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Epic Crispy Quinoa Burgers Topped with Sweet Potato Fries, Beer Caramelized Onions + Gruyere. Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe. Research University. Creamy Cauliflower Soup. Cauliflower – a vegetable I grew up with, and wasn’t often thrilled about. Mom you know I love you, but I do not love the way you like most of your veggies cooked. However, on my quest to enjoy more fresh produce this Winter season, I’m giving it a try again. Cauliflower seems to abound in the markets right now and as fortune would have it, my friend Simone chose a lovely cauliflower recipe for this month’s Donna Hay Styling and Photography Challenge (DHSPC). I enjoy participating in these challenges because they always make me reach and do something new that I might not otherwise try.

In this case, that meant not only the photo but also the recipe featuring heads of cauliflower! This month, Simone challenged us all to make a creamy cauliflower soup, which appeared in Donna Hay issue #51 (June/July 2010) and was photographed by Ben Dearnley. Photographing this image, however, proved to be quite challenging, and I’m not all that pleased with my efforts. Brown Sugar Cookies with Sea Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Sigh.

Brown Sugar Cookies with Sea Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate

There are times that I wish I could just do things over again. Like the fact that I should have embraced my curly hair looooooooooong before I actually did. All of those bad yearbook photos and my poor, poor curling iron – it never expected to be used as a straightener. The Best Soup Jeff Has Ever Had: Roasted Tomato Basil Soup.

Most Viewed Submissions All Time. Eat Well, Spend Less: Back to School Breakfast (Recipe: Baked Oatmeal) Cake Duchess: Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread. The kids have returned to school and there are more quiet moments in the house.

Cake Duchess: Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

I find myself with a little extra time to do something that I really enjoy-bake fresh bread. My kids like to enjoy their cinnamon bread’s first slices; usually the bread is still very warm. I’m surrounded by impatient testers. Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips with Creamy Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce. What would you say motivates and colors — guides — your endeavors, big or small, in life?

Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips with Creamy Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce

Have you ever really thought about it? It’s often not until I really stop and think about the “mechanics” of something in life purposefully, that I gain a fresh little glimmer of insight into this whole “living life” thing that so utterly fascinates me. And when I asked myself that question of what guides and inspires — informs — the things that I do in my life, I gave some thought, in particular, to those moments when I had felt most fulfilled and creatively joyous over something seemingly little. Perhaps it was a simple and genuine connection with another person that left both of us better off; perhaps it was coming up with a great little surprise for my husband that he never would have anticipated, that I knew he’d really love; or perhaps it was creating a recipe especially for my son, because I thought he’d really enjoy a new take on one of his old faves and get some pleasure out of it.

Ingrid. Best-Ever Chicken Tenders. Our quickest, easiest and crunchiest chicken tenders ever—thanks to one special ingredient: Progresso® plain panko crispy bread crumbs.

Best-Ever Chicken Tenders

Make room in your cupboard for Progresso® plain panko crispy bread crumbs. These Japanese-style breadcrumbs are the secret to creating perfectly light and wonderfully crispy chicken strips any night of the week—no frying required. Here, the Betty Crocker Kitchens share 13 new recipes for signature strips—with flavors ranging from wild to mild—and dips, all ready for the dinner table in just 30 minutes. Honey Sriracha Chicken Tenders Honey adds sweet while Sriracha brings heat in these best-of-both-worlds strips. For the dip: Go for a spicier kick by dunking strips in more Sriracha hot sauce.

Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding. Cha cha cha Chia!

Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

I am getting more and more obsessed with chia seeds. I am enjoying them in yogurt, in granola, on salads. I’m hoping to try some chia banana bread soon as well. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to enjoy chia seeds is by making pudding. Because the seeds gel in liquid, they are a great way to make tasty pudding. This pudding is super easy, I just added a bunch of stuff I had in the house, Ghiradelli cocoa powder, stevia for sweetener, and some almond milk.

Fish - In - A - Bag! The most common question asked of me by friends is this - "what's a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious dinner I can have after work tonight?

Fish - In - A - Bag!

" What do you guys think I am, Rachael ray? Well guess what!? You're all in luck! Make A No-Bake Energizing Bite-Sized Snack. Photo credit Need a bit of energy on the go between classes or before the gym?

Make A No-Bake Energizing Bite-Sized Snack

A bite-sized bit of energy is great for a little boost whenever you may need it, and the no-bake option is ideal for whatever college living situation you may have. Original recipe can be found here. What you need (serving size: 18-20 bites) 1 cup of coconut flakes1 cup of oatmeal1/2 cup of peanut butter1/3 cup of honey1/2 cup of ground flaxseed1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips (optional)1 teaspoon of vanilla. Vanilla Chai Protein Bars (Vegan) Recipe by MAIRINDUBH. Bake an Egg in an Avocado for a Fast and Healthy Breakfast Treat. Beer Float. Recipes Servings: 4Difficulty: EasyTime: Provided by: Chef Ryan Scott 1 quart vanilla ice cream 4 glass mugs or pilsner glasses 2 12 ounce bottles of dark beer or Stout, chilled Directions Scoop the ice cream into the mugs.

Beer Float

Put the mugs in the freezer to chill and frost the glasses. When ready to serve pour the beer over the ice cream. Delicious served with chocolate covered salted pretzels. Beer Braised Pork Shoulder. Clams and Beer. Recipes Pin It Servings: 2Difficulty: EasyTime: Provided by: Chef Ryan Scott 2 pounds clams or a combination of your choice, cleaned 1 tablespoon garlic, minced 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 cup Pilsner beer 1/2 cup vegetable stock 1 pinch of saffron 1/2 cup tomato sauce 1 pinch of cayenne 2 tablespoons butter Chives, minced for garnish Directions.

Clams and Beer

Beer and Cheddar Soup. In a large heavy bottom saucepan, cook the bacon over moderate heat until the fat is rendered and bacon is crisp.

Beer and Cheddar Soup

Remove the bacon with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the celery, leek, carrots, jalapeno, garlic and thyme to the saucepan cook over moderate heat, stirring, until softened, 8-10 minutes. Add the butter to the vegetables and stir until the butter is melted. Sprinkle flour over the vegetables and continue to cook stirring constantly until the flour is completely incorporated, at least 3-4 minutes. Guacamole. Okay, show of hands – who likes guacamole more than I do?

Okay… Now that that’s settled, who was more thrilled that I was to score a batch of freshly fried tortilla chips and a big bag of just-about ripe Haas avocados this week? I’m not asking any more questions, I promise. Because the answers were right here in my kitchen. Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe : Emeril Lagasse. Fun Shot Recipes! Yummm / Alabama Slammer - gin, peach schnapps, amaretto, cranberry juice, and orange juice - so p... Penniesonaplatter. Just your average day… Bourbon Ginger Snap - Food2Fork. Perfect Iced Coffee. Iced coffee is my life. When I wake up, often around the time party animals on the west coast are just heading home, I start each day not with a cup of freshly brewed hot java, but with a tall, blessed glass of creamy iced coffee in a glass. Just Peachy Sangria. Apple Cobbler PLUS Crispin Lansdowne review « August 23, 2010 (Day 205) — Vanilla Apple.

How to Make Strawberry Infused Vodka » Baby Baby Lemon. Just Add Good. 10 Superfoods. Healthy Recipe Roundup. Ban Blemishes 10 Snacks Under 100 Calories. Foods to Improve Moods - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay. While that tub of ice cream in the back of the freezer may be what you crave when you’re feeling blue, there is a long list of other (healthier!) Healthy Apple Butter (No Sugar Added) Gnocchi, Sausage and Spinach Soup. How to Make Gnocchi like an Italian Grandmother Recipe. The other night I took delivery of two huge, fragrant garbage bags full of basil thanks to Julia of Mariquita Farms. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Cauliflower Crust Pizza & Stick a Fork in It.

Zucchini Pasta Lasagna. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Penne Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce. Creamy Garlic Shells. Petite Lasagnas. Roasted Red Pepper Penne. How to make homemade manicotti. Mac and Cheese Cups - Cupcakes and Cashmere. Best Pizza Recipes at Kitchen 101: Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs. Campfire cooking recipes and tips for cooking over an open fire. Buffalo Chicken Rolls.

The Food Yenta - {crock pot} curried coconut chicken noodle soup - The Food Yenta. Most favorited all-time - page 22. The Best New Way to Bring Your Lunch. Lunch Sandwich Round-Up. Recipes, Cooking Tips, Food Advice and Menus. Baked Egg Boat recipe. Baked Eggs with Bacon and Spinach. Picky Palate. How to Roast Peppers in the Oven. Oven Roasted Potatoes with Cajun Seasoning — Cooking & »Meals — Eatwell101. Homemade French Fries & Naturally Ella.

Two Tomato Bruschetta Recipe. Fork and flower: buddha bowl. Take-Out, Fake-Out: Mongolian Beef » Table for Two. Recipe: sweet & sour chicken. The best new recipes from The Kitchn. Balsamic Poached Chicken. Meatball Marinara Grilled Cheese.

How to Velvet Chicken. Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon and Mushrooms. Apple Snack Cake. Banana Bread [Protein] Pancakes. Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake. Best Steak Marinade in Existence Recipe. The best taco seasoning recipe ever — Celebrities, Current Events, Health & Fitness, Northwest Indiana Mom Blog. Say 'Yes' to Pesto. Magic Sauce Recipe. Tu Es Pour Moi La Plus Belle. Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Winter Minestrone & Garlic Bruschetta. Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter...Midnight Snack. The Infamous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Londoner: Slutty Brownies. Two-Bite Strawberry Hand Pies. I am baker. Oreo Ice Cream Cake. No-bake energy bites. Perfect Brownies.

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls Muscle and Fitness Hers. Totally Guilt Free Chocolate Pudding.