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Smart wear apps

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Microsoft Band help, tips and tricks. How to connect the Microsoft Band with HealthVault & other services The Microsoft Band is not widely available, but lucky owners got treated to an update earlier this week.

Microsoft Band help, tips and tricks

Some of the new features include the Bike Tile, virtual keyboard, Quick Read, and much more. It also lets Microsoft Band users integrate their data with two additional services: HealthVault and... How to use Quick Read on the Microsoft Band The latest Microsoft Band update released earlier this week added some new features and functionality. How to use the Microsoft Band keyboard The Microsoft Band received an update earlier today and one of the cool new features is the virtual keyboard. LG G Watch R review: A full circle. GSMArena team, 01 December 2014.

LG G Watch R review: A full circle

Introduction Smartwatches have been around for a long time now, ever so reluctantly trying to infuse the tech spirit into one of the oldest accessories in the history of the world - the time piece. But a wrist watch is meant for more than telling the time - it's also a fashion statement. And as cool as the square smartwatches may be, they can only get you so far. With that in mind, Android Wear has inspired the introduction of the first wave of round smartwatches - the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. LG G Watch R official photos Unlike Motorola, LG has managed to make the display on its round smartwatch perfectly round, without the "flat tire" visual effect. And even though there is no mechanism inside, just like a classic watch, what's on the inside matters. Key features Main disadvantages. Google Play Music on Android Wear: How to use it and what it still needs. One of the primary reasons for me to get a smartwatch was for music.

Google Play Music on Android Wear: How to use it and what it still needs

Not to listen from it, per se, but to control music from it. Being able to leave the phone inside while I walk my laps is still a somewhat tantalizing idea, and sometimes necessary, as workout clothes (or any other kind of clothes for that matter) for ladies like me often don't have the luxury of sizable pockets. So, with the recent updates to Play Music and Android Wear bringing this welcome change, let's see about getting these jams from our phones to our wrists — and why it doesn't work as well as we would've hoped.

When you update Play Music, a new app shows up on your Android Wear device. However, opening it up proves to be a bit of a bummer, as the app tells you it's empty, and that it needs to be loaded from your connected phone first. 15 best Android Wear apps. Android Wear is a brand new platform which means it can be difficult to find the essential applications.

15 best Android Wear apps

Believe it or not, there are some decent Android Wear apps out there and you can get quite a bit of functionality. Here is an early list of the best Android Wear apps. 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar [Price: Free with in app purchases] First on our list is 1Weather. It’s already an intensely popular and highly rated weather application with a lot of functionality. Wear HQ for Android Wear - Indie app of the day. Wear HQ for Android Wear is an app that’s dedicated to all things Android Wear.

Wear HQ for Android Wear - Indie app of the day

It’s not actually an app that you use on your smartwatch but rather one that’s meant to stick on your phone. It’s free to use with in app purchases and it’s pretty functional. Here’s how it works. Endomondo Sports Tracker updates with Android Wear support. iHeartRadio will gain Android Wear support next week. Starting October 15, iHeartRadio users will be able to use their voice to control their music listening experience with Android Wear support.

iHeartRadio will gain Android Wear support next week

Users with an Android phone and an Android Wear smartwatch will be able to search for their favorite radio stations using their voice or give a thumbs up to the music they like right from their wrist. Here are some of the features that will be available for Android Wear users: Voice Search ­ Listen to more than 1,900 live radio stations or create your own based on a library of more than 450,000 artists by simply saying "Z100" or "Rihanna" Favorites ­ Quick access to view and play saved stations or shows For You - Browse tailored recommendations based on specific music preferences and listening habits Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down - Provide on the spot feedback to tailor future music recommendations, plus enjoy the ability to scan live stations across the country Are you excited about controlling your iHeartRadio experience on your wrist?

Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps Monthly – October 2014 Edition. Android Wear has been on our wrists for some time now, and there are now enough apps out there to provide users with a somewhat daunting amount of choice.

Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps Monthly – October 2014 Edition

So, how do you know which music controller is really better than Google’s? Which app is the best for keeping track of those runs and walks? Hopefully, a new monthly Top 10 will help answer those questions as well, in the future, highlight some of the more interesting an unique Android Wear apps. So, let’s get started, shall we? Wear Mini Launcher An essential download that many of you already know of, Wear Mini Launcher is the best way of accessing other apps on your Android Wear watch. Facer I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Facer and I recently covered it in our weekly smartwatch feature. Allthecooks Cookpad Recipes is the app version of allthecooks, a service for well, cooking.

Runtastic Runtastic is an excellent all round platform for helping you keep motivated and log all those miles you clock in. Tweening.