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Honda C90 Stuff

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View topic - Honda Cub conversion- idea for retro owners. Hi there, Just a few km's from my house i found this converted Honda Cub ..the engine is from a wave though - frame is C70. The guy who makes it owns a little shop and did it himself there. He is also speaking a bit of english to my surprise. here the pics: happy trails, mbox. Retro Rides - Squarelamp Cub 90 (+"Show me" request) Mini Motorcycle Pictures Of Honda Trail 90, ct90, ct70. Custom Search This is a Mini Motorcycle Picture of one of many honda trail 90, Honda CT-90's I owned in the past, this particular one being a 1975 model.

Mini Motorcycle Pictures Of Honda Trail 90, ct90, ct70

These little machines are amazingly reliable...virtually venerable and if used within the realistic scope of their capabilities, would seemingly last forever. However, most people abused them to the ground, trying to use them as motocrossers and always trying to push them past their limits. A great bike to teach young riders how to ride. If memory serves me correctly, I have had about 6 of these at various points in my life. This is a motorcycle picture of a 1970 Honda CT-70 that I bought totally for resale purposes but my daughter who was 11 at the time (5 years ago) so fell in love with it that we ended up keeping it for about a year.

Special Hondamatic Motorcycle Pictures Motorcycle Pictures Of Honda Motorcycles I Have Owned-Pg 1 Motorcycle Pictures Of Honda Motorcycles I Have Owned-Pg 3 What Other Visitors Have Said. Honda CT90 (Trail 90) Restore project. Which telescopic forks fit Honda c90 cub? Squarelamp Cub 90 (+"Show me" request) Honda C90 Telescopic forks conversion clipon switchgear on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 20:01:25 GMT) Honda C90, the perfect green laner! Another stupid pub idea beckons...

Honda C90, the perfect green laner!

Green laning has been on the to-do list for years, we can't all afford motocrossers so made a pact to go with a Honda C90 each! Click here for an online version of the Honda C90 manual Click here for a Honda C90 tune up guide First one was a stolen recovered that the lazy cops had not bothered to 'recover'. Clearly didn't find out before I had spent a weekend stripping and rebuilding the engine (bike came from the bottom of a lake!)

The next C90 is a ropey eBay purchase, it's had 1 repeat ONE owner from new and was last used in 1979! There's no danger of it ever running again but I'm a sucker for punishment! Lots more pictures and silliness to come! Update - 19-10-06 Said it wouldn't run didn't I?? Only to find the bottom of the crank case full of interesting lumps of metal... Clearly some work had been done on the engine with the re-assembly dealt with by a Donkey or animal of similar intellect! Update 24-10-06 Good god, they've been breeding!!! It's alive!!! Honda c90 telescopic fork conversion.