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Emma Lipardi. Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

Emma Lipardi

Hi! My name's Emma and I love writing fanfiction. In fact, I think it's safe to say that fanfiction is slowly taking over my life. An Aunt's Love Chapter 1: Home Again, a harry potter fanfic. Author Note: Hi!

An Aunt's Love Chapter 1: Home Again, a harry potter fanfic

I'm Emma and I'm taking over this story. This is an original chapter, so not much to see really, if you've already read it. If you haven't, well, I hope you like it. Petunia Dursley sat in her kitchen, staring out of a window, a cup of tea cooling in front of her. Something was bothering her, and now that her husband had left for work, and her son had gone out, she had a free moment to think without anyone disturbing her. Ever since the summer holiday had begun, she had noticed things. Dear Mrs. I regret to inform you that Mr. Yours, Albus Dumbledore What did he mean, that she should allow the boy to grieve? She ran into the room to find her nephew on the couch, fighting his way out of sleep. "You didn't. " Vernon had come in and immediately went to the living room, where he had promptly lost himself in his newspaper. She managed to sneak into his room that night, just to check on him.

SensiblyTainted. Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Gundam Wing/AC.


Hmmm... Let's see... Where to begin... DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan. Author has written 82 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Dark-Hunter series.


Name: Is Debs And Welcome To My Profile page :) this is my LJ page Age - 26. Broken Mind, Fractured Soul Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any other character found in Rowling's books.

Broken Mind, Fractured Soul Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic

A/N: This is in response to the challenge issued by EmySabath, the author of the wonderful fiction Me, Myself, and I. If you haven't read it, please go and do so. A/N2: This story will have a dark theme, but will have its lighter points too. In later chapters, Severus Snape will take on the trusted mentor role (I don't care what happened in the 6th book!). Remus will be a protector and beloved by Harry by the middle of third year.

A/N3: Everyone give a big thank you to EmySabath for being this story's beta! Broken Mind, Fractured Soul There is more to Harry Potter than what meets the eye. Let me start at the beginning and lift away the illusions to expose the truth of the story you all have heard. xXxXxXx Godric's Hollow was a beautiful home full of warm woods and soft red and golden furniture. "I like this one. " Becoming Chapter 1: Possessed, a harry potter fanfic. A/N: This story is going to be dark, but I hope not overly so.

Becoming Chapter 1: Possessed, a harry potter fanfic

It will eventually be slash. If any of these things upset you, then leave now. Otherwise, I really look forward to what you think of my new story. It starts after the attack on the Department of Mysteries and Sirius' death. Everything up to this point has followed canon. Becoming Possessed Excruciating. Smothered by sticky blackness, grasping and clutching at him no matter how he struggled. Slimy vileness seeping into every crevice, into every inch of his soul. Tell Me The Reason Why Chapter 1: Tell Me Why, a Harry Potter and Gundam Wing/AC crossover fanfic. A/N: This is an AU crossover involving Harry Potter/ Gundam Wing.

Tell Me The Reason Why Chapter 1: Tell Me Why, a Harry Potter and Gundam Wing/AC crossover fanfic

The first bit of the story has a Gundam Wing setting, but will mainly deal with the Harry Potter Universe. It is NOT NECESSARY to know the Gundam Wing series as I'm mostly taking five characters from the Anime/Manga and bringing them to Harry's world. Snapegirlkmf. Author has written 102 stories for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dragonriders of Pern series, Mythology, Greek Mythology, Young Riders, and Once Upon a Time.


Hi, I've finally gotten around to writing this profile, I was busy writing about Harry Potter and Severus, as well as Rumplestiltskin and Belle, who lead much more interesting lives than I do. I work for Barnes and Noble (wonderful company, i still have a job in this recession), I'm also a former English teacher and a preschool teacher too with a very large family. I tend to draw from my own experiences when I write, and I enjoy writing mostly Harry Potter and Once Upon A Time series or two and a Star Wars series as well, and some Greek and Norse mythology legends which have been retold and revised.

I like stories where there is a strong sense of family, and mostly happy endings, so most of my work focuses on those themes. Motto: Dare to be different . . .and smile at those who stare at you for it. Favorite HP characters: NEW POEMs* Mione5. Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter. 11th August 2012 Hello All, As promised I am still working my way slowly through my remaining stories.


Unfortunately RL has a dreadful way of poking its nose in when least wanted. I also lost my beta a while ago and whilst a couple of people did offer to assist, nothing came of it. Regards, Mione Below is a list of my stories and their publish dates for those who are interested.