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Planning Page ⋆ hopes to make every teacher’s life easier by presenting term plan examples and templates to use together with your students and/or colleagues to plan an enjoyable school year.

Planning Page ⋆ suggests your plan be filled with themes, books, films and whatever else the class might come up with. Just follow these seven steps: 1. Choose your class level for Autumn Term Themes:Year2, Year3, Year4, Year5, Year6, Year7, Year8, Year9. Lärarrummet: Emma Holström, idrottslärare - UR Skola. A collection of lesson plans. Over the last few months I have been writing lesson plans for the British Council Teaching English site.

A collection of lesson plans

Here is a collection of links. All materials are free to use. Is Slavery a Thing of the Past? [click on the lesson title for lesson plan and materials] Designed to raise awareness of the UN’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons, this lesson begins by asking students to consider what they know about the issue, then takes them through a process of learning more before concluding by asking them about what they have learnt, and how their understanding might have changed. The 5 Priorities of Classroom Management. For beginning teachers, or for teachers like myself returning to teaching, the most difficult thing to master is classroom management.

The 5 Priorities of Classroom Management

I had to relearn what ten years of hard instruction had taught me: Good classroom management is more than just being strict or authoritarian, and it is more than simply being organized. If I want to have my classroom run smoothly as a well-oiled learning machine, I have to set up a structured learning environment in which certain behaviors are promoted and others are discouraged. Grounded Academy - VESTIBULUM. Larry Ferlazzo - Online tools. These include The Best Web Tools For English Language Learners (In Other Words, The Ones My Students Regularly Use) and The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites.

Larry Ferlazzo - Online tools

Now, though, I think it's time to narrow them down to my choices for the "best of the best" or, in other words, an "All-Time Best" list. Here are my choices, and I hope readers will let me know if they agree, disagree, and/or think I've missed some (one key requirement is that they are all free to use). Some of the sites I list could go in multiple categories, but I have placed them in the "domains" I believe they help the most: Obviously, The British Council has tons of great resources.

I particularly like their animated Short Stories. I'm obviously biased, but I think the weekly student interactives I create for The New York Times are very useful to English Language Learners. The Reading and Everyday Life activities from GCF LearnFree are excellent. Mrs. Övning: Framgångsfaktorer. Tio tips för en inkluderande skolstart. Många barn och ungdomar är nervösa nu, inte bara pirr i magen utan kanske har de ångest inför omställningen från lov till skola.

Tio tips för en inkluderande skolstart

Hjälp dem att komma tillbaka genom att förbereda dem noga på vad som sker den närmaste veckan. 50 Beginning Of The School Year Procedures For A Stress-Free Classroom - 50 Beginning Of The School Year Procedures For A Stress-Free Classroom by TeachThought Staff Procedures can make a significant difference the learning of your students.

50 Beginning Of The School Year Procedures For A Stress-Free Classroom -

Organization can lead to student engagement, and student engagement can lead to, of course, learning. Note that this post is all about classroom procedures–not your typical TeachThought fare, but considering you’re most likely a teacher, or work directly with teachers, it could make your life a bit easier. Klass- och teambuildning – Kooperativt Lärande. Establishing the ground rules. But, no one is born knowing all the ‘tricks of the trade’ and most teachers learn the hard way, by their mistakes!

Establishing the ground rules

Most of us (I hope!) Can remember feeling completely out of their depth in a classroom situation at some point in their teaching careers. For example, in my first year of teaching, a particularly ‘lively’ group of ten and eleven year olds managed to lock me outside of the class; it was a very steep learning curve! I can still remember feeling my heart racing as the panic increased. At that point I was really thinking that maybe I wasn’t cut out to teach children after all. Even if you are in the middle of the course it is never too late to refresh students’ memories of the ground rules. There are many different ways to go about establishing the ground rules of a classroom. Happy face Vs Sad faceDivide the board into two and put a smiley face and a sad face at the top of the two columns.

Kunskapsvägg åk 4-6 Praktisk-estetiska ämnen. Psychology for Educators [And More] A lesson plan for all levels – in 10 ½ simple steps.

Psychology for Educators [And More]

Kursplaner i A3-format. Might have to try this with my talkative 6th graders. Management Monday: Classroom Voice Levels. The Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips. Posted 08/20/2014 1:55PM | Last Commented 03/29/2016 9:48AM Classroom management is a delicate balancing act often learned through experience and trial-and-error experimentation.

The Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips

Whether you're a new or experienced teacher, having strategies for effective classroom management is essential for creating positive, successful learning spaces (and staying sane!). In this presentation you’ll find 25 tips for managing your classroom. They were contributed by educators from Edutopia’s community in response to a discussion by blogger Larry Ferlazzo asking users to share their most valuable classroom management advice. Innovations in Learning Technologies for English Language Teaching. Hieroglyphics for Teachers: Graphic Communication in the Classroom – tekhnologic. Before I first started English language teaching, someone gave me the advice that shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Hieroglyphics for Teachers: Graphic Communication in the Classroom – tekhnologic

Which is good advice. There are often things that have been written before, created before or done before. So, I am not going to reinvent the wheel, just Cave Art, although I say that rather hesitantly. A guide to continuing professional development – Peer observation. My favourite end of term activities. As for some of us this term might be coming to an end, I’d like to share some of my favourite end of term activities. There are 7 different activities described here, falling under 3 categories: Reflective, Competitive, and Rapport Celebration. Reflective A letter to your future students Cheers to my friend Kasia for telling me about this activity. - Tips till undervisningen. Ett av mina mål på skolan är att få mer rörelse i den dagliga verksamheten i skolan. Det har skrivits spaltmeter om forskning som visar stt barn lär sig effektivare efter och i samband med rörelse.

Hjärnan blir helt enkelt mottagligare av rörelse. Några som hakat på tåget är Johanna, sexornas lärare, Mikaela, treornas lärare. Mikaela använder sig frekvent av olika sorters pulshöjande aktiviteter i sin undervisning. Det kan röra sig om ett nutidskryss där eleverna ska springa till en angiven plats som motsvarar rätt svarsalternativ, dans eller en ett kort pulspass från en videofilm. Featured blog of the month for May 2016. Planera för svårigheter så får du fler att lyckas! Tänk dig en solig försommardag vid en sjö. 10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network - 10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network by TeachThought Staff What’s a professional learning network? According to Marc-André Lalande, “a Personal Learning Network is a way of describing the group of people that you connect with to learn their ideas, their questions, their reflections, and their references.

Your PLN is not limited to online interactions, but it is that online, global interactive part that really makes it special. We are Virtual Globetrotters.