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No-contract online iPhone sales ended by AT&T and Apple

No-contract online iPhone sales ended by AT&T and Apple
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Report: Jobs Promises iOS 4 Update for iPhone 3G 'Soon' Steve Jobs is e-mailing again, and this time it's about a rumored update for iOS4 that will help performance issues on the iPhone 3G. According to a report on Mac Rumors, an iPhone 3G user who e-mailed Jobs about a "fix that will make my phone work again" received an e-mail from the Apple chief that said simply: "Software update coming soon." Late last month, Apple told The Wall Street Journal that it was investigating reports that iPhone 3G users who upgraded to iOS 4 were met with batteries that drained quickly and handsets that overheated. The user who e-mailed Jobs also told Mac Rumors that his phone was "dog slow" and had issues with scrolling, zooming, and typing once iOS 4 was installed.

TechCrunch Biz Break: Want an iPhone or Android? Here's why you might have to wait Posted: 05/02/2012 10:35:42 PM PDT0 Comments|Updated: about a year ago Congratulations! You found a link we goofed up on, and as a result you're here, on the article-not-found page. That said, if you happened to be looking for our daily celebrity photo gallery, you're in luck: Also, if you happened to be looking for our photo gallery of our best reader-submitted images, you're in luck: So, yeah, sorry, we could not find the Mercury News article you're looking for. The article has expired from our system. What next? You may also want to try our search to locate news and information on If you're looking for an article that was published in the last two weeks, here are more options: News: Local news articles Entertainment: Entertainment articles from the past two weeks Sports: Sports articles from the past two weeks Business: Business articles from the past two weeks Opinion: Opinion articles Lifestyle: Lifestyle articles from the past two weeks

SlashGear - Feeding Your Gadget and Tech Obsessions First Look: Top Gun 2 for iPhone August 19, 2010, 2:54 PM EDT By Chris Holt It's time to return to the danger zone. Paramount Digital Entertainment's Top Gun 2 launched Thursday on the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring the iconic F-14 Tomcat from the movie as well as the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F/A-18 Hornet, Top Gun 2 allows you to upgrade your fighter's cannon and missile systems. The game features seven levels including missions set against enemy air, land, and sea units. The controls utilize both the iPhone's accelerometer functionality (for steering) and the touchscreen (for weapons). The developers at Paramount and Freeverse took customers' advice when creating Top Gun 2, and have eliminated much of the animated story that featured so prominently in the first game. The game is available at $3 for download in Apple's app store for a limited time. Original story - Related Articles Copyright

NL_AFFILIATES (TWIZOPHRANIC) sur Twitter Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones High performance access to file storage Apple has applied for a patent covering an elaborate series of measures to automatically protect iPhone owners from thieves and other unauthorized users. But please withhold the applause. The patent, titled “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device,” would also protect Apple against jailbreaks and other unauthorized hacks to the device, which were recently excepted from copyright enforcement. The application, which was filed in February and published Thursday, specifically describes the identification of “hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, or removal of a SIM card” so that measures can be taken to counter the user. Rest assured that this jailbreaking identification, the application would have us believe, is simply a means of protecting owners from unauthorized users. But elsewhere, the patent betrays ulterior motives that are considerably more self serving. The application describes plenty of bells and whistles.

Modder outfits Nexus One with an Arduino-powered, pager-style display -- of course Not satisfied with a Sony Ericsson LiveView as a secondary display for your Android phone, or a dual-screen device like the Kyocera Echo? Then you might want to consider something like this decidedly more homebrew approach from modder "follower," which uses the Android Open Accessory protocol to connect the Frankenpager-type contraption you see above to an otherwise ordinary Nexus One. Of course, that two-line display does limit things somewhat, but it will at least let you see the time and any incoming text messages without forcing you to leave your game. Hit the source link below for all the details and software you need to build your own. Comments

Motorola Droid 2 First-look Review This Motorola model is the latest addition to the line of relatively large smartphones, roughly the same size as Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. It feels very solid in the hand, and weighty but not too heavy. The overall appearance of the device is both modern and blocky. You'll need a large pocket to put it in, but this device isn't so thick that it will be too unsightly. DisplayThe 3.7-inch Touchscreen display has a WVGA (480 x 854) resolution. The display is missing that undefinable "something" that I've seen on all of the other recent smartphones I've reviewed. KeyboardThe physical QWERTY keyboard is located under the display; you access it by holding the bottom of the phone and sliding the display to the right. The keyboard is nicely laid out, with clearly marked keys, and large alt, shift, space, and enter keys -- something that I really appreciate. The volume buttons are on the top right edge of the phone and the camera is on the bottom right side.

iPad 2 jailbreak available now? (video) Can't say it happened at Mach 3, but the iPad 2 jailbreak that we saw teased back in mid-March seems to have made its way out into the wild at long last. According to the video hosted up just past the break, JailbreakMe 3.0 is now available with support for the iPad 2. It's bruited that the version making its way around now was leaked by a beta tester (read: it ain't the final build), and we're seeing mixed success / failure stories in the related YouTube comments. Update: This is working only for iOS 4.3, so if you've updated, you're sadly out of luck. Update 2: We've received multiple reports that this particular jailbreak is available for iOS 4.3.0, only. Update 3: We've received notice that this version is actually a pre-release of the upcoming jailbreak that is not finished, not intended for public consumption, and apparently leaked by a beta tester. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in] Comments

Smartphone App Market To Be Worth $15B By 2013, Already $2.2B In First Half Of ’10 The mobile app market continues to grow by an incredible amount year after year, with new research estimating the entire market will reach $15 billion by 2013. Mobile research firm Research2guidance recently published a comprehensive report entitled “Global Smartphone Application Market Report 2010,” which was an update for the smartphone app market for the first half of 2010. In it, the firm indicates the market has already reached $2.2B in the first six month of this year, well on track to reach the $15B estimate for 2013. While the firm’s estimates were attributed mostly to the obvious growth of app stores like Apple’s and the Android Market, Research2guidance expects future growth to be driven by “niche stores for verticals such as business or health.” A primary contributing factor to the growth of mobile apps is the steady adoption of smartphones, which the firm estimates will increase from about 100 million in 2009 to nearly 1 billion by 2013.

First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day One: Completely at Sea Professional film & video editor Matthew Levie is based in San Francisco, produced and edited the documentary Honest Man and writes Blog and Capture. First-Person Final Cut Pro X is the unvarnished story of his week-long introduction to the new Final Cut. [Note that all opinions and assessments of FCP X expressed here are Matt's own, not TUAW's, and that any misconceptions or misunderstandings of FCP X features represent Matt's hands-on first reactions. So I really, really did not believe that FCP X would be "iMovie Pro." If you thought no multicam was the problem, you're thinking way too far ahead for this program. There is, in fact, a way to mark a perfectly good in and out point, contrary to rumor. Heck, I can't even find a way to do an overwrite edit. I should confess at this point that I've never used iMovie. It turns out, of course, that all of these basic features are in the program, but the documentation isn't very well written. Now I doubt we're going to get that far.

Nokia n9 smartphone rumours tip up FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia's N9 smartphone prototype has been spotted in China and it is likely to be the first smartphone to run the outfit's own Meego OS. But it's going face real competition from the upcoming Blackberry Bold and HTC Desire smartphones, so it's going to have to be pretty good to gain much traction. Unfortunately no specifications for the Nokia N9 have been leaked, only some photos of the device to tease us at the Chinese language site Baidu. Nokia looks like it is going to put a slide-out Qwerty keyboard on the N9 and the first impression of it is that looks a lot like a miniaturised Macbook. Overall, the device looks like it's going to be rather large, with a screen size comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S. The Meego OS is likely to be key to the success or failure of the N9 and Nokia has all but pinned its hopes on the OS for the high end market. Still, Nokia has an established user base that will welcome its devices. "A very nice device indeed.

Facebook to launch in-browser video chat powered by Skype? Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype hasn't closed yet, but it looks like Redmond is already working behind the scenes to make the service even more ubiquitous. According to an anonymous source interviewed by TechCrunch, Facebook is going to introduce video chat next week, and that service will be powered by none other than Skype. And while the service will be browser-based, it's also said to include a desktop component. We'd say none of that sounds too fantastical -- video calls would be a logical extension of Facebook chat, and let's not forget about the $240 million Microsoft invested in the site back in 2007. What's more, Facebook sent out invites for an event next week, where Mark Zuckerberg was clear the outfit would unveil a new product from its Seattle team. That's in Microsoft's backyard, of course, the invites themselves have chat icons on 'em, and, most tellingly, that Seattle office has been snapping up engineers specializing in desktop software. Comments