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Let me google that for you. Good Fat Jokes. Good Fat Jokes can bring laughs to any presentation especially if the presenter is a little heavy.

Good Fat Jokes

This way you're laughing with them, not at them. It has always been very easy for me to use some good fat jokes in my presentations. I'm heavy, was born heavy, and will probably remainThe real trick here is to tell a fat joke that is funny, not embarassing. Nobody takes very well to being humiliated in public. I'm used to it however. There's a really good joke book available on the web. Let the jokes begin.

Yo mamma is so fat she was diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria and the doctor gave her 87 years to live. Kindle Books. Raspberry Pi network plan for online free-speech role. 3 March 2012Last updated at 06:14 ET By Jamillah Knowles Reporter, Outriders, BBC Five Live Global protest inspired Nadim Kobeissi to work on Cryptocat an encrypted chat program When the Raspberry Pi computer went on general sale distributors websites were unable to cope with demand.

Raspberry Pi network plan for online free-speech role

The £22 ($35) mini-computer which it is hoped will encourage children to take up programming, captured the imagination of many technology enthusiasts. But developer and security researcher Nadim Kobeissi hopes that it might do something more: bring secure communications to those who need it most, people whose free speech is threatened whether in countries like Syria or in the west. Mr Kobeissi is a developer of a secure communications program called Cryptocat. Cryptocat works inside a web browser and enables people to chat online via encrypted instant messaging. Other less secure chat systems may "record what you say and sometimes they have no choice but to share that data with governments," he said. Open source. When Grandpa Get a New ipad......P.mp4.

The Creepiest Hand Soap Ever One Man's Blog. Reinterpreting Hand Dryer Symbols One Man's Blog. Danny Ramos Gomez: 'Wolfman' with rare condition says he would not change it. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 12:29 GMT, 4 March 2012 While many people might consider a face covered with hair debilitating, Danny Ramos Gomez - who has been dubbed the 'wolfman' - would not have it any other way.

Danny Ramos Gomez: 'Wolfman' with rare condition says he would not change it

Gomez, who appeared on ABC's investigative series 20/20 on Saturday, has a condition called hypertrichosis, which causes his body to produce an abnormal amount of hair. But while some people in his native Mexico tease him for his unconventional appearance - laughing and howling at him - the ladies love the extra hair. Bacon stories - Lifehacker. Tea: Scientists unveil formula for perfect brew. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 08:20 GMT, 16 June 2011 Tea is best drunk 'six minutes after it has been made'The optimum brewing time is two minutes and the ideal amount of milk is 10ml Many of us might think of it as an art, but apparently making the perfect mug of tea is all down to the science.

Tea: Scientists unveil formula for perfect brew

A team of university researchers has devised a mathematical formula for the ideal brew which shows that it is best drunk exactly six minutes after being made. The optimum brewing time is two minutes and the ideal amount of milk is 10ml. Fareed Zakaria blasts media. Discovery Networks: Blogs. Inefficient drinker.

Moyes denies Nigeria age insult. Everton manager David Moyes says that comments he made about Nigerian players have been misunderstood.

Moyes denies Nigeria age insult

He questioned the true age of his striker Yakubu Ayegbeni and of Nigerian players in general. The Nigeria Football Association (NFA) has written to the English FA asking for Moyes to be sanctioned. "What I said has been taken totally out of context. I have never before been accused of being a racist, that idea is totally abhorrent to me," said Moyes. After Yakubu scored a hat-trick in Everton's Uefa Cup win over SK Brann on Thursday, Moyes told the Guardian newspaper: "He's only 25, albeit a Nigerian 25, and so if that is his age he's still got a good few years ahead of him. " The comments caused outrage in Nigeria, but Moyes says he had no malicious intent. "What I said was a light-hearted quip after Yakubu had scored a memorable hat-trick against Bergen," he said. "It was certainly a comment which neither upset nor offended the player himself.

My Club blog: Write about your football team. Sportsmail has launched My Club, a brilliant new blog where you - the fans - can have YOUR say on what's going on at YOUR club.

My Club blog: Write about your football team

Whether you support the best team in the Premier League or the one propping up the Football League, everyone wants to air their feelings from time to time. Now here's YOUR chance! Each week, Sportsmail will publish the best article sent in by our army of readers on what is going on at their club right now. We want to hear from you - whether it's to toast your team's success or stick the boot into the what's going wrong at your favourite side.

You may want to praise your striker who can't stop scoring or hail the manager with the golden touch. Or you may feel like aiming your anger at the donkey up front or the boss who doesn't know his 4-4-2s from his 3-4-3s. So, what are you waiting for? Please read the following guidelines before sending anything to us at