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Francis Bacon : « J'aime vivre dans le chaos » Michel Leiris commence « Ce que m’ont dit les peintures de Francis Bacon » en citant Rimbaud (et significativement un extrait d’une des Illuminations les plus énigmatiques, au titre anglais, sans doute repris de Shakespeare, Bottom [1]) : « Je fus, au pied du baldaquin supportant ses bijoux adorés et ses chefs-d’œuvre physiques, un gros ours aux gencives violettes et au poil chenu de chagrin, les yeux aux cristaux et aux argents des consoles. »Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations.

Francis Bacon : « J'aime vivre dans le chaos »

Leiris et Bacon en 1970. Voici le début (c’est moi qui souligne) : « Saisir, non ce que disent à l’historien d’art, mais ce que m’ont dit les peintures de Francis Bacon, cela paraît simple et demander seulement une écoute attentive, comme l’aura été mon regard. Michel Leiris, Francis Bacon : Face et profil (Albin Michel, 2004). Vous pourriez penser que certaines phrases ont été écrites par Heidegger, mais c’est la main de Leiris qui a écrit ces lignes. Inspiration expedition. Discover recentlie Archive About ask me Syndex Theme by Marc Kremers Permalink (2 notes) Q: Hey!

inspiration expedition

Asked by volodimer by jörg brüggemann Permalink (1 note) jörg brüggemann. New York ONE - Pierre Belhassen Photography. Guillaume Flandre - Photos. About — Brice Portolano. Born in Paris in 1991, Brice Portolano studied fine arts at la Sorbonne and photography at les Gobelins.

About — Brice Portolano

He works on the relationship between man and nature through documentary photography and adventures in the wilderness. His work has been published in numerous publications online and print including National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, The Daily Mail UK, STERN, the Independent, Outside Magazine, l'OBS, VSD, Skylife Magazine, Esquire Russia, Fisheye Magazine and Last Frontier Magazine. Adventures — Alex Strohl. Silvia Grav Photography. La photographe Silvia Grav fait des photos très souvent en noir et blanc qui sont parfois d’une très grande violence et parfois rêveuses.

Silvia Grav Photography

L’esthétique côtoie la double exposition, la solarisation et des montages qui prolongent le corps de ses modèles. Illustrations by Jean Pierre Gibrat. Jean-Pierre Gibrat is a French comic artist and scriptwriter.

Illustrations by Jean Pierre Gibrat

Born April 17, 1954 in Paris, Jean-Pierre Gibrat knows a suburban childhood uneventful. Grew up in a CGT, brilliant history, he obtained his baccalaureate through the Popular Front and agriculture of the USSR. He then turns to advertising graphics, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1975. Two years later, he interrupted his studies to embark on serious comics and published his first complete stories in Pilote. With Jackie Berroyer, he took on le petit Goudard in 1978, a series which he continued in the same year in Charlie Mensuel, then in Fluide Glacial in 1980. Nicolas Jolly Fingerprint Drawings.

L’artiste français Nicolas Jolly compose des dessins absolument incroyables faits de centaines de lignes fines tracées à l’encre noire.

Nicolas Jolly Fingerprint Drawings

Des illustrations en noir & blanc jouant avec talent sur le clair-obscur, pour un rendu proche de celui faisant penser aux empreintes digitales, dont une sélection est à découvrir dans la suite. David de las Heras. Ernest Pignon-Ernest, le site officiel. Elie kanaan paintings. Selected Works. Mark Rothko Paintings. Our paintings section features all Mark Rothko canvases that we are currently aware of, organised by year.

Mark Rothko Paintings

Those interested in purchasing any of these paintings as art prints to enjoy in their own homes can use the accompanying links that would take you to the Mark Rothko prints gallery. Each print can be customised to your requirements, such as choosing a frame or multiple inlay cards. Orange, Red, Yellow The rectangles within this painting do not extend to the edges of the canvas and appear to hover just over its surface. Heightening this sensation is the effect of chromatic afterimage. Archaic Idol During the 1940s Rothko’s imagery became increasingly symbolic. Black in Deep Red Black in Deep Red, 1957 follows the characteristic format of Mark Rothko’s work, in which stacked rectangles of color appear to float within the boundaries of the canvas. Black on Maroon. Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. Des oeuvres - Fondation Hartung Bergman. Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Œuvres - Yves Klein.

Eduardo Arroyo - 18 artworks.