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51 Best Adidas Running Shoes (July 2017)


The Seven Most Common Running Injuries. In an ideal runner's world, every step of every mile would be 100 percent pain-free.

The Seven Most Common Running Injuries

No aches, no twinges, no lingering soreness from yesterday's workout. The reality is that many runners constantly deal with a slight (or not so slight) disturbance—a tender foot, a tight hamstring, a whiny knee. Best fitness tracker: top band to buy in 2014. 6.

Best fitness tracker: top band to buy in 2014

Sony SmartBand Talk Another smartwatch and fitness tracker hybrid, Sony’s SmartBand Talk takes all the features from the brand’s SmartBand, like step counting, sleep tracking and pairs it with a curved display to give you a load of glanceable information on your wrist. Running: an aid to the creative process? Earlier this year I started my own running blog, Running the Line, joining the hordes of other wannabe runner-writers and the thousands of running-related websites.

Running: an aid to the creative process?

The experience itself has made me reflect upon the nature of the relationship between writing and running. Judging by the explosion of running bloggers sharing their race reviews, training programmes and advice on staying motivated, the activities are inextricably linked. And perhaps part of an explanation for this stems from the similarities between running and writing: it is common to see both pursuits attracting descriptors such as discipline, perseverance, and endurance. These reflect the perspiration required, as well as the importance of making them part of your routine. Welcome to natural running.

Test your kettle - Men's Health. Skip the queue for the bench and work your entire body with just one piece of equipment with these six kettlebell exercises.

Test your kettle - Men's Health

Not only will they give you more strength, power, speed, endurance and flexibility, they’ll maximise your chances of trimming the fat and building lean size. The mass of a kettlebell is outside the handle which positions the weight further from your body, forcing more supporting muscles to be recruited to stabilise each lift, making the exercises some of the most challenging compound multi-jointed moves you can do. Do the moves in the order shown and rest for 45-60 seconds between sets. Perform the moves quickly and deliberately to add an explosive, fat-zapping element to the programme. This workout is designed by Tommy Matthews, a kettlebell and personal training instructor at Optimal Life Fitness (, for blokes of all fitness levels to burn fat and add more muscle.

How to do the single-leg kettlebell deadlift - Men's Health. How to do the single-leg kettlebell deadlift.

How to do the single-leg kettlebell deadlift - Men's Health

Beach Interval Workout. Your suit and tie may take a vacation when you head to the beach, but your workout doesn't have to.

Beach Interval Workout

"Training in new environments like sand or water challenges your mind and muscles to adapt," says David Jack, owner of ActivPrayer in Phoenix, Arizona. "Your workout is instantly more effective than working out on flat, solid terrain. " Not only will you get a tan, but you'll ignite new muscle growth and burn a ridiculous amount of calories in a short amount of time. Here's why: Sand provides less stability, so even the simplest movements are more difficult, he says. It also absorbs and dissipates some of the energy that harder surfaces rebound back, recruiting more muscle and decreasing the impact on your joints. Water also creates a greater challenge since it lowers your core temperature and heart rate, forcing you to work harder to increase them, explains Jack. Ready to try it for yourself?


Trail Running. » VO2 Max Events Event management business based in the Lake District, specialising in major sporting events and festivals.

Trail Running

VO2 Max Events also specialise in sports marketing & promotion and PR. Good Run Guide - The UK's Leading Independent Running Website. Why I love ... running. Strength-Training Circuit For Distance Runners. These eight exercises will help improve general strength and overall body balance.

Strength-Training Circuit For Distance Runners

While a consistent running regimen will do a great job of strengthening your legs and lungs, it won’t do much for many of the muscles in the rest of your body. A basic 30 to 45 minute strength-training session once or twice a week will improve overall body balance and help lessen the likelihood of an overuse injury. No need to get fancy: your own body weight, a set of dumbbells, and a stability ball will do the trick. Non-running days during the base building phase of your training are an ideal time to incorporate some strength training into your weekly routine.

RELATED: The Four Best Strength Training Exercises For Distance Runners Give the session described below a shot. Pull-ups – Using a pull up bar, position your hands slightly wider than shoulder with apart. Learn To Power Over Hills, And Then Repeat. Don’t let hills stand in your way of getting a PR at your next race.

Learn To Power Over Hills, And Then Repeat

Follow these training tips and you’ll be prepared. Unfortunately, when a hill comes up on a racecourse there is no other way to get to the other side other than to go over it. So, learn to embrace those dreaded hills because they aren’t going anywhere. The Most Effective Squat Challenge: 100 Rep Fitness Blender Squat Challenge. Fuel your run with these top supplements - Men's Health.


Yoga Stretches to Prevent Running Injuries. Nutrition Archives. Vegetarian Running and Fitness. 10 top running blogs. Tri-Sports & Bike Shop. Trail Running Devon. Bespoke Guided Runs Half day………..1 client £40 per person, 2-3 clients £30 per person, 4+ clients £20 per person.

Trail Running Devon

Full day………..1 Client £70, 2-3 clients £50 per person , 4 or more clients £40 per person . Includes lunch Weekend Packages Group discounts are available. – 2-3 people 10% off, 4-5 people 15 % off, 6-9 people 20 % off, 10 plus people 25 % off Please visit our shop to see full pricing details NB: Does not include evening meals or lunch on the last day. Bank Holidays – Long Weekends For long weekends or bank holidays please contact us to make a special order. Extensor Digitorum & Hallucis Brevis Trigger Point Diagram. Find an Event - British Triathlon Federation.

Duathlon: more than triathlon's poor relation. Duathlon is sometimes derided as triathlon's poor cousin. But if, like me, you're addicted to running and love cycling, but can't get over your fear of that frenzied first swim leg, then the run-bike-run could be the challenge for you. Scared by tales of competitors grabbing ankles, ripping off goggles or overtaking by swimming right over the top of fellow athletes, I spent 12 months having lessons, got hold of a wetsuit, entered a half-Ironman … and bottled it.

In the battle for public attention, duathlon has clearly lost to tri. The 10 Best autumn running kit - Outdoor & Activity - IndyBest. 2. Adidas Reflective Vest If you don’t want to fork out on a high-visibility jacket, simply slip this bit of kit over your existing top and head off into the horizon in the knowledge that you’ll be spotted easily from quite a distance. Available in different sizes. £20, 3. Brief workouts for runners: basic core training. The aim of this series of 12 columns is simple: to provide short but effective routines on top of your running to make you a better athlete. Last week I discussed the importance of strength and core work for runners, and cited a recent Guardian interview with Mo Farah where he stressed how much he had improved since working more on these areas.

This video shows exactly the sort of routines he does, and it is pretty impressive stuff. Circular walk from Trevone to Padstow via Stepper Point. The Hurt, This running race series offers 12k or 24k of trail running in one of the most beautiful corners of England. Online registration for the Hurt off-road running race series in the Surrey Hills is now open! Free run training session – 09:00 8 June, with Running School Woking. Meet at Walking Bottom Car Park, Peaslake. Guide to running: the best food and drink supplements - video. Our current pop-up sales. Why we love to run. Event Editorial - Page 1. Event Search. Chedworth Roman Trail 10M - Event Details. Kettlebell Meltdown 300 Workout. Boost your health with toast. Keep your nutrition on target with advice from history's greatest warriors.