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From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House.

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Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces. 4 SoundCloud Alternatives For Hosting DJ Mixes. Nowadays there’s a plethora of choice when it comes to hosting your DJ mixes online. Which service should you use? (No prizes for guessing we don’t think it’s SoundCloud…) So you’ve made a great new DJ mix and you want to get it online and out to the world. SoundCloud has been the number one choice for DJs, but the service is currently rejecting mixes upon uploading if they have material in them from copyright holders who have requested they do this, and it is also removing existing DJ mixes without warning.Because of these reasons, many DJs are abandoning the service.

So where are they going? What mix hosting services are more DJ mix-friendly than SoundCloud? We thought we’d find out. We’ve talked to DJs all over the world and compiled five services that could offer a viable alternative to SoundCloud. Update: there were originally five sites here. 1. They say: Mixcloud is re-thinking radio. You say: I have my mixes on both SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Essential info: 2. 3. 4. Conclusion. Decompression Music Magazine by Ryan Swainson. Tired of reading about underground music on blogs & facebook only? Decompression Magazine is a brand new physical underground alternative music magazine focusing on everything from Punk, Metal and Grindcore to Dance, Electronic & Crossover.

Currently, we feel that there is no decent physical magazine written in English that represents underground music & sub-cultures. At this point, we are heavily reliant upon donation and relevant advertising to generate the money needed to produce the magazine. For Issue #1 we are looking to create: A 52-page full colour, A4 magazine, supplied with a FREE CD & Sticker Bundle to be released in April 2013. We are printing 250 copies for the first issue, with a hope to release in higher quantities and bi-annually after that. We already have a whole bunch of awesome articles, reviews & interviews from known underground music legends, as-well as up and coming exiting new artists, bands & labels. Wordandsound. Bassline Blog » Free Full Tracks. Doc - Moog (2004)

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Last MP3 uploads. Mp3 artists: 209814 (+39) mp3 releases: 616087 (+238) mp3 tracks: 4145970 (+1765) total mass: 38 976 Gb (+217 Gb) 2010/10/19Skyshare Manager 2: brand new version! Hi fellow members! We've been testing the new platform for the last several months in the background and... we're ready to shout out the brand new version of Skyshare Manager! v2.0.0 - that is. Please note that upgrade to v2.0.0 is imperative: any older versions will not be supported from 15 November, 2010. Dance music vinyl and CDs from the world s largest dance music store. ShoCkRaVeR's iNfoPaRtY ZoNe. RaVe iS n0t a cRiMe - ReSpEkt tHe UnDeRgRoUnD tEkN0 MoVeMeNt aNd SuPp0rt fReE PaRtIeS NoRth PogRaDeC (AL) * aLbAnIatEk * --- tEkNiVaL iN aLbAnIa oN tHe BeAcH --- gPs: 41.051169, 20.642726 RoMa (I) * ReNeGaDe RetuRnS * --- @ pLaNet RoMa --- toRiNo (I) * Let It BeAt * --- @ RaNcH --- PotEnZa pIcEnA (I) * tEkNo PaRty * --- @ BaXstEr --- aReZZo (I) * MoMtEk PaRty * --- @ DoLcE VeRdE --- AtHeNs (GR) * fReE PaRty * --- AtNt & 348 SoUNdSyStEm --- ItaLy aReA (I) * BoRdeL fUsIoN * --- oNe bIg WaLL --- iNfo LateR...

SoUtH WeSt fRaNcE (FR) * mEEtInG PoInt * --- fReE PaRty --- iNfo: aSk y0yR fRiEnDs LiBušíN (CZ) * fReeZe FeSt * --- iNdEpEnDeNt aRt feStiVaL --- iNfo gPS: 50.1635975N, 14.0279692E BaRCeLoNa (ES) * tRoUbLeMaKeRs FuLL cReW PaRty * --- @ dReAd ZoNe cLuB --- BoLoGnA (I) * BeAt CoUpLe WeDdInG PaRty * --- @ s0tt0tett0 --- MiLaNo (I) * RoBotIk cReW * --- fReE eNtRy 0pEn AiR --- iNfo SooN bIbIoNe (I) * pAnIk oN tHe BeAcH * --- @ ShAny BeAcH --- AvIgNoN (FR) * eLeCtRoNiK tEmPLe FeStIVaL 2015 * --- aSStEk pRoDuCtIoN --- GeNt (BE) FiReNZe (I)

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Afro/Cosmic music. In music, the terms Afro, cosmic disco,[1][2] the cosmic sound,[3] free style,[4] and combinations thereof (cosmic Afro,[5] Afro/cosmic[6] Afro-Freestyle,[7] etc., as well as Afro-Funky[8]) are used somewhat interchangeably to describe various forms of synthesizer-heavy and/or African-influenced dance music and methods of DJing that were originally developed and promoted by a small number of DJs in certain discothèques of Northern Italy from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s. The terms slow-motion disco[9] and Elettronica Meccanica[10] are also associated with the genre. Italian DJs Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli both independently claim to have invented the genre and mixing style.

Descriptions[edit] The sound is psychedelic, churning, hypnotic — not at all frenetic or purely electronic. Metallic klangs glide over a slowed-down afro-percussion track. A train noise over a beat is mixed continuously with a funky guitar riff and then with a synthesizer composition (Jean-Michel Jarre?). BacauHouseMafia.Ro. Beatport. - Techno Bass Multi-Universal Network. Ravetalk. Mixes and Mashups #1's favorites. Spotiseek - Helps you find new Spotify music.

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