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Ottonero Cafe Racer

Ottonero Cafe Racer
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Le Blog Moto Mac Motorcycles Mac Motorcycles are powered by the Buell® single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-valve, push rod, 492cc, 5-speed 'Blast' engine. They're called "thumpers" and with good reason, with one combustion for every 720° of crankshaft rotation when that cylinder fires, it's really an "event". Valve adjustment is automatic, using hydraulic lifters. The transmission is down low giving a low centre-of-gravity that helps great handling. The fuel is enriched en route to the pot. Stock motors produce 34 HP at 6500 RPM but a bolt-on big-bore kit (515 cc), Andrews Cams, a Mikuni HSR 42 carb', Screamin' Eagle ignition and a Supertrapp exhaust will produce around 50 HP at 7200 RPM. *Buell is a registered trademark of H-D Michigan, Inc.

The Return of the Cafe Racers Foutraque Garage BCM Vintage Racers Miob's bikes BellaDonna Trackers MeanMachines « Custom motorcycles MeanMachines Paris Motorcycle Daily Red Baron Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer Earlier this year I ran a story on the "Big Chill", an '08 Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer built by custom workshop Mean Machines. This latest Hinckley Bonneville from the Sydney based outfit which is aptly named the "Red Baron", is essentially the same build spec as the Big Chill with one major difference, it has much bigger balls. Mean Machines were obviously happy with how the Big Chill Bonnie turned out. The Red Baron has identical handling tweaks, the same lighting set up, the same fibreglass bodywork and the same rear foot pegs. While replicating a previous build might sound like a cop out the Red Baron is still an impressively thorough customisation of the donor bike. All the planning and design work that went in to the Big Chill has resulted in a "Bonneville formula" that produces a great handling and good looking Cafe Racer, so they did the one thing that anyone would do, they increased the bikes power. That's a little over 120cc's of extra engine capacity. Build spec:

1979 Honda Cb650 Cafe Racer What more do you need on a friday afternoon than a little relaxing video with beautiful scenery and fantastic looking machinery. While you're here check out this other video produced by the same people. Obviously Italian, and really just a beautiful video of a woman riding through the countryside on another great looking motorcycle. Check out this video of Genki Hagata's recovery from a near high side. Him floating in the air for a few seconds is really surreal. Take a look at the beautiful creations from Mikhail Smolyanov on his blog This summer I bought a 2nd 1979 Honda Cb650 to use as parts for the cafe racer. Supercycle Motorcycle magazine, road testing the Yamaha R5B Cafe racer article from Supercycle Magazine circa 1973 It's been a while since I've posted anything, but don't despair, work has been coming along nicely. I've very close to taking the bike to paint and finally finally finishing this thing. More work has progressed on the seat cowl.