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Post related, Fonts, Charts, Tables, Icons, Editors and other post elements

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order. Order Categories and all custom taxonomies terms (hierarchically) using a Drag and Drop Sortable javascript capability.

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

No Theme update is required the code will change the query on the fly. If multiple taxonomies are created for a custom post type, a menu will allow to chose the one need to be sorted. If child categories (terms) are defined, those can be ordered too using the same interface. Also you can have the admin terms interface sorted per your new sort. This plugin is developed by Nsp-Code See the Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order for advanced features. Localization Available in English, Dutch, French, Deutch, Slovak, Japanese, Traditional Chineze, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech and Romanian Whant to contribute with a translation to your language? There isn’t any Editors for your native language on plugin Contributors? Feel free to contact me at Yes, this is the right tool for you.

Absolutely, the plugin can do that. Post Types Order – WordPress plugin. Over 4 MILLIONS DOWNLOADS and near PERFECT rating out of 200 REVIEWS.

Post Types Order – WordPress plugin

A powerful plugin, Order Posts and Post Types Objects using a Drag and Drop Sortable JavaScript capability. The order can be customized within default WordPress post type archive list page or a separate Re-Order interface which display all objects. It allows to reorder the posts for any custom post types you defined, including the default Posts. Also you can display the posts within admin interface sorted per your new sort. Post Order has never been easier. Posts in Sidebar – WordPress plugin. Ninja Tables – Best WP DataTables Plugin for WordPress – WordPress plugin. Details Features | Youtubude Video Tutorials | Demo | User Guide Have you ever tried to add tables on your WordPress site?

Ninja Tables – Best WP DataTables Plugin for WordPress – WordPress plugin

Then, you definitely know how tough it is to do the customized design for your tables. Let alone importing or exporting your large tables or making the table responsive! Meet Ninja Tables that comes with all the solutions of the problems you face while creating tables on your posts/pages. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic – WordPress plugin. Create responsive data tables with sorting, searching, pagination, filtering and more.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic – WordPress plugin

Easy-to-use tables, charts and data management. * Data Table Examples Data Tables WordPress plugin features: Data Tables Generator allows you to process and manage SEO friendly data tables quickly and easily. This plugin can structure information and can be adjusted to fit every need. Many ways of functional and visual customization of the tables improve site design and let you modify it to cater to a particular individual or a specific task. Bulk Edit Posts and Products in Spreadsheet – WordPress plugin. A Spreadsheet created specially for WordPress.

Bulk Edit Posts and Products in Spreadsheet – WordPress plugin

Edit posts in bulk using Spreadsheet. It works with Gutenberg (new editor) and the Classic Editor You can edit the post content using the Gutenberg editor right on the spreadsheet. It also works with the Classic Editor. Awesome things that you can do with WP Sheet Editor View all your posts, pages, and woocommerce products in a spreadsheetEdit posts in Spreadsheet (all core fields)Edit pages in Spreadsheet (all core fields)Create a lot of posts / products at onceCopy information between postsEdit WooCommerce Products (Free version limited to title, status, regular price, sale price).And more… Nelio Featured Posts – WordPress plugin. With this WordPress plugin, you can define a set of featured posts easily.

Nelio Featured Posts – WordPress plugin

These featured posts can be added to your theme wherever you want via a widget. The plugin is extremely simple, fast, and reliable. Once you have selected the featured posts, they are saved in a cache, so that the amount of database queries is kept to the minimum. Custom Templates Version 2.0.0 let’s you define your own templates for displaying each related post. Just create a directory named neliofp in your theme’s directory and create the template you want to use such as, for instance, template-name.php.

Iframe – WordPress plugin. [iframe src=” width=”100%” height=”500″] shortcode should show something like this: WordPress removes iframe html tags because of security reasons.

iframe – WordPress plugin

Iframe shortcode is the replacement of the iframe html tag and accepts the same params as iframe html tag does. You may use iframe shortcode to embed content from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps or from any external page. If you need to embed content from YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Twitter via direct link, you may use [embed] shortcode. [embed] shortcode is a core WordPress feature and can embed content from many resources via direct link. Important: You can not embed HTTP pages into HTTPS pages and vice versa. Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress – WordPress plugin.

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress plugin is a simple, easy to use and quite powerful tool to create, manage and embed interactive charts & tables into your WordPress posts and pages.

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress – WordPress plugin

The plugin uses Google Visualization API, and ChartJS to add responsive & animated charts/diagrams, which support cross-browser compatibility (adopting VML for older IE versions) and cross-platform portability to iOS and new Android releases. Is the best Excel to WordPress solution who let’s you insert charts to your wp site using a simple chart builder. 8 Chart types + 6 more in the pro version. Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress – WordPress plugin.

Gutenberg Blocks – Qubely – WordPress plugin. Qubely is a full-fledged Gutenberg block toolkit with plenty of predefined sections and modern layout packs to create beautiful pages and posts on the Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg Blocks – Qubely – WordPress plugin

It offers a whole new experience that minimizes all limitations of the Gutenberg editor and opens unlimited possibilities to create any simple to complex content on a WordPress website using the Gutenberg block editor. This user-friendly Gutenberg blocks has been developed with all necessary customization features to achieve any possible layout with Qubely Gutenberg block editor. Qubely extends Gutenberg editor with many custom Gutenberg blocks that are missing in the Gutenberg editor. Take full control of the WordPress Gutenberg block editor with the ability to apply out of the box styling options. Astra Widgets – WordPress plugin. The fastest way to add more widgets into your WordPress website.

Astra Widgets – WordPress plugin

How easy can things get when you can add widgets for particular information and fetch them anywhere on your website? This goes with the most wanted information like the business address, social profile links and list icons. The Astra Widget plugin lets you create widgets to add an address, a social profile widget and list icons that you can add into your header, sidebar, footer etc. on your website.

How does this work? The Astra Widgets plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. Astra : AddressAstra : List IconsAstra : Social Profiles You simply need to select the place you wish to add the widget in and then add the information in the specific fields. Astra is currently powering over 300,000+ websites. Here are a few reasons why they love Astra – Faster Performance – Astra follows the best coding standards and is built with speed and performance in mind.

Lightweight Sidebar Manager – WordPress plugin. Custom Adobe Fonts (Typekit) – WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you easily embed adobe fonts easily in your WordPress website. Currently it works with: How does it work? Install the pluginEnter the Project ID that you create in adobe fonts.And done.

You will be able to see the fonts added in the settings of Astra / Beaver Builder / Elementor. Please refer screenshots. Custom Fonts – WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you easily embed custom fonts files (woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot, otf) easily in your WordPress website. Currently, it works with: How does it work? Install the pluginUpload the font files in as many formats as possible for best browser compatibility.And done.

You will be able to see the fonts added in the settings of Astra / Beaver Builder / Elementor. Please refer screenshots. If you’re not using any of the supported plugins and theme, you can write the custom CSS to apply the fonts. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/custom-fonts directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPressUse the Appearance -> Custom Fonts -> Add Custom Fonts name, woff2, woff, ttf, eot, otf and svg files. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded – WordPress plugin. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries.

The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications. It solves most of the issues that affect Mark Jaquith’s version, using the latest WordPress features and functionality. Plus, allows administrators to enable a double opt-in mechanism, requiring users to confirm their subscription clicking on a link they will receive via email or even One Click Unsubscribe. Requirements WordPress 4.0 or higherPHP 5.6 or higherMySQL 5.x or higher. Editor Full Width Gutenberg – WordPress plugin. Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress – WordPress plugin. WP RSS Aggregator – WordPress plugin. Visual Link Preview – WordPress plugin. Easily create a Facebook-like link preview for any link on your website. You can choose the image and text to display and create your very own custom template.

The default template can be styled from the settings to match your website. Some examples of what you could use this for: A call to action for your affiliate linksPromote WooCommerce products on your websiteList sources for your articleA weekly posty of interesting websites you’ve foundLink to related posts on your own website… It does not require any database lookups, which means even having many of these blocks on a page should not affect performance. WP Link Preview – WordPress plugin. Site Reviews – WordPress plugin. Site Reviews requires PHP v5.6 or higher! Site Reviews allows your visitors to submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your website, similar to the way you would on TripAdvisor or Yelp. The plugin provides blocks, shortcodes, and widgets, along with full documentation. You can pin your best reviews so that they are always shown first, require approval before new review submissions are published, require visitors to be logged-in in order to write a review, send custom notifications on a new submission, and much more.

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – WordPress plugin. Gutenberg Block For Google Maps Embed By Pantheon – WordPress plugin. Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps – WordPress plugin. Are you using Gutenberg and need a map? This is the map block for you! Install, active, add to content. Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle – WordPress plugin. Gutenberg Hub - Best of Gutenberg blocks, resources & tutorials. WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress – WordPress plugin. WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress – WordPress plugin. Gutenberg Blocks Plugin – Ultimate Blocks – WordPress plugin.

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds – WordPress plugin. AWB let you to use parallax backgrounds with images, videos, youtube and vimeo. Gutenberg and WPBakery Page Builder support. Links Features Background Types: ColorImagePattern imagesLocal Hosted VideoYoutube / Vimeo VideoParallax options powered by high performance JavaScript plugin JarallaxCustom speed optionEnable / Disable for mobile devices optionScroll effectOpacity effectScale effectScroll + Opacity effectScroll + Scale effectMouse ParallaxCustom video start & end timesrcset supported (i.e. Google love it)Overlay color with transparency optionsStretch option.

Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress plugin by wphigh. LuckyWP Table of Contents – WordPress plugin. WP Responsive Table – WordPress plugin. This plugin makes HTML tables horizontally scrollable on a small screen. This makes it horizontally scrollable in its own container, which is fits the screen. Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress – WordPress plugin. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle – WordPress plugin. The SiteOrigin widget bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize. All the widgets are built on our powerful framework, giving you advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons. Widgets are great. Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter – WordPress plugin. Gutenberg Ramp – WordPress plugin. Important Links – WordPress plugin. To make management of multiple marketing accounts, tools, and dashboards a bit easier – just add the links into your Important Links page.

IconPress Lite – Icon management in WordPress – WordPress plugin. IconPress is the world’s first icon management interface for WordPress, an innovative tool for managing icons straight into your dashboard, redefining the standard of icon use, as the best alternative for font icons. Astra Widgets – WordPress plugin. Post Expirator. The Post Expirator plugin allows the user to set expiration dates for both posts and pages. Timed Content. Easy SVG Allow. Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks. Otter Blocks – Awesome Gutenberg Blocks. TinyMCE Advanced. The new Gutenberg editing experience. Schema. SiteOrigin CSS. MapPress Easy Google Maps. Max Mega Menu. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam – All-in-One Spam Protection — WordPress Plugins. How to Add Resizeable Text for Site Visitors in WordPress. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. SiteOrigin CSS — WordPress Plugins. WP RSS Aggregator — WordPress Plugins. Nelio Content — WordPress Plugins. Nelio Content WordPress Plugin Review & Giveaway.

Unique Headers — WordPress Plugins. 10 Creative and Useful Ways to Use RSS Feeds. Dave's WordPress Live Search. 5 Plugins to Supercharge the Search Function on Your WordPress Site. Inline Related Posts. Pastacode. Mistape. Content Cards. WP Hide Post. Editorial Calendar. Yoast Comment Hacks. Zoom. Hypotext. WP First Letter Avatar. File Away. Related Posts Lite. Old Post Promoter (OPP) 24+ Best Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress. AccessPress Anonymous Post. Simple Custom CSS. 8 Flexible WordPress Plugins for Displaying Recent Post Lists. Page-list. List category posts. Category Sticky Post. Seamless Sticky Custom Post Types. Manual Related Posts. Search and Replace. Easy Replace. Top WordPress Custom Fonts Plugins Reviewed. Posting Code Blocks on a WordPress Site. WP Edit. WP Emoji One. Easy Google Fonts.

WordPress Charts. WordPress font resizer plugin by InoPlugs.