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IN MEMORIAM | September 19th 2008 The world of letters has lost a giant. We have felt nourished by the mournful graspings of sites dedicated to his memory ("He was my favourite" ~ Zadie Smith), and we grieve for the books we will never see. Special to MORE INTELLIGENT LIFE This is the commencement address he gave to the graduates of Kenyon College in 2005. (If anybody feels like perspiring [cough], I'd advise you to go ahead, because I'm sure going to. This is a standard requirement of US commencement speeches, the deployment of didactic little parable-ish stories. Of course the main requirement of speeches like this is that I'm supposed to talk about your liberal arts education's meaning, to try to explain why the degree you are about to receive has actual human value instead of just a material payoff. Here's another didactic little story. The point here is that I think this is one part of what teaching me how to think is really supposed to mean. Everyone here has done this, of course.

10 Sites to Learn Something New in 10 Minutes a Day Allow me to lay a scene: It's 7:00 am. The kids need to be fed and bundled off to school. The toast is burning. The cat just knocked a pile of papers off the counter, and you've got a big presentation to give in an hour and you haven't even begun to prepare. Okay, so that bit of fiction certainly doesn't describe all of us, but there is a universal truth to it: our lives are busy and hectic and we have little in the way of spare time. This list of web-based resources will point you toward web sites that will help you learn how to do new things, stay on top of current events, and learn about topics where your current knowledge may be lacking. 1. 5min 5min bills itself as a "life videopedia," which essentially means that it aggregates and hosts instructional and DIY how-to videos from sites all over the web. 2. MonkeySee is another instructional video sharing site that invites experts to share both amateur and professionally created how-to and advice videos. 3. 4. iMinds 5. 6. 7. 8. eHow

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal <map name="admap71632" id="admap71632"><area href=" shape="rect" coords="0,0,728,90" title="" alt="" target="_blank" /></map><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:728px;border-style:none;background-color:#ffffff;"><tr><td><img src=" style="width:728px;height:90px;border-style:none;" usemap="#admap71632" alt="" /></td></tr><tr><td style="background-color:#ffffff;" colspan="1"><center><a style="font-size:10px;color:#0000ff;text-decoration:none;line-height:1.2;font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;text-transform: none;letter-spacing:normal;text-shadow:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:normal;" href=" Archives Contact Forum Store! November 21, 2012 Woop! November 20, 2012 BAM! November 19, 2012 Discuss this comic in the forum November 18, 2012 Hey geeks! November 17, 2012

These 20 Photos Are Going To Make You Cry. But You’ll See Why It’s Totally Worth It. There’s no denying that the world is full of cruel, evil people capable of things you probably couldn’t even imagine. We see it on the news pretty much every day. But believe it or not, there’s a lot more good and kindness out there than you probably realize. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. If this brightened your day, restored your faith in humanity, or just gave you a smile – hit Share on our fb page CS 178 - Digital Photography Course materials Course schedule (click here for the lecture notes) Course description (meeting time, units, prereqs, etc.) Course outline (textbooks, coursework, grading policies, etc.)

Gravity and Warped Spacetime Einstein saw a beautiful idea in his notion of curved space and time. He saw that the falling astronaut wasn't being pulled or pushed by anything, but just moving along a straight line (a geodesic) through curved spacetime. He realized that gravity could be reinterpreted, not as a force pulling on objects, but as a curvature of spacetime. Objects falling in a gravitational field—like around the Earth—aren't being pulled, but are simply moving along geodesics in the warped spacetime surrounding any heavy object. The Moon's orbit doesn't circle the Earth because of a pull, but because the straightest line through spacetime brings it back to the same point in space. This bending of spacetime is particularly noticeable on Earth; throw a ball up in the air, and it follows its geodesic as it rises and falls. The first of Newton's Laws of Motion, which says that moving objects move in a straight line. A similar thing happens with slices warped by gravity. appropriately. G = 8 π T.

Humans of New York The Caravan - A Journal of Politics and Culture Seeing in the Dark Credit: cliff1066tm. Patient TN was, by his own account, completely blind. Two consecutive strokes had destroyed the visual cortex of his brain, and consequently, his ability to see. It is not uncommon for stroke patients to suffer brain damage, but the case of TN — referenced by his initials, the general practice in such studies — was peculiar. His first stroke had injured only one hemisphere of his visual cortex. Known as selective bilateral occipital damage, TN’s unusual injury made him the subject of much interest while recovering at a hospital in Geneva. To further test the extent of TN’s abilities, researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands devised a simple yet decisive experiment: an obstacle course. TN’s rare condition is known as blindsight. The researchers explained that TN’s success indicates that “humans can sustain sophisticated visuo-spacial skills in the absence of perceptual awareness.”

Good News: Inspirational Stories - Happy Pictures and Videos 2013 Best of India Travel - 51 Offbeat Destinations | (Last Updated On: March 23, 2017) India is a land with great tourism potential. It’s a land with dazzling beaches, dramatic temples, exotic rain forests, colossal mountains, eternal deserts, lively cities, and the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate allure for the travelers across the globe. Vivid and diverse in culture, heritage and language, India is bestowed with rich natural beauty that adds to its tranquility. Flying to Bali? The picturesque hill stations, the pristine beaches, the unique and halcyon pilgrim destinations, the vast deserts, historical buildings to contemporary structures and from snow capped mountains to boat rides on the serene backwater yards; India is a land of endless opportunities for explorers who want to explore best tourist attractions in India. If traditional destinations don’t fancy you enough, we have compiled a list of best of India travel offbeat destinations for you. [Check out the picturesque hilly regions surrounding Delhi] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Buddhas Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation i'm a 1 251 170 107 126 124 140 91 212 194 376 209 267 176 318 198 143 200 105 438 144 214 63 78 177 74 131 171 75 173 100 150 96 71 202 100 160 195 146 90 100 85 67 251 125 99 94 112 76 75 146 50 73 60 212 210 61 96 167 149 100 96 99 199 76 125 90 203 99 139 56 142 98 215 95 85 35 35 339 210 126 111 228 76 134 86 89 461 95 74 42 72 66 53 86 86 52 80 48

The Local Tea Party - You should get married soon. Or else.. My best friend Guru was going to break the glass and jump out of the Cafe Coffee Day building. I almost let him do it. Why because I will also do the same. You also want to do the same thing I know. Then what man? Especially the parents people. You are talking as if we are some bananas that should be eaten at the right time! Especially the poor fellows working in other countries. My god, within 5 days you want to see 10 people and choose one and immediately seal the deal! You know what is the best joke? I agree yaar, ki, they have worked all their life and now they want to relax and live with no tension and all. You are putting so much drama and telling, ‘Father is getting old and his health problems are also there. This is like saying ‘If you don’t kill yourself now, I will die. The kids are not saying they will not marry, no? Best is the married friends. On top of that he will come to the house and say ki ‘When you are going to put wedding food man? Arey!