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bogs and tweetsl about personal finance and marketing. just hanging around in wordpress in my spare time.

What's Dominating Digital Marketing Right Now? 6 Tips for Your Marketing and Sales Reps to Consistently Produce Value-Added Content. The need for great content never ends for today's B2B marketing and sales professionals.

6 Tips for Your Marketing and Sales Reps to Consistently Produce Value-Added Content

Creating a Competitive Advantage by Foregoing Venture Capital. In my previous post on how Backblaze got started, I mentioned that “just because we knew the right solution, didn’t mean that it was possible.”

Creating a Competitive Advantage by Foregoing Venture Capital

I’ll dig into that here. The right solution was to offer unlimited backup for $5 per month. The price of storage at the time, however, would have likely forced us to price our unlimited backup service at 2x – 5x that. We were faced with a difficult challenge – compromise a fundamental feature of our product by removing the unlimited storage element, increase our price point in order to cover our costs but likely limit our potential customer base, seek funding in order to run at a loss while we built market share with a hope/prayer we could make a profit in the future, or find another way (huge unknown that might not have a solution). Below I’ll dig into the options that were available, the paths we tried, and how this challenge completely transformed our company and ended up being our greatest technological advantage. From Blogging To E-Commerce, Emily Schuman Of Cupcakes And Cashmere Expands Her Brand With New Site. How blogging can help improve your mental health and your bank balance.

Patients, psychologists and psychiatrists are using their blogs to help each other, and I’m just one of a million bloggers using my blog to give my mental health a boost.

How blogging can help improve your mental health and your bank balance

A blog can be the most rewarding thing you ever create. How my working class background has held me back more than my mental health issues Mine was a happy accident – I started it as a way to showcase my portfolio. I couldn’t get rid of the blog on the holding page so I started to update it with articles, thoughts, news and my travels. By doing so (as well blogging here at Metro), I found my voice as someone with a history of paranoid schizophrenia, struggling to make sense of the world, and also as someone who is often out of full-time work. Looking For Ways To Reduce Your Costs And Web Development Timeline? Consider These Factors.

The Pros and Cons of Investing With Robo Advisors. The last few decades have been very good for individual investors.

The Pros and Cons of Investing With Robo Advisors

Vanguard introduced the first publicly available index fund in 1976, and since then index mutual funds and ETFs have exploded in availability. Given what we know about investing – namely that minimizing fees and using index funds both increase your odds of success – these developments have made it easier than ever for regular people to access high-quality investments. Of course, there’s still the issue of choosing which mutual funds and ETFs you want to use, constructing a portfolio, and managing it across multiple investment accounts. If you’re not an investment professional, or at least someone who enjoys reading and learning about investing, all of those decisions can feel overwhelming, especially now that there are so many index funds and ETFs to choose from.

How A 4,058% APR Inspired Small Business Lender Able's New Products. Why you should get out of the stock market — now. Smart.

Why you should get out of the stock market — now

9 B2B Blogging Myths That Are Still Alive in 2017. B2B blogging has been one of the most effective inbound marketing tactics for years, and it's the most popular method among marketers.

9 B2B Blogging Myths That Are Still Alive in 2017

Blogging is so important, that 76% of B2B marketers planned to produce more blog content in 2016. But not everybody is winning at blogging. Only 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing, including blogging. Prep your 401(k) plan for 2017. Forbes Welcome. 5 marketing trends to watch for in 2017. It’s been an incredible year for digital marketing. 2016 saw numerous ups, downs, and unexpected trends.

5 marketing trends to watch for in 2017

As we kick off 2017, prepare to see some game-changing opportunities and exciting developments that may impact your marketing plans. Live platforms Live platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live have emerged over the past couple of years, quickly becoming a popular way to engage with customers. Live streaming hasn’t fully taken off yet, but expect it to boom in 2017. New live streaming platforms, better content, faster connection speeds, and bigger data plans, will lower the barriers for adoption. Marketing budgets continue to rise as marketers juggle increasing demands.

Forbes Welcome. Holiday shoppers: Watch out for fraud. Consider the security of a transaction, especially when you're shopping with an unfamiliar web retailer.

Holiday shoppers: Watch out for fraud

"Do some research on any vendor you're going to exchange money with," said Mat Gangwer, chief technology officer for Rook Security. As you're checking out, look for an "https" or a lock symbol – or both – at the start of the site web address, indicating a secure connection, he said. If the site requires you to create an account to complete a purchase, pick a unique password instead of recycling one you use elsewhere, Webb said. That keeps thieves from using one compromised account to crack your email, bank account or other retail log-ins.

Pay with a credit card, which offers more stringent fraud protections than debit cards, Hoyt said. Ideally, pick one low-limit credit card to use for online and mobile purchases only, she said, so you can more easily spot fraudulent transactions. What to Expect in WordPress 4.7 Update In December. 25 Fantastic Examples of Brands Using Instagram. With more than 400 million active monthly users, Instagram has grown into a social network that businesses need to pay attention to.

25 Fantastic Examples of Brands Using Instagram

9 reasons why your visitors bounce off your website - AionHill. Your website already has interesting content.

9 reasons why your visitors bounce off your website - AionHill

The design matches the latest trends. You have fantastic images to show off your products and thanks to your marketing initiatives, traffic has started to increase. Have you asked yourself the question why most of your visitors are still leaving your website? Why is the bounce rate increasing? Why is it that only such a small section of your visitors generate leads and become your customers?

Problems like this occur daily. You noticed that your website’s visitors quickly move on from your website without making any conversions? We collected the nine reasons that can result in the increase of the bounce rate. Globalization and new strategies for growth - The world is bumpy. Overall average scores for globalization Source: Globalization Index 2011 The world is not flat; it's bumpy and you can't see what's ahead.

As new markets expand and globalization increases, opportunities are becoming harder to find. Not so long ago, mature-market companies, faced with shrinking prospects at home, looked to rapid-growth economies as their best hope for profitability. 3 Tips to add Guerrilla Marketing to Your Marketing Strategy - Branding in Asia Magazine. Growing your business — particularly a new business — is difficult in today’s overcrowded marketplace and having a limited marketing budget can make things even more difficult. You know you have quality products or services, but not enough people are aware of them. One popular way to solve this dilemma is through the strategic use of guerrilla marketing. To help get you started here are three steps for discovering the power of guerrilla marketing and exploring ways it can help grow your business. 1.

Understand What Guerrilla Marketing Is — and Isn’t. The Most Common Mistakes Companies Make with Global Marketing. Marketers often find themselves at the forefront of a company’s global expansion. The marketing team is usually responsible for carrying out the market research that will determine where a company should expand, and it’s usually charged with creating a plan for attracting customers.

As a former business consultant to marketing executives at companies trying to expand globally, I’ve noticed some common marketing roadblocks that can stand in the way of international success: 1. Not specifying countries. Six important financial statements everyone should maintain - bighow news. The definitive list of resources for people interested in anything investing. — Hashtag Investing. The purpose of this write up is to detail sources of investing information I find useful.