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Xmas & Halloween. Gutenberg Blocks. Post, Fonts, Charts, Tables, Icons & other post elements + menu. System, Security, Database, Backup, Cache, Speed. Calendar, Events, Booking, Support. Foto, Galleries, Sliders, Audio, Video. SEO, Statistics and Website Search Plugins. Social Media Plugins. Forms and Pop-ups (contact, poll, quiz, newsletter opt-in, etc)

Shortcodes and Custom Fields

Ads - Advertising, Affiliates, Payment and Donations. Weather plugins. Cookies. Users and Membership. Backend Customization Plugins. Multi-language, Translation. Everything Mobile - WP plugins. WooCommerce plugins. BigCommerce plugins. WordPress Plugin Roundup: Best of January - June 2019. Under Construction – WordPress plugin.

Create an Under Construction Page, Maintenance Mode Page, Coming Soon Page or a Landing Page that takes less than a minute to install & configure.

Under Construction – WordPress plugin

This plugin won’t waste your time! UCP is simple, fast, efficient & user-friendly with great templates users love. Comments Evolved for WordPress. Comments Evolved ( formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress ) makes the comment section tabbed seamlessly adding tabs for G+ Comments, Facebook, Disqus, WordPress Comments, and Trackbacks If a user is required to create an account with your site before they can comment, you might as well ask them to fetch you a soda from mars.

Comments Evolved for WordPress

It’s probably not going to happen. However, if you can give them the option to comment with an account they’ve already set up, then you will be much more likely to get some interaction. **Source Code @ Github: ** comments-evolved@github **Demo: ** HTML Entifier. Tweak Hidden Options. Post Type Requirements Checklist. Requirements Checklist allows admins to require content to be entered before a page/post can be published.

Post Type Requirements Checklist

Currently it supports requirements for the following areas on the add/edit screen: titleWYSIWYG editorfeatured imageexcerptcategories (allows for min and max number of categories, 1-3 & infinite)tags (allows for min and max number of tags, 1-5, 7, 10, 15, 25 & infinite)up to 5 custom taxonomies per post type (allows for min and max number of categories/tags, as detailed above)support for WordPress SEO by Yoast (Focus Keyword and Meta Description fields)support for All In One SEO Pack (Title, Description and Keywords fields) Requirements Checklist uses OOP standards to add options only for those metaboxes which are supported for each post type and to execute code only on those pages where it is needed.

To be clear, Requirements Checklist does absolutely nothing to the front-end of your site. As of version 2.3.1, Requirements Checklist has support for localization. Child Theme Configurator. Child Theme Configurator is a fast and easy to use utility that allows you to analyze any theme for common problems, create a child theme and customize it beyond the options of the Customizer.

Child Theme Configurator

Designed for WordPress users who want to be able to customize child theme stylesheets directly, Child Theme Configurator lets you easily identify and override the exact CSS attributes you want to customize. The Analyzer scans the rendered theme and automatically configures your child theme. It correctly enqueues theme and font stylesheets for optimum performance and handles vendor-specific syntax, giving you unlimited control over the Child Theme look and feel while leaving your Parent Theme untouched. Widget Logic. This plugin gives every widget an extra control field called "Widget logic" that lets you control the pages that the widget will appear on.

Widget Logic

The text field lets you use WP's Conditional Tags, or any general PHP code. PLEASE NOTE The widget logic you introduce is EVAL'd directly. Anyone who has access to edit widget appearance will have the right to add any code, including malicious and possibly destructive functions. There is an optional filter 'widget_logic_eval_override' which you can use to bypass the EVAL with your own code if needed. (See Other Notes). ExpressCurate. ExpressCurate plugin includes: RSS feeds and Google alerts importerCuration post composer and editorSEO optimizationKeyword analysis and managementFlexible publishing optionsCuration on-the-go: optional Chrome extension and Android app (both free)


UNIX, Perl, PHP, WordPress. Nomad World Map. For each location that is added to the map you can set the type of content you want to show.

Nomad World Map

Either the excerpt of a blog post, a short custom description or only the travel dates. The location content itself is shown in a carousel underneath the map. When you slide through the carousel the map will automatically zoom to the location that is linked to the visible content. Features include: Create multiple independent mapsAdd multiple maps to the same pageA sidebar widget that can show your last locationShow a list of visited locations with optional arrival and departure datesSet custom thumbnails for each locationSet custom line colors for the past and future travel routesRearrange the order of the travel route by dragging the items up or down in the route list.Specify if you want the map to zoom to the first or last location of your travel route.Choose from three different content types for each location.

Demo. Accessibility Widget. WP Review. Did you always want to increase the user interaction on your website by rating products/services/anything?

WP Review

We at MyThemeShop understand your need, & created a premium Review plugin. We are now distributing it for FREE to give back to the WordPress community. We have been given so much by the WordPress community, it's time to give back. WP Review plugin is an easy yet powerful way to review content easily, without affecting the speed of your site.

WP ULike. WP ULike plugin allows to integrate a beautiful Ajax Like Button into your wordPress website to allow your visitors to like and unlike pages, posts, comments AND buddypress activities.

WP ULike

Its very simple to use and supports many options. Demo Click Here Features Clean Design.Ajax feature to update the data without reloading.Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.Compatible with WP version 3.0 & above.Added automatically (no Code required).Shortcode support.Comment likes support.Full likes logs support.BuddyPress activity support.Simple user like box with avatar support.Custom Like-Dislike Texts.Simple custom style with color picker settings.Widget to show 'Most Liked Posts' And 'Most Liked Users' avatars.Simple configuration panel.Support RTL & language file.And so on... Links/Problem Reporter. Report Content. This plugin allows you to add a simple Ajax powered form to the posts (and optionally pages) of your website so that your visitors can report inappropriate content, broken links and bugs.

Report Content

If you manage a huge website with tons of user-submitted content then Report Content can make your life easier and ultimately increase the quality of your content. Features: Customization: Report Content gives you full control over every aspect of the reporting process. Ultimate Coming Soon Page. The Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin allows you quick and easily set up a coming soon or launch page for your website. Notification Bar. Simple:Press. How to Create a Simple WordPress Plugin. Filed Under: Tutorials Tagged: WordPress Plugins7 Comments When giving support or offering various snippets we frequently advise people to create a WordPress plugin to handle all of their modifications.

Here is how you create a very simple plugin to house all your little snippets and modifications. Basic Structure A WordPress plugin can consist of as little as a single PHP file however for consistency I always create folder and at least the single PHP file within it. The folder and the file should have the same name with the exception of the file extension. Folder: example-pluginFile: example-plugin.php When we’re done we’re going to upload this newly created folder with the file inside it to our wp-content/plugins directory on our server. Basics of a WordPress Plugin file There are no doubt endless conversations that could be had about all the things that can go into your plugin file but I’m going to cover the absolute necessities to get you started quickly.

Top 5 WordPress Tools for Email List Management. As technology continues to evolve, email marketing remains one of the most powerful and effective strategies for any type of business. But in order to use email marketing, you need a strong, engaged mailing list. Fortunately, there are plenty of email list management tools you can use with WordPress to build and manage a great email list. MailChimp Good email marketing software is the foundation of your email list. Top WordPress CMS Plugins Compared and Reviewed.

If you’re developing WordPress sites for clients, or if you want to make the user interface a bit easier to work with for yourself or add custom content without writing code, you may well need a CMS plugin. CMS plugins give WordPress additional Content Management System functionality and appearance. The way in which they do this varies between plugins, but they tend to give you one or more of the following: The ability to add your own branding;The option to remove elements form the admin screens such as dashboard widgets and metaboxes;Improvements to the user interface, making screens easier to work with;Changes to the admin menus, letting you remove menu items you don’t need or rearrange the menu to suit your needs;The ability to create content without writing code, such as custom post types and custom fields.

In this post I’ll review nine CMS plugins, which between them cover a range of these features. 7 Free WordPress Plugins to Make Quick Work of Tedious Tasks. Download YouTube for WordPress, as the name implies, allows you to add YouTube functionality to your WordPress site. It allows you to upload videos, add videos to a playlist, search for videos, subscribe (or unsubscribe) to channels, easily embed videos and custom playlists to the front-end of your site, and many other features. The developers have plans to offer paid add ons soon that will offer even more features, such as the ability to customize the video player, front-end user uploads, bulk import, and live streaming. Even without the add ons, this plugin makes it much easier to manage your YouTube videos. How to Use WordPress Plugins to Streamline Your Business. These Wordpress Plugins Are The Hidden Secret Behind Some Of The Best Bloggers Success Stories.

Being a good blogger and producing high quality content is damn hard but luckily, there are some tools that can help make your job easier. The best free WordPress plugins for December 2014. If this is the season of giving, then we’re in luck. The WordPress community has been giving us free plugins aplenty. Why wait for the end of December when you can have your presents now? List Of Best Free Wordpress Plugins: Your Key To Success. 5 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins.

Pricing tables play an important role in helping your visitors quickly visualize and compare the different features your pricing plans offer. The problem is, they can be a challenge from both a design and usability standpoint – they must be simple, but at the same time clearly differentiate between features and prices of different products and services.

If users can’t immediately see the value in your product or service right away, you can rest assured their cash will remain firmly in their wallet. 6 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress. When you’re on the go, having access to your important files on multiple devices is crucial.