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Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix. Adjust the volume of the iNudge. Click MORE for advanced adjustment abilities. For each Pattern, adjust Volume, Mute, Clear, or set Audio Pan from Left to Right. <div class="block"><div class="full"><div class="content info"><h3>Important information! :: Photos de concerts à Paris: Home Son of a Gun / Tod des Trompeters / Liger on Tour in Greece and Italy # Finished After a long while I finally got to finish this thing. I changed quite a bit, mainly the colors (lomo batch script for gimp for his and imagemagic to resize and combine imgages for the splitscreen at the end). no comments. # two more (liger and son of a gun) This is what it looks like when I am working on stuff … Liger – You’re an Engineer too, Son of a Gun – The Songwriter no comments. # a little preview – Son of a Gun I replaced the file because the sound was only on one channel, so I had to perform a little bit of geekery. no comments. # We are back Sadly, neither the gig in Igounemitsa, nor the one in Southern Italy was possible in the end, so Son of a Gun and Liger played a few acoustic songs each at Moustache. For those of you in Innsbruck and surrounding areas: see you tonight at Kunstraum for some more music and the screening of the raw material of the movie! 1 comment. # gig in igounemitsa no comments. # hello from ioannina 1 comment.

Le HibOO : Photos de Concerts, Sessions acoustiques, Captations Audio-Produktion in der Schule Sie sind hier: Medienwelten > Audio > Audio-Produktion in der Schule Nur wenige Lehrkräfte setzen in ihrem Medienunterricht auf Audio-Produktion. Medienkompetenzvermittlung hat in den Lehrplänen aller Schularten und Jahrgangsstufen einen zunehmend hohen Stellenwert. Medienarbeit in der Schule Medienerziehung ist wichtigObwohl alle Vorteile grundsätzlich bekannt sind und kaum bestritten werden, ist der prozentuale Anteile der Medienerziehung im Unterricht nach wie vor sehr gering. Favorit: FilmproduktionDie von Schülerinnen und Schülern favorisierte Filmproduktion ist jedoch in vielen Schulen aus mehreren Gründe kaum möglich: Die Anschaffungskosten von Videokameras und videoschnittfähigen Computern liegen in einer Höhe, die Schulen im Normalfall nicht finanzieren können. Audio-Produktion im Unterricht: Vorteile und Pro-Argumente VerfügbarkeitDie technische Ausrüstung der Schule ist meist ausreichend oder muss nur geringfügig aufgerüstet werden. Mehr zur schulischen Audio-Arbeit Kooperationen

Silversun Pickups Live! // Current To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. We now welcome the on-air and digital presence of Al Jazeera America, a new news network committed to reporting on and investigating real stories affecting the lives of everyday Americans in every corner of the country. Thank you for inspiring and challenging us. – The Current TV Staff

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