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The Biggest Mistakes in Buying Business Intelligence Solutions. By Sanjay SrivastavaUpdated: May 15, 2012 Many companies make a very basic mistakes when they set out to buy Business Intelligence solutions.

The Biggest Mistakes in Buying Business Intelligence Solutions

They proceed under the assumption that they are out to buy software. The truth is that they are purchasing an aid to strategic decision making. It is important to realize that Business Intelligence tools are all about Business Intelligence, the fact that they happen to be software as well is secondary to the issue. Business Intelligence solutions interact with several different segments of your business and therefore, when properly executed, allow for a unified view of the business.

Overall Business Management – where it will support strategy, planning, financial management, performance management, supply chains, R&D, marketing, sales, CRM etc. With these requirements, looking at BI as a software solution alone would naturally be a big mistake. Organizational Issues The Biggest Mistake: Lack of senior executive sponsorship and support.

Enterprise BI Platforms Compared - Butler Analytics. Compare Business Intelligence Tools. Business Intelligence And Analytics The Business intelligence and analytics market is very diverse and competitive.

Compare Business Intelligence Tools

Although a large segment of the $14 bn market is dominated by large organisations like SAP, Oracle, IBM, SAS and Microsoft; there are a lot of other players who have established themselves in niche segments. We recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the alternative tools available in the market so that when our customers ask the question – “Which is the best Business Intelligence and analytics product in the market?”

; we can say a lot more than “It depends” and advise them on the best solution to meet their requirements. Our Analysis Approach We studied the product datasheets available in the public domain, liaised with company representatives and evaluated fully functioning demo applications to get a real feel of how the products work. We evaluated the products on a number of parameters that our customers feel are important to realise ROI and business benefits. Best Business Intelligence Software - Compare Features & Specs. Business Intelligence Solutions. Why do you need a Business Intelligence solution?

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence solutions are mainly used for simple reporting, enterprise performance management, dashboarding and predictive analytics. The solutions make it very easy to monitor your KPIs and so you can see quickly where and how to improve your business processes. Without such solutions companies are steering in the dark or wasting time and money by creating numerous Excel-reports that are very difficult to maintain. Select the right solution with our BI Tools Survey quickly The following solutions are included in the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2014. A 100% vendor independent comparison. Best Business Intelligence Software. The Beginner's Guide to Business Intelligence What is Business Intelligence?

Best Business Intelligence Software

Covering a range of technologies, business intelligence (BI) loosely refers to applications that transform data into meaningful information that helps businesses make better decisions. In contrast to competitive intelligence, business intelligence pulls from internal data that the business produces, rather than from outside sources. The term business intelligence started being used sometime around the late 1950s, and grew from a set of technologies called decision support systems. It’s fitting to consider business intelligence in relation to decision support systems, because that’s exactly what business intelligence does: it helps businesses gain a competitive edge by supporting and improving their decisions with relevant, insightful information.

The rise in popularity of business intelligence is closely linked to the rise of “Big Data.” In the Information Age, everyone produces data. How Big Data is Managed Hadoop. Top Business Intelligence Software. Compare Top Business Intelligence Software Reviews. Top Business Intelligence Tools - 2015's Best BI Software.