint training schedules for 100m, 200m and 400m.

Sprint Training - 100m, 200m and 400m

They are aimed at differing levels of ability, ages and time available for training. If you are a beginner or junior athlete then following the advanced training schedule will not instantly guarantee advanced performances, more likely will lead to over training and injury. The schedules are a guide only and athletes should always follow the guidance of their coaches or teachers.

Sprinting Speed Training. Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle & Strength. Bodyweight exercises need to be part of your program if you want to get jacked. But not just pushups, sit ups and high rep calisthenics. That’s beginner stuff that won’t build any real muscle.

We’re talking about really working hard on high tension, advanced bodyweight exercises that can only be done for somewhere between five and ten reps, on average. The nice thing about these is that they’re very natural and can usually be done pain free by most people. They can be added to any program along with barbells, dumbbells and strongman implements. That’s the ultimate combination for building high performance mass.