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Walt Dis-Nice-Try. Alors, ne passons pas par quatre chemins et abordons le problème qui se pose immédiatement à la vue de quiconque : le nom du personnage.

Walt Dis-Nice-Try

Petit conseil, Disney, si vous voulez avoir l’air d’écouter, comprendre, et représenter une personne gay, la première personne officiellement non-hétéro de votre histoire (enfin si on ignore la situation Chang Mulan Ping, hein), évitez de prendre celui dont le nom est à la fois une insulte psychophobe, et une chute en soi. Sincèrement, Disneyland doit être pavé des même bonnes intentions que l’enfer, parce que pour imaginer comme bénéfique la phrase suivante : « Le premier personne gay de Disney s’appelle LeFou », il faut vraiment manquer d’une certaine dose de recul. Alors évidemment, ce n’est qu’un nom, mais dans les productions de Disney, les noms ont un sens. Belle se prénomme ainsi de manière assez logique.

Parlons maintenant du personnage en soi. Quid de sa relation avec Gaston ? La preuve en image. Adonis Complex Rising: How Instagram and Grindr Fuel Gay Insecurity and Body Dysmorphia. The truth is staring me in the face.

Adonis Complex Rising: How Instagram and Grindr Fuel Gay Insecurity and Body Dysmorphia

Serving reflexive duck lips. The truth looks me up and down, turning when I turn, pinching the stubborn roll of fat directly above my waistband that causes me endless consternation. 3 Reasons We Need to be Critical of Sex Positivity in Queer Spaces. Sex positivity often acts as an implicit—or sometimes explicit—foundation of leftist, feminist and LGBTQ spaces for completely valid reasons.

3 Reasons We Need to be Critical of Sex Positivity in Queer Spaces

As women and queers, sex has been the driving force behind both our oppression and the spaces we create to separate, heal, and liberate us from our oppression. Sexualized socializing spaces predate the creation of the categories that comprise the LGBTQ umbrella, and when these social identities emerged people began to socialize around their sexuality in ways similar to dominant heterosexual practices (that are invisibilized through heterosexuality’s governance). Mirroring straight society, sex clubs and bars with sexual undercurrents became inevitable spaces for queer folks to congregate for many reasons. Separatist queer social spaces became an understandable respite from pressure and oppression rampant in heterosexualized spaces, and the sexual and romantic possibilities quickly followed. 1. 2.

Fatness adds another layer onto my sexuality. Images.

Elska Magazine: Local Boys + Local Stories. How a 1990s Media Trend Is Making Gay Media Less White — Pacific Standard. The history of zines is a long one.

How a 1990s Media Trend Is Making Gay Media Less White — Pacific Standard

People have self-published pamphlets and leaflets since at least as early as 1776’s Common Sense, and yet the zine as we know it today was born in the late 20th century. In The Book of Zines, Chip Rowe gives a simple and short description of these publications: “Zines (pronounced ‘zeens,’ from fanzines) are cut-and-paste, ‘sorry this is late,’ self-published magazines reproduced at Kinko’s or on the sly at work and distributed through mail order and word of mouth.” Zines’ do-it-yourself aesthetics, idiosyncratic areas of coverage, and focus on local communities bred a new generation of creators who used these projects, whether tied to science-fiction fandoms, punk culture, or political activism, to connect and bring people together.

How It Feels To Conquer Your Shame - BuzzFeed News. What's The Hardest Part About Being Gay? How Masculine Perfection Is Destroying the Gay Community. All photos by Lily Rose Thomas The Monday after the Orlando shooting, Old Compton Street was full of pride.

How Masculine Perfection Is Destroying the Gay Community

"We're here, we're queer, we have no fear," we chanted, as 49 balloons were released to remember the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. London's LGBTQ community had come together to mourn the lives lost, and show solidarity in the face of hate. In some ways, Orlando was a wake-up call. Living in liberal London you can forget how many enemies you have across the world.

But in forgetting about the enemy outside, many gay men have become enemies to themselves, and the battleground on which they're fighting is masculinity. In forgetting about the enemy outside, gay men have become the enemies to themselves. In a world where sex is the prevailing currency, this makes feminine gay men worthless. The argument is that it's simply sexual attraction. How to talk to a queer person who is afraid of dying.

Josh Mercer wears a T-shirt in honor of two of his friends who were killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

How to talk to a queer person who is afraid of dying

(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara) I spent most of Sunday thinking about what I would text my mom if I was hiding in a nightclub bathroom and believed a gunman was about to kill me. I pictured the bathrooms of my favorite clubs. I imagined where I would hide. Searching for the Last Lesbian Bars in America. Glynfamous "Homosexuality" - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2014. Allah n'a rien contre les gays. Le char des musulmans gays de la Gay Pride 2011 à Londres (Photo via) Dans un très grand nombre de pays à majorité musulmane, l'homosexualité est interdite.

Allah n'a rien contre les gays

Dans neuf d'entre eux, toute activité homosexuelle peut même conduire à une peine de mort. Tous les préjugés qu'ont les musulmans sur les gays semblent fondés sur une mauvaise interprétation : certains pensent que les versets du Coran sur Sodome et Gomorrhe condamnent l'homosexualité - ce qui n'est en réalité pas le cas.