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Tom Flanagan Responds. Flanagan harper and their ilk. INM. Recent changes. The Journey of Nishiyuu | INM. Bob Rae Delivers Speech on Aboriginal Canadians. Govt spending. CTV News | News Video - Top National News Headlines - News Videos. CTV News Channel Tantoo Cardinal on Idle No More January 16, 2013. John Ivison: Financial transparency bill may usher in a Native Spring. No wonder so many native chiefs and councils are resisting the government’s bill aimed at increasing financial transparency for First Nations — the cold light of public scrutiny on their bulging pay packets will be enough to provoke pitchfork rebellions on many reserves.

The bill, which is set to pass through the House of Commons imminently, will require First Nations to publish their financial statements, including the pay and expenses of the chief and council. Phyllis Sutherland is a band member from the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, where the chief was found to be earning $220,000 tax free. She was on Parliament Hill in support of the bill and said people who have requested salary information in the past have been fired or forced to leave their communities. In due course, consolidated financial statements, including salaries and expenses, will be posted online and band members will be able to access them anonymously. Mr. Harper's First Nations Meeting Priorities? A Small Summit Without The GG. OTTAWA - When it comes to big conferences brimming with long speeches, pomp and circumstance, Stephen Harper's never been much of a fan.

So his preference for smaller, more intimate and practical working meetings became his office's bottom line as it navigated a roller coaster of negotiations with First Nations leaders over the past week. The Governor General would stay at Rideau Hall. It would be crystal clear who had the power to make decisions. "Our purpose was to have a meeting that was small enough that you could have a real discussion," said one government official who was inside the room Friday as the prime minister sat down with chiefs. "You get 200 people in a room, it's not much of a meeting. " Whether there was going to be a meeting at all was the subject of intense negotiations that spanned several days, including a last-ditch bid by First Nations elder statesman Ovide Mercredi to throw open the doors to more chiefs. Mercredi couldn't conceal his disappointment.

Mallick: Finally, native Canadians defend themselves at every level. It is the worst of times for dealing with the massive problems faced by Canada’s aboriginal people. There hasn’t been a government less sympathetic than Stephen Harper’s in many decades. With Harper it’s always about the money. This battle is only partly about money, and that’s where the misunderstandings begin. The new Federal Court ruling that Métis and non-status Indians (those not linked to specific reserves) are “Indians,” meaning that they gain all the “rights” to which Indians are entitled, comes at an awkward time for Harper. That means another 600,000 people demanding decency and fairness. I doubt they’ll get it. If you don’t like Indians getting uppity, try this. But we don’t look because we don’t have to.

The genius of Idle No More, the court ruling, the blockades and the suspiciously convenient leak of an audit that made Attawapiskat leaders look spendthrift is this: you may not be able to avoid paying attention. Someone has to step up and the First Nations did so. Sacred Fire in Edmonton Cemetery Banned - Idle No More. Aamjiwnaang Diesel Spill January 3 2013. (1) Facebook. Idle No More movement goes global. Decolonization - The Crown and AFN Gathering 2012 - Ovide Mercredi Speech Pt3. #IdleNoMore - Chinook Centre Round Dance Flash Mob (Calgary, AB) Inside Story Americas - Canada's indigenous movement gains momentum. (2) Facebook. Debunking Blatchford and other anti-Native ideologues on Idle No More. Change the conversation, support today. Christie Blatchford seems to have a penchant for horse manure.

In her vitriolic piece about Attawapiskat Cree Chief Theresa Spence, who is entering the twenty-first day of hunger strike on Monday, Blatchford writes, "all around her, the inevitable cycle of hideous puffery and horse manure that usually accompanies native protests swirls. " In 2006, she wrote an equally disgraceful and racist puff piece equating Muslims with terrorism, deriding men in beards and women in burkas, declaring that the Islamic Foundation of Toronto "had a sea of horse manure emanating from the building.

" In her most recent piece, Blatchford has the audacity to refer to Chief Spence's action as "one of intimidation, if not terrorism. " I am reminded of the words of Martin Luther King, "We who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. There is no end to the stupidity of Christie Blatchford Attitudes reproducing colonialism. Justice for Aboriginal Peoples -- It's time. (15) Facebook. Facebook. (1) Facebook. Facebook. Kwitsel Tatel Advances Her Case. (The Following Text Introduces the Second and Constitutional Phase of the Trial of Kwitsel Tatel [Patricia Elaine Kelly] Now Entering Its Ninth Year. The Trial Began with a Charge Against the Criminalized Coast Salish Fisher for Possessing and Selling Salmon Contrary to the Terms of Canada’s Fisheries Act.

The Selling Charge was Dropped by Finn Lensen QC, the Federal Crown Prosector Handling the case. The Narrative Presented Below is Part of a Larger Document Submitted to the Presiding Jurist, The Hon. Thomas Crabtree, the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia Canada. 1.1 From Conquest to Aboriginal Consent as a Medium of European Imperial Expansion, 1492-1763 Your Honour, the matters that bring us together in this trial raise to the surface fundamental problems of human rights that first arose with the European christening of our Aboriginal lands and waters as the Americas following Christopher Columbus’s most transformative voyage in 1492. (4) Facebook. Omnibus Budget: Bill C-45 To Deliver Profound Changes For Environment, Natives. OTTAWA - Government calls it making way for business.

Outraged foes call it the slicing and dicing of environmental protection and any remaining trust with aboriginal peoples. Over several months of omnibus bills, amendments, regulations and tinkering with longstanding conventions, Ottawa has undertaken a series of adjustments that add up to undeniably profound changes in both environmental and aboriginal policy. Bill C-45, the 457-page budget omnibus bill tabled this week in the House of Commons, is the latest instalment in what may seem like evolutionary changes. They may turn out to be revolutionary changes. "It is all about jobs, investment and opportunity. Canadian business leaders are saying little but they are quietly content with these changes, officials with several major business groups told The Canadian Press. Aboriginal groups and environmentalists, however, say they are deeply disturbed — both with the new directions and the stealthy way those directions were undertaken.