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Café Racer Parts – Plastic Works Motorsport. Down & Out Cafe Racers | Bespoke Motorcycles - England. Cafe Racer Design | Cafe Racer Motorcycle Showcase | Made possible by Motorcycle Builders | @caferacerdesign. Inazuma café racer. › Classic-Custom Cafe Racers, Bobber & Chopper Motorcycles Gallery. Retro Write Up. Roc City Cafe Racers, your source for quality vintage speed parts and accessories.

CafeRacer.XXX - Projects. A Cafe Racer XXX project with British Customs and Loaded Gun Customs!!! As Sasha and I near our one year anniversary of Café Racer XXX, I had a order of unfinished business. Her Bike. Her baby. Her Daily Rider was a mess. The bike you could never disgrace without receiving the full wrath of a woman scorned so the approach had to be delicate. I feel I navigated the “your bike runs like shit” conversation as best as I could and she agreed to give her to me. First, let me give you some background. Needless to say pictures are nice but safe, a well maintained motorcycle will allow you to really have some fun pushing it a bit.

When the box of goodies arrived jealousy took over. We did a air box removal, and I found most of the wiring issues. When I went to remove the fender and install the beautiful Café seat, I made a perfectly square tag bracket. I was proud. After getting in sync again she has raved about the general maintenance and selection of parts. -Kevin Dunworth, LGC -Sasha Valentine.

Slipstream Cycle Works. Cool parts that make your bike all tingly! cafe racer ace cafe clubman handlebars vm mikuni carb kits cafe racer parts motorcycle japanese british honda Kawasaki Suzuki yamaha vm30 sohc cb750 kz400 cx500 rearset. Retro Moto. Blitz Motorcycles - Home. Motos. Nos motos de prédilection sont celles des années 60 à 80. Nous prenons beaucoup de plaisir à les transformer en Café Racer pour leur donner un nouveau style et une nouvelle personnalité. Nous avons présenté au salon Avignon Motor Festival 2012, notre nouveauté : un Dirt Track sur base Honda CB450 qui a eu beaucoup de succès et qui a été beaucoup photographié !! Il n'est pas encore totalement terminé mais voici donc quelques photos en avant-première Nous vous présentons donc maintenant nos réalisations : Nous avons donc coursifié cette CB 450 en mettant un carénage type Rickman, un réservoir et un dosseret. Pour la partie mécanique, nous avons donc contrôlé le moteur : du bas au haut moteur, vérifié le jeu du vilebrequin, réalésé les cylindres et changé tous les joints.

La moto a un comportement trés sain sur circuit, une grande stabilite en courbe et elle est plus légère (153 kg au lieu 190). Cette moto roule depuis 2 saisons sans problème. Un look anglais qui sied bien à cette japonaise. Jewel Racer. Biltwell Inc. Mobile. Tableau de bord et instruments tuning. No School Choppers - Custom Motorcycle Parts. Benjie's Cafe Racers. Cafe racer culture. Bubble support Lennard Schuurmans is hunting down the good stuff on planet cool to post for you on Bubble Visor.

In the spirit of Bubble Visor he started the Barn Fresh Company in 2012. Old fashioned high quality garments. Support this blog and buy his Barn Fresh products. bubble mail infoatlennardschuurmansdotcom swiss cheese dirt moto3 bruce brown snowflakes digger zebra candy flake dust speed master rigid k180 smiley firestone barn find swap meet junk tempter ape 2 stroke soup magneto sumo triple dubble white wall twin garage build amal webco roses beehive bates sissy air head bahnburner bacon slicer baloney bob bone shaker bonnie continental circus cowhorn dog bone hole shot mouse trap new york steak pancake rice rocket sharkfin trumpet.

Cafe Racer Design • Cafe Racer Design Source Harley Davidson XL1200... Acecafeshop. CAFE RACER by CARPY MY KOPPA KAFE. LEGEND MOTORS | Motos d'époque et d'exception, magasin unique en France situé dans le quartier Royal de Lille… Speedwear Ltd, Wax Jackets, Motorcycle Gloves, Davida Helmets, Cafe Racer, Silk Scarves. CLUB CAFE RACER 09. C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles. The Dime Store - Bike Parts. Old Empire Motorcycles - Pure Motorcycle. It roCkS! CB750 Gravedigger. Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos are the guys behind it roCkS! Bikes, based in Oporto in Portugal. They are both engineers and self-confessed motorcycle addicts. This CB750 is a little different from the usual CeeBee customs out there as it’s based on a 1992 bike, rather than the usual 1970s donors that feature on most of our pages. Although more modern machines have more power, better chassis parts and are likely to be more reliable, they have a lot more ugliness to hide and take a lot more work to turn into something desirable, and something that captures the spirit of the seventies that most of us aspire to.

This bike was built as a showcase for it roCkS! The donor for “Gravedigger” was a lucky find, sitting in a local dealer in excellent condition. The bike was completely disassembled and everything heavy was dumped or replaced to minimise weight. The engine was in very good shape, but it was rebuilt anyway, and painted in matte black. From thebikeshed. Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Trackers, custom and classic motorcycle parts. In The Shop — KOTT MOTORCYCLES. The Bike Shed. Art of Racer :: News. Red Baron Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer. Earlier this year I ran a story on the "Big Chill", an '08 Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer built by custom workshop Mean Machines. This latest Hinckley Bonneville from the Sydney based outfit which is aptly named the "Red Baron", is essentially the same build spec as the Big Chill with one major difference, it has much bigger balls.

Mean Machines were obviously happy with how the Big Chill Bonnie turned out. The Red Baron has identical handling tweaks, the same lighting set up, the same fibreglass bodywork and the same rear foot pegs. While replicating a previous build might sound like a cop out the Red Baron is still an impressively thorough customisation of the donor bike. All the planning and design work that went in to the Big Chill has resulted in a "Bonneville formula" that produces a great handling and good looking Cafe Racer, so they did the one thing that anyone would do, they increased the bikes power.

That's a little over 120cc's of extra engine capacity. Build spec: MeanMachines « Custom motorcycles MeanMachines. Roc City Cafe Racers, your source for quality vintage speed parts and accessories. British Racer, Custom and Performance parts - Triumph Motorcycles Café Racer Classic Bikes Garage & Accessories - Davida Banbit Bell Biltwell helmets. Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Trackers, custom motorcycle parts and builders. Norley cafe racer motorcycles. C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles. Vintage Racers. Custom Motorcycles, Cafe Racers and British Classics - Moto Rivista. Motographite cafe racer. Vintage Racers. Ottonero Cafe Racer. Vintage Racers.

The Return of the Cafe Racers.