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#原画师介绍#好久没有更新了,今天来一发...@evilj采集到We like to move it(621图)_花瓣搞笑图. 微博-随时...@eleventears采集到特效000(384图)_花瓣游戏. Unfinished sprite drawings and official art for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike show moves that didn't make it, different designs for characters and more. There's a bunch of cool official art for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, showing early art and concepts for characters from the game, including moves that didn't end up in the final product, such as Q stuffing his enemy into his coat.

Unfinished sprite drawings and official art for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike show moves that didn't make it, different designs for characters and more

You can check out all of the official art below, with early sketches and concepts for character art and moves, some that made it into the game, and some that didn't. Hit the jump to check out some animated gifs, showing the initial stage of sprite creation, with sketch-based black and white characters performing moves or dashes. Click images for larger versions Thanks to sarif2soon for bringing this great stuff to our attention. Source: JohnKCurriculum. Indiegogo. エビザベス :名古屋造形大学 デジタルメディアデザイン コースブログ. ライトボックスに向かって9 2010年1月8日 17時10分 学生生活 今年は名古屋開府400年の年。

エビザベス :名古屋造形大学 デジタルメディアデザイン コースブログ

たかひこん@デジタルメディアデザインコース あいちトリエンナーレや名古屋開府400年と2010年はイベントがいろいろとある愛知県、名古屋造形大学も愛知県にある大学としてそれぞれに何らかの形で関係して行く事になると思いますので、またそんな記事も追って書こうと思います。 デジタルメディアデザインコースでは去年から進めているアニメーション制作が名古屋開府400年事業と関係のあるプロジェクトで、最初の打ち合わせからそろそろ1年が経とうとしています。 はちまる、だなも、エビサベスといった名古屋開府400年のキャラクター達のアニメーションを制作しているのは以前からブログで紹介してきましたが、新年開けて2010年はまさにそのイベントの年という事で忙しさが増してくるでしょうね。 ゲーム、IT、WEBエンジニア、クリエイターを目指す大阪のECCコンピュータ ニュース記事. HOME > 新着情報一覧 パソコン・ライトテーブル完備の『アニメ部屋』!

ゲーム、IT、WEBエンジニア、クリエイターを目指す大阪のECCコンピュータ ニュース記事

皆さん、こんにちは。 アニメーションコース担当教員の山本昇です。 アニメ制作の場合、作画のほとんどの工程がアナログ作業になるので、パソコンは不必要だと思われることが多いのですが、ECCコンピュータ専門学校のアニメーションコースでは、授業のほとんどをパソコン完備の『アニメ部屋』という教室で行います。 写真を見ていただいたら分かる通り、持ち運び式のライトテーブルを使用して、わざわざパソコンの前で作画するようにしています。 2014年4月入学生対象「オープンキャンパス」 ★6月のオープンキャンパス詳細・お申込み ⇒ コチラから! 6月16日(日) 6月23日(日) 6月30日(日) 6月ラスト おまけ > 過去の開催写真も盛りだくさん! 6月22日(土) Disney Classics Archives - Disney Animation Studio Stuff for Students. One of the basic items you need to animate is an animation desk or a lightbox.

Animation Studio Stuff for Students

View topic - Deeper insight to Japanese animation process. Let's get onto good part.

View topic - Deeper insight to Japanese animation process

THE ILLUSION OF LIFE. Composite Digital Animation Techniques used in Yeowoobi (여우비) There is a fansite dedicated to a Korean animated film titled Yeowoobi, where you can find production notes on the actual making of the movie.

Composite Digital Animation Techniques used in Yeowoobi (여우비)

I like how the images they provided speak for themselves, but for more clarity, I summarised some notes in this post along with the said visual references for those interested in more technical aspects of animation. Hope you find it somewhat amusing and educational. Compositing 4 elements to form an image When drawing backgrounds through conventional methods, each background template would be coloured individually. Achieving high quality backgrounds this way would be difficult without many experienced animators (especially in Korea), so the staffs looked for an alternate approach. What is a picture made of? This has the benefit of separating each elements that can be saved to library as source files that can be accessed by all team members.

Animation Secrets. Perfect Posing – 2 – Appealing and Readable Last time we had a look at how a character’s body type, personality, emotions and background-story influence posing and how to deal with weight and balance.

Animation Secrets

This week you’ll learn a few guidelines to make your poses clear, readable and more appealing. Read more. Wired Protocol 7 um estudo sobre Serial Experiments Lain e a alucinação consensual do ciberespaço - LIDIA ZUIN. Layer 00 [ Introdução ] “Don't be afraid to s ay it, don't be afraid to say it The words that you might tell me could never hurt me, oh no.

Wired Protocol 7 um estudo sobre Serial Experiments Lain e a alucinação consensual do ciberespaço - LIDIA ZUIN - みんなのパラパラ漫画コミュニティ. Camera Projection. Animation Appreciation Thread #8. As 4 Diferenças Entre Animes e Desenhos Animados. No dia 17 de Agosto, foi exibido no programa japones de quiz, uma matéria explicando como era feito o processo de animação do anime One Piece.

As 4 Diferenças Entre Animes e Desenhos Animados

Na matéria, eles disseram que existem 4 processos que diferenciam a animação japonesa com a restante do mundo feito pela Toei Animation. 1º Diferença: Cenário A Toei Animation dá muita importância ao cenário de fundo de One Piece, e eles a fazem de forma tradicional. Eles explicam: “Nós desenhamos a mão, não usamos computadores, pois desse modo, trazemos todo o sentimento vibrante que o anime deve mostrar”. 2º Diferença: Storyboard A segunda característica importante da animação japonesa, como explicado por Gyarmath Bogdan da Toei é o storyboard. Um storyboard japonês entra em detalhes sobre como supostamente o personagem deve se mover, se preocupa com a narração, com os prazos (que é adicionado mais tarde para garantir o tempo total de 30 minutos), explicação e esboços das cenas.

View topic - Animation advice. Thanks for the help and advice H Park and I learned much more about key-animation. (^.^) and the animation industry.

View topic - Animation advice

H Park wrote:"Japanese won't hire anyone as key animator unless you have some serious drawing and animating skills. Which means you gotta know how to draw real stuffs, including people. You are right and have have not serious animation skills until now because I'm working as animator since 2 years as I said but I never talked about my drawing skills and you never saw them..... I'm not talking just about me but I think if you believe to something, you can do it and you need to believe to yourself, trust yourself, know yourself....whatever...

亡念のザムド > スペシャル. 作画. Appendix:Japanese film credit terms. RETAS. RETAS (Revolutionary Engineering Total Animation System) is a 2D animation software bundle developed and sold by Celsys that's available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It handles the entire animation production from digitally drawing or tracing to exporting in Flash and QuickTime, and is considered to be a leader in Japan's anime industry.[1] RETAS!

PRO HD Series[edit] RETAS! PRO HD is the most current software being offered to the English-speaking community through Celsys. Stylos HD[edit] Stylos is a vector and raster graphics editor used to draw the key frames and inbetweens of a scene. TraceMan HD[edit] TraceMan is scanning software which supports vector tracing and 48-bit image scanning. PaintMan HD[edit] PaintMan is a coloring utility designed to color images created in either Stylos or TraceMan.[4] TVPaint Animation 10.0.16. TVPaint Animation 10.0.16 | 182 MB TVPaint Animation Professional Edition is a high-performance pixel-based drawing program with a strong emphasis on animation and special effects.

It is designed for : animation studios, cinema studios, video games designers, production companies, freelances, specific schools, dubbing companies, TV chanels, special effects studios. View topic - Deeper insight to Japanese animation process. Let's get onto good part. Topic: Practice for drawing clean lines Top paragraph: Once your pencil is ready, the next would be warm-up for your wrist. Before doing the actual drawing, let's practice drawing straight lines, rhythmic lines, and circles. When a professional animator spend less time on drawing, it takes considerable time to regain the same flexible condition for drawing.

Unlike sketching, line-drawing practice is an important means to check pencil drawing angle against paper, grasp condition of pencil, and pencil pressure on paper. Just another weblog. 51 Great Animation Exercises to Master. Quickest way to improvement? Practice. It’s a simple bit of advice that rings with absolute truth. Articles, tips, mentors, and study will never get you as far as rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work, be it animation or any other skill. Anime Production – Detailed Guide to How Anime is Made and the Talent Behind it! I think it’s both important and fascinating to learn about the fundamentals of the medium we all love, and one of the most critical questions is: how is anime made? For me, especially recently, that’s been a burning question that I ended up researching in detail. For the sake of other anime fans with the same question, I thought I’d share my findings.

So, if you want ammunition to return fire the next time you find yourself caught in an argument about the merits of anime, or want a fresh way to look at anime, I hope this article will be useful. Over the last year or so, my increasing interest in this side of things has really opened my eyes to the talent, artistry, passion and beauty that can be found in Japanese animation. The article will focus on TV-anime production, but the same general process applies to movies and OVAs as well.

The process of making an anime is a complex one, with many steps and stages.