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Into the Wardrobe - a C. S. Lewis web site

Into the Wardrobe - a C. S. Lewis web site
Quotation for Friday, April 11, 2014 You and I who still enjoy fairy tales have less reason to wish actual childhood back. We have kept its pleasures and added some grown-up ones as well. Letters to an American Lady (quote changes at midnight Greenwich Mean Time — © C. S.

Books Which Influenced C.S. Lewis Writers Who Influenced His Philosophy and Faith C.S. Lewis was an avid reader. He also had an extraordinary and enviable capacity to recall what he read. The Space Trilogy The Space Trilogy or Cosmic Trilogy[a] is a series of science fiction novels by C. S. Lewis, famous for his later series The Chronicles of Narnia. A philologist named Elwin Ransom is the hero of the first two novels and an important character in the third. Contents[edit] Summary[edit] Samizdat Paul Gosselin Ami intime de JRR Tolkien (auteur bien connu du "Hobbit" et du "Seigneur des Anneaux"), ils fréquentaient ensemble une société littéraire qui s'appelait les "Inklings". On y lut pour la première fois les romans de Lewis, Tolkien et de Charles Williams. Généralement, ils se rencontraient au pub "Eagle and Child" à Oxford et les discussions avaient lieu autour — d'une bière. Les romans de C. S.

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