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Cable: 08MUMBAI559_a. Indian gay men's wives 'trapped' in marriage. India: Forget the Grid, Community Power is Here. Just days after the historic blackout reminded us that centralized coal is the problem, not the solution to India's energy woes, a new era of entrepreneurs marked the beginning of a truly revolutionary effort to deliver energy access.

India: Forget the Grid, Community Power is Here

The landmark deal that marked their arrival was of course lost amidst the coverage of the blackout and the continued death spiral the coal sector finds itself in. Nonetheless, the deal between OMC Power, and Bharti Infratel (India's largest mobile phone provider) to provide clean renewable energy to its off grid cell phone towers was indeed historic. It marks the arrival of Community Power and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Intriguing India. Storypage_content. The Muslim Question: Stories of False Terror. Death reveals dark side of Indian detentions. Russia signs $3bn arms deals with India. Asia Report: India's Wind Power Capacity Expected to Balloon by 2020, Says GWEC. Faulty system leaves millions hungry in India. India's Red Tide. Exclusive: Indian Intelligence Infiltrated US Government Networks. Authorities probe U.S.-China commission email hack. REUTERS - U.S. authorities are investigating allegations that an Indian government spy unit hacked into emails of an official U.S. commission that monitors economic and security relations between the United States and China, including cyber-security issues.

Authorities probe U.S.-China commission email hack

The request for an investigation came after hackers posted on the Internet what purports to be an Indian military intelligence document on cyber-spying, which discusses plans to target the commission - apparently using technical know-how provided by Western mobile phone manufacturers. Appended to the document are transcripts of what are said to be email exchanges among commission members. "We are aware of these reports and have contacted relevant authorities to investigate the matter. We are unable to make further comments at this time," said Jonathan Weston, a spokesman for the U.S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission. Leaked Memo Says Apple Provides Backdoor To Governments.

India: opinion/commentary

India: corruption. Kashmir. Indian Governement Files Biopiracy Lawsuit Against Monsanto. Gandhi and South Africa. In India, it's IKEA without the assembly. Stop at a traffic light in Delhi or Bombay (Mumbai), and magazine hawkers descend, pressing against your car window a fan of Bollywood gossip rags, newsweeklies, and ... the IKEA catalog? Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital Edition India, like most of Asia, has no IKEA outlet. The Swedish superstore, known for its inexpensive yet stylish home furnishings, has swept across Europe and North America - but not here.

Indians are bastards anyway. 'Indians are bastards anyway'By Debasish Roy Chowdhury HUA HIN, Thailand - Indians are "a slippery, treacherous people", said president Richard Nixon. "The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive goddamn people around," echoed his assistant for national security affairs, Henry Kissinger. Mumbai Terror Attacks - ProPublica - Pakistan and the Mumbai Attacks: The Untold Story.

Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg had come to India on a religious mission.

Pakistan and the Mumbai Attacks: The Untold Story

They had established India's first outpost of Chabad Lubavitch, the Orthodox Jewish organization, in a six-story tower overlooking a shantytown. The Chabad House offered a synagogue, a cyber-café, two floors of guest rooms, India's biggest Hebrew library and a dining room that could seat 50 for festive meals. The Holtzbergs' guests that evening were two American rabbis, an Israeli grandmother and a Mexican tourist.

Hundreds of miles away in Pakistan, a youthful terrorist chief named Sajid Mir was preparing a different sort of religious mission. With the support of Pakistan's intelligence service, Mir had spent two years using a Pakistani-American businessman named David Coleman Headley to conduct meticulous reconnaissance on Mumbai, according to investigators and court documents. The 10 gunmen went ashore and split into five teams. Mir told his men to try to trade the hostages for a gunman who had been captured. Trial Testimony Intensifies Allegations Pakistan is Playing Double Game. David Coleman Headley, a confessed Pakistani-American terrorist, alleges that Pakistani officers played a central role in reconnaissance and planning for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Trial Testimony Intensifies Allegations Pakistan is Playing Double Game

This report is part of a ProPublica and PBS FRONTLINE [1] investigation. A version of this article appeared in the Washington Post [2]. Indian Government Dossier Linking Mumbai Terrorists to Pakistani ISI. The following documentation was released by the Government of India’s Press Information Bureau with this description: “A report which appeared in the media today states that the Chicago trial of the 2008 Mumbai attacks will be held from the 16th of this month.

Indian Government Dossier Linking Mumbai Terrorists to Pakistani ISI

The report also states that the federal prosecutors indicted some more suspects last week in this case. Information available with the Government of India on the five persons named as accused in the second charge-sheet filed by the United States Government in the case is given in the annexure.” India releases dossier linking 26/11 plotters with ISI. India Culture. Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads.

India Culture

NEW DELHI, India — Just a stone's throw from New Delhi's Commonwealth Games Village, a mammoth Hindu temple testifies to a simple truth: When builders can give laborers a sense of ownership and encourage them to take pride in their work, India's notorious problems getting things done disappear. Constructed by expert craftsmen using ancient methods, the 140-foot high, nine-domed Akshardham temple was built entirely from white marble and pink sandstone — without the support of steel. Some 7,000 carvers fit blocks together using nothing but a little cement slurry and geometric formulas that have been passed down for generations. They then detailed the structure with more than 200 ornate pillars, 20,000 statues of gods and saints.

Cultural Diversity, Religious Syncretism and People of India: AnAnthropological Interpretation. Chaîne de tehelkatv. Video: On Location: India — Dharavi lessons. Once Upon a Time in Bombay - An FP Slide Show. For More Photo Essays See: Once Upon a Time in ...

Once Upon a Time in Bombay - An FP Slide Show

Afghanistan and Egypt Historian J. New research shows HR's negative role in workplace bullying. August 13th, 2010 New research shows HR’s negative role in workplace bullying A study published in May 2010 by Premilla D’Cruz and Ernesto Noronha conducted in Mumbai and Bangalore, India telephone call centers (working for US, UK and Australian companies) reveals the experiences of bullied targets worldwide.

New research shows HR's negative role in workplace bullying

Bottom line: HR worsens the situation for targets. Read the summary below, then read the article itself. Protecting my interests: HRM and targets’ coping with workplace bullying.