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Honda Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 Usa parts list partsmanual partsfiche. New Studio. Wrench Monkees. CL175 Forks. Bitchin’ Bike Blog » CB175. After removing the sidecovers, stock air filters and converting to pods, the huge, ugly white battery was one thing that annoyed me on my 175. Today was the day we fixed that problem. The new, sealed lead-acid battery shipped this week, so I was determined to mock up a plan and execute. With the help of Paul, we got things done. The goal was to build a tray to be welding in between the frame mounts, and any other brackets needed to mount electronics. We started out by removing all the stock components: battery, battery tray, starter solenoid, wiring harness, etc. After everything was mocked up, we hooked everything back together.

Here’s a before shot with the stock battery: And after with tucked battery and electronics: CB175 , Parts Just got this in today. CB175 , Parts , Repair. CB200T build - nearly completed. see page 8 and 9 for pics - page 8 - Cafe Racers - DO THE TON. Dent Removal. Project Bike: 1972 Honda CL175... circa 2007. Note: This bike was built for a friend of mine "G-Man" and this was pulled from a message board where it was originally posted so it might be a bit choppy.

Project Bike: 1972 Honda CL175... circa 2007

I put alot of hours into this bike and have quite a bit of pride in how it came out, hence the effort to bring it over. Part One:Written by G-Man So this week I ordered the first wave of parts, totaling about $600. no big deal. They will arrive on Tuesday and Thursday. But much work still needed to be done. Let us remember how she looked at the start of Saturday... Firstly, I procured some coffee for myself and the FBR (who was gracious enough to help me through this endeavor). he promptly added grease and jaeger to it, my hero. Buchanan's Spoke & Rim, Inc. View topic - Basic Checklist for that New to You old Bike. View topic - Manuals - Working Links. '75 Honda CL360 - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles.

Aspen, Colorado.

'75 Honda CL360 - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles

You’re thinking about the mountains, the snow, the cashed-up tourists, yes? Of course all that frozen water, dampness, and roads full of chains-on-the-tires virgins would make it pretty much the antithesis of what you’d call “good biking country.” Well think again, because it seems the local scene there has got their long Johns all in a twist over a rather beautiful scrambler-cum-cafe racer that has been buzzing up and down their streets disturbing the peace. The perpetrator of this public nuisance? One Casey Braaksma. “I live in Aspen, CO. Honda Cl175 Scrambler 175 K7 Usa parts list partsmanual partsfiche. 1971 CB175: PROJECT FELIX. Thanks for the kind words, fellas.


Yeah... The 750 had to take a little break. This little 175 is fun to work on! Supercare: I do plan on running the pipes wide open, or maybe drill in a few thumbscrews on the inside to create some back pressure. Other than the eventual valve burning and sluggish engine response in the lower RPM's, are there any other downsides to doing this? I plan on keeping the stock paint pattern, but might switch it up with a black/gray, then clearcoat. 360 swiftly. I have been around this site for a while and finally signed up.

360 swiftly

A couple of months ago I began looking for a project bike and fell in love with the 70's hondas. I eventually found a deal on 2 75' CB 360's. 360 City Scrambler! Started piecing together the build today and though I would share with you guys. Background: Picked up this CL360 with a little over 3,000 miles on the clock. The carbs were gummed up and the stator cover had a nice crack in it, but the bike was a great starting point. Did a lot of trimming on the frame and replaced some of the stock gussets with stronger cross bars instead. Also welded in a rear hoop for the seat. Black and Gold Cafe - 71 CB350 - Trying to tune VM30's. Hello DTT, Long time lurker, first time poster here.

Black and Gold Cafe - 71 CB350 - Trying to tune VM30's

I got bit by the motorcycle bug a while ago after spending a weekend trail riding dirt bikes with my gf and her family. Unfortunately I live in the urban paradise of the Detroit Metro area, so my trail riding options are limited. I stumbled on a few pictures of café racers on the net, and I was hooked. I decided to start looking for a CB350 for my first bike and as a café project. So this is the bike I found for my project. FFJMOORE Big Blue FINISHED!!! 11-20-11. Well i picked up another 125 the other day.

FFJMOORE Big Blue FINISHED!!! 11-20-11

Wife was not happy. The bike came with 2 retro helmets so i told her i bought the 2 helmets and the guy threw in the bike for free!..... Dropbars Bikeworks. View topic - the build(s?) (mysta2) I've decided to start this to try and document for myself and anyone who’s interested; my first steps into this obsession that is motorcycles.

View topic - the build(s?) (mysta2)