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42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office

42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office
There are many good furniture designs, a lot of different materials that compose a beautiful desk. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space. Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, one-man workstation to a large, conferential table. 1. This is one of the best desk designs when it comes to storage space. 2. Gracefully resembling the shape of a deer, the Reindeer Desk by Alex Kozynets inspires purity and dynamicity. 3. Designer Sophie Kirkpatrick found a solution to crowded spaces with no intimacy in the form of this Duplex Workspace Desk. 4. Elena Rurua presented this sleek desk in two versions: white and black with a swirl pattern on one side. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Drawers that act as Briefcases by Jung-Ah Kim Designed by Jung-Ah Kim this smart design combines the usefulness of a desk drawer with the portability of a suitcase. The concept includes 3 drawers that act as briefcases. Rather than having to pack up whatever it is you need before you leave the office, you can just pull out whichever drawer you need and carry it home. 17 Cool and Unusual Coasters Creative beverage coasters will make a great addition to any bar or kitchen. Bread Coasters Set of unusual coasters designed to look like a loaf of sliced bread. [link] OXO Good Grips Coasters These cool beverage coasters are equipped with a pattern that holds liquid and promotes air flow so coasters won’t stick to glassware. Puzzle Coasters Elegant jig-saw puzzle inspired coaster set made of stainless steel. Chalkboard Coasters Perfect for writing down names of people and drinks at parties. Stay on Coasters Innovative beverage coasters will always “stay on” your wine glass. Wine Bottle Coaster Stays with the bottle and catches drops. Pallet Coasters Stackable coasters are exact miniatures of the industrial models. Fruit Coasters Unique coasters feature interior ridges designed to capture condensation and steady beverages. Cutlery Coasters Modern coasters created out of laser cut and folded steel sheets. Cheeseburger Coasters Set includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat, and two bread coasters.

2014 Living Room Design We begin this post with a series of photos dedicated to home and interior design. The idea of our website is to inspire you with colors, shapes, symbols and trends for your interior design projects by providing you with some of the most beautiful photographs published on the web and uploaded by our users. Above you can see the photo entitled '2014 Living Room Design' in full size. In order to save it, just right click on the picture, then select "Save Image As" in your browser. Posts related to 2014 Living Room Design The Modern Classic Living Room Design Ideas The modern classic living room design always provides the luxury and the quality comfort that will present the the warmth among the family members during ... Smart And Efficient Living Room Design For A Small House Living room design for a small house may be kind of a bit issue for many homeowners who have small houses. Modern Small Beautiful Living Room Design Classical-Style Home Living Room Interior Design Living Room Design Trends

10 Favorites: Wall-Mounted Desks for Children (and Teens): Remodelista Older 10 Favorites: Wall-Mounted Desks for Children (and Teens) by Julie Carlson Issue 8 · Winter Break · February 26, 2014 Newer Issue 8 · Winter Break · February 26, 2014 Share on email Our roundup of space-saving desks, wall-mounted edition. Above: A plywood wall-mounted desk by Dutch architects Atelier van Wengerden. Above: Designed by Nisse Strinning, the String Work Desk is available through Ambient Direct (shown here with the reissued Danish furniture classic Hukit chair). Above: The plywood wall-mounted Workstation from Finnish architect Takkunen's collection, Luona In, is €169. Above: A wall-mounted desk spotted on House to Home; photo by Emma Mitchell for Living Etc. Above: Rachelle of Kenziepoo made a desk for her daughter's room using two wooden boards and a pair of metal brackets. Above: The Wall-Hanging Desk from Denmark company Junior Living can be closed when not in use. Above: A Mash Studio Wall-Mounted Desk in a Chicagochildren's room by architect Julie Fisher of fcStudio.

Creative Design Idea: Desk Made From Briefcases When first seeing the photos of this unusual briefcase desk, we hoped it was made from recycled materials. But apparently it was created using leather. All in all, the idea is interesting and worth showcasing. We don’t know if this desk was meant for nomadic souls and wanderers, or if you can pack it up once you are done working. Still, its practicability is obvious: the improvised luggage can be used as drawers for storage and there are definitely a lot of things one could store in six briefcases. The opening system is fun and could remind one of traveling every time a drawer is opened.

The World's Best Beds: Where Daydreams Do Come True Luxury Beds To commemorate Valentine's Day, we've searched the world to find a collection of the most lavish, over-the-top, amazingly cozy, and unique beds a couple could ever wish to spend 48 hours in. Consider it a "bucket list" for romantic getaways-with pictures to inspire. By Lena Katz Sleeping With the Stars Bed | Los Cabos, Mexico One of the most romantic and elegant hotels in Los Cabos is Las Ventanas al Paraiso. Beach Bed | Riviera Maya, Mexico If there's one thing more indulgent than a mid-day catnap in the sun, it's a mid-day catnap where you can see and hear the waves, stretch out on your own personal daybed, and get a frosty beverage delivered with a wave of your hand. African Safari Bed | Xudum Botswana Further to the theme of beds for the daytime, this ultra-chic African cabana on the savannah serves a similar purpose as pool cabanas in Vegas: It provides a safe and comfortable spot from which to view the local wildlife. Star Gazing Bed | Mahua Kothi, India

Hey....wats up 25 Cool DIY Projects And Ideas You Can Do Yourself Here are some awesome diy project ideas that you can complete in a weekend. Most of the things we are showing here are woodworking projects but most are from intermediate to slightly difficult to create and build. Have a look below for inspiration to create your next fun weekend diy project and CREATE SOMETHING. A fun diy idea painting the wooden legs on chairs and couches Birch Wall Panel Modern brass chandelier made with scrapped brass pipe Driftwood Wall Mount Rack Easiest Bookshelf ever just wine boxes & binder clips Floating Storage Rack Four Jar Wall Vase Mason Jar Wall Storage Cottage Home Decor Industrial Shelving Pipe Shelf Wood Shelf Made From Local and Rescued Hardwood Maple Jewelry Holder Organizer Storage Necklace Holder Key Rack Jewelry storage rack, Reclaimed wood organizer with Vintage spoons, Found objects Lazy Under Bed shoes rack storage Mason Jar Wall Storage on Vintage Yardsticks Nail Polish Rack Any Color Holds 64 Polishes Paint Storage Rack Holds 81 2oz Craft Paint Bottles

34 Fresh Ideas for Decorating a Home Office Area Decorating a home office area can be tricky. First off, you have to choose the way the office will “feel”. If you go for a homey environment, chances are you will not be so concentrated on your work, as many things are likely to draw your attention. If you choose a very professional decorating style, then what is the purpose of having it inside your home anyway? Here are 34 ideas for arranging a home office area that disobey all rules. Connecting professionalism with coziness, these offices are all unique in style and ensure a good work atmosphere.

Bedroom Design: 20 Ideas for Your Own Designer Bedroom Amazing pictures and great ideas can be almost as helpful in designing the best new bedroom as having a cool designer – and inspiration is free. From retro and vintage to modern and bohemian, small spare rooms to magnificent master bedrooms, here are some of the most creative and unique photos of bedroom interior designs online. Cool & Hot Colored Bedroom Design: An age-old interior designer trick is to start with a great color palette and work from there, finding, designing and painting around that first defining choice. From simple modern black, white or grey palettes the bright blue, yellow and red choices in the pictures above, this is a good way to start small and build a big space around a tiny color concept. Themed & Bohemian Bedroom Design: For those of a slightly different stripe (zebra, perhaps?) Japanese, Chinese & Other Asian Theme Bedroom Designs: Saved for last, inspiration from the Far East can be dangerous – it is a small step from cultural curiosity to crazy kitsch.

baby 42 Pieces of Productive Office Furniture By: Tana Makmanee - Published: Jun 13, 2013 • References: When it comes to making the work day as efficient as possible, these examples of productive office furniture designs will certainly help you feel more willing and prepared to tackle your assignments and projects. Not having enough privacy or ability to work quietly can be a painstaking headache, and can often lead to a very unproductive work experience. These cleverly designed pieces of furniture however, are all equipped with unique and creative features that will make working in the office or at home a lot more convenient. From workspaces that are designed like miniature cubicles to allow for privacy to adjustable ergonomic chairs that helps support your back, these examples of productive office furniture pieces will make anyone feel more inspired to get their work done.

Featured Workspace - Lifehacker It looks like a study room in a library. But with a shelf. A terrible, terrible shelf. I can imagine myself being very comfortable in that room actually. I can also imagine my grandfather who was an architect during the modern era being equally comfortable in there. BTW - be careful about decrying modernism, look at any photo or painting of an old Japanese interior and compare it which much of Frank Lloyd-Wright. While FLW was a Modern in terms of timing and in the sense that he was breaking from tradition, the underlying principles of his work were far removed from the sterile, faux-utilitarianism of the space above. I may well be out of my depth here, as my knowledge of architecture hasn't progressed much since middle school, except where it intersects with literature and film. It's a matter of personal taste, I know. I think that there's "good" modernism and "housing project" modernism.