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Critical Thinking

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197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About - InformED : Allan's Blog. Powered by Traduttore When I received the invitation from the new Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I decided to completely upgrade two seminar workshops.

Allan's Blog

Dr Ian Green from the School of Education here at Adelaide and I have used Padagogy101 (introduction to iPad in HE) and Padagogy201 (more advanced use for L&T) to train over 600 faculty from universities in Australia. For Singapore, Ian wasn’t going to be with me and I was solo, as well I needed a better way to leave resources in place for people to revisit. However I was completely surprised at what else happened. It was a huge amount of work to meet the Singapore deadlines and involved quite a bit of lost sleep.

With the action verbs. Padagogy-wheel.jpg (JPEG Image, 1829 × 1829 pixels) - Scaled (33%) Critical Thinking Index Page. Professors should help students see how thinking skills prepare them for jobs. Between assignments for a semesterlong research writing project, in a class titled Writing in the Social Sciences, my Penn State students and I discussed job applications and strategies for completing an application packet. The students in the class are mostly juniors and seniors; they represent a wide range of social science majors -- from psychology to history; education to economics; crime, law, and justice to philosophy.

They answered questions about a few jobs, internships or graduate school programs that interested them and then drafted resumes (or C.V.s) and cover letters (or personal statements) tailored to each opportunity. But as I was reviewing drafts of the students’ cover letters, something seemed off. But the possible higher-order thinking skills they’ve hopefully developed in their majors or through their employment experience — the ability to problem solve, analyze, self-question, write, etc. — often prove to be more difficult to identify and explain. Essay on how to end student complaints on grades. You are the best teacher in the world and you’ve just turned in your grades for the best class you’ve ever taught.

Essay on how to end student complaints on grades

If you are a college professor you know what comes next: the barrage of complaints about the low grade, the litany of excuses for why this or that missed assignment was due to health reasons, the pleading that the B+ be raised to an A- or medical school plans will be foiled and a life ruined, the thinly veiled threat that changing a grade is easier than dealing with a student judiciary complaint (or an irate parent). The Assessment Impasse. The new U.S. secretary of education, Arne Duncan, will be a fresh and welcome breeze for those in higher education who have struggled so mightily to be understood in the past eight years.

The Assessment Impasse

He is known for his collaborative and inclusive style, and he brings at least a little actual experience, if not a degree, in education. It should not be expected, however, that Secretary Duncan’s tenure at the Education Department will automatically diffuse the longstanding pressure that advocates of assessment for the purpose of accountability have placed on advocates of assessment for program and institutional improvement. After all, he relied heavily on the results of standardized testing to drive reform in his previous position as superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools. Beyond Critical Thinking - The Chronicle Review. By Michael S.

Beyond Critical Thinking - The Chronicle Review

Roth The antivocational dimension of the humanities has been a source of pride and embarrassment for generations. The persistence of this reputed uselessness is puzzling given the fact that an education in the humanities allows one to develop skills in reading, writing, reflection, and interpretation that are highly prized in our economy and culture. Critical Thinking in the Curriculum. A guest post by Donald Lazere.

Critical Thinking in the Curriculum

“Baby Logic”: The Disdained Discipline in American Colleges Several recent studies identifying the weak spots in both American K-12 and college education, like Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa’s Academically Adrift, the Common Core State Standards Initiative of the National Governors’ Association, and Martha Nussbaum’s Not for Profit, lament the lack of learning in critical thinking and argumentation. Critical Thinking: A Necessary Skill in the Age of Spin. The ability to think critically is one skill separating innovators from followers.

Critical Thinking: A Necessary Skill in the Age of Spin

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking. Suggestions from educators at KIPP King Collegiate High School on how to help develop and assess critical-thinking skills in your students.

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking

Ideally, teaching kids how to think critically becomes an integral part of your approach, no matter what subject you teach. But if you're just getting started, here are some concrete ways you can begin leveraging your students' critical-thinking skills in the classroom and beyond. 1. Questions, questions, questions. Teacher to Teacher: Critical Thinking in the College Classroom. This web site provides personal, practical, and published materials collected to help you cultivate critical thinking skills in your students, especially first-year students. How these materials are organized These materials are contained in 14 modules--ten focused on specific critical thinking skills, and four on specific teaching methods. These modules are then categorized using Halpern's (2003) framework for teaching critical thinking skills across disciplines.