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Converting m4a to mp3 in iTunes. Return to Main Menu Table of Contents The purpose of this tutorial is to help you convert your m4a sound files to mp3.

Converting m4a to mp3 in iTunes

It is possible to use this tutorial to change sound files to several other extensions. Starting the Process Launch iTunes. Put in your CD containing the sound files you want to convert, or load up the sound files from your disk into iTunes. Changing Preferences Before you start converting your sound files to mp3, we have to change some preferences in iTunes. When you are done, click Ok. Change Save Directory (optional) If you want to change the directory of where your files will be saved, take the following steps. Work Faster in Microsoft Word: 10 Secrets. Not everything that Microsoft Word 2010 can do is obvious from a quick look at the tools on the main ribbon toolbar.

Work Faster in Microsoft Word: 10 Secrets

Some features are buried in the Options menu or in dialog boxes, and others take the form of keyboard shortcuts or simply aren't easy to see. [Dickinson College] Technology Services. Home. Online Education – Introducing the Microlecture Format. Most college students would likely concur – fifty minute lectures can be a bit much.

Online Education – Introducing the Microlecture Format

With current research indicating that attention spans (measured in minutes) roughly mirror a students age (measured in years), it begs the question as to the rationale behind lectures of such length. Given that it is tough to justify the traditional lecture timeframes, it is no surprise to see online educational programs seeking to offer presentations that feature shorter podcasts. But in an astonishing switch, David Shieh of the Chronicle of Higher Education recently took a look at a community college program that features a microlecture format, presentations varying from one to three minutes in length. 7 Academic Search Engines Not Named Google.

When we search, we often first reach for Google–and rightfully so.

7 Academic Search Engines Not Named Google

But by using Google students and teachers are unwittingly bending to the will of webmasters who are experts at SEO (search engine optimization), which can mean that you find what they want you to find rather than what you really need. So what to do? Thankfully, there are options for 21st century learners. If you have a need for specific, niche academic material, here are 100 databases and search indexes. If, however, you want an academic search engine analogous to Google itself, 6 appear below.

Getting Started - What’s new in Publisher 2010 - Publisher. Microsoft Publisher 2010 adds new capabilities geared to help you create, print, and distribute professional-quality publications and sales and marketing materials.

Getting Started - What’s new in Publisher 2010 - Publisher

With the updated user interface, an improved print experience to help with more efficient printing, new picture placement and manipulation tools, building blocks of content, and fine typography options such as true small caps, ligatures, and stylistic alternates, Publisher 2010 improves the desktop publishing experience and makes the results more predictable so that you get the publications you want. In this article Improved interface.

Free Publisher 2010 Tutorial at GCFLearnFree. Our ability to provide free online learning to 30 million individuals is dependent on YOUR donation to GCF Community Foundation.

Free Publisher 2010 Tutorial at GCFLearnFree

We receive no government funding and the GCF Community Foundation is the sole funder for, and Exporting and Importing Mailbox Content in Outlook - CUMC IT. Outlook 2010 Full Training Manual.pdf. Microsoft Office Handouts. PowerPoint Multimedia. Front Page: MOOC MOOC Jan 2013. Welcome to Hybrid Pedagogy's MOOC MOOC!

Front Page: MOOC MOOC Jan 2013

Hybrid Pedagogy's MOOC MOOC ran from August 12 - 18, 2012 w/ over 600 registrants and approximately 3000 unofficial participants. The course ran again from January 6 - 12, 2013, this time w/ over 1000 registrants. Tip 1: Learning starts with a story. Someone once said all learning starts with a story.

Tip 1: Learning starts with a story

They probably went on to tell a story about how they realised that. Right idea. Create A Network. Languages: বাংলা • English • Français • 日本語 • Português do Brasil • Português • Русский • ไทย • 中文(简体) • Español • (Add your language) As of WordPress 3.0, you have the ability to create a network of sites by using the multisite feature.

Create A Network

This article contains instructions for creating a multisite network. Design for Adult Learning, Teaching and Learning Theory, Feedback. Article Optimization on the Web. Expertise.

Article Optimization on the Web

What is the Semantic Web? Seven ways to think like the web. Back in 2000, the patterns, principles, and best practices for building web information systems were mostly anecdotal and folkloric. Roy Fielding’s dissertation on the web’s deep architecture provided a formal definition that we’ve been digesting ever since. In his introduction he wrote that the web is “an Internet-scale distributed hypermedia system” that aims to “interconnect information networks across organizational boundaries.” His thesis helped us recognize and apply such principles as universal naming, linking, loose coupling, and disciplined resource design. These are not only engineering concerns. Nowadays they matter to everyone. Blogs, Wikis, and New Media. Cambridge University Library. Emma Coonan and Jane Secker. Elearning Blueprint » Action Mapping overview.

What Can Google do for you? Seven ways to think like the web.