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Zap Da Bug. The battlefield is all set warming up for a war that promises to be quite exciting!

Zap Da Bug

Armies are geared up to prove their mettle. There are no armored soldiers slashing swords or machine guns recklessly firing away. But soldiers take on each other in a grim battle that only gets tougher and tougher. Attacks are strategically planned and armies fight tooth and nail. Only the fittest will survive. The competition in the world of insects is immense. . • Select a mode of difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard).• Choose a bug hero to represent your race (Bee/Ant/Spider).• Touch your base and drag to the adjacent base to dispatch your bugs for the attack. • Attack from multiple bases with simple swipe and drag moves.• Make use of a skill when the skill gauge is full.• Capture all the enemy bases to clear a level.

The bigger your base, the more bugs you can have. The Weather Channel. Make confident decisions based on the world’s most downloaded weather app.

The Weather Channel

KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Dynamic Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most. • Forecasts: Hourly, 15-day and weekend forecasts in Celsius or Fahrenheit. • Current Weather Conditions: More than temperatures, get “feels like” weather, humidity, dew point, sunrise, sunset, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometric pressure. • Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future radar. Map layers show road or satellite views, water temperature, wind speeds, snow cover, and more.• Hurricane Central: Track tropical storms and hurricanes, get storm safety and preparedness tips with Hurricane Central. Tap Da Cookie - Google Play. Softies Sugar Cookies is a cool game where you cook a real dessert recipe and see if you have some cooking skills!

Tap Da Cookie - Google Play

This game is simply and a lot of fun, you should definitely try it even if you are a boy or a girl, you will love it :) # gain cooking experience while you are having fun # over 1.000.000 downloads and great amount of 5 starts reviews # nice graphics, colors and fun music. Roll Da Dice. Puff Da Fish. Welcome to the exciting game where peaceful balloons fight against the bloodthirsty zombies who want to capture their world!

Puff Da Fish

Insidious zombies lurk under the barricade, and at night to attack and destroy balls. If you're on the good side, you have to help the balloons to defend their world. Destroy the building, behind which lurk the zombies and kill them! Save the world of balloons! Jurassic Park™ Builder - Google Play. ¡Dirige un ejército de dragones!

Jurassic Park™ Builder - Google Play

Enfréntate a miles de tribus rivales con este juego de estrategia y construcción de Spacetime Studios, una de las casas de desarrollo mejor valoradas por la crítica. ***** «¡Un juego indispensable para cualquier móvil o tableta!» ***** «¡Otro gran éxito de Spacetime Studios!» ***** «No hay nada como sentir el aroma del azufre y el aliento de dragón al levantarse. Y a media tarde. Si estás leyendo esto, seguramente le hayas dado al botón «Más» de la descripción... A grandes rasgos, Battle Dragons te permite ponerte al mando de un ejército de dragones y atacar a otros jugadores para robarles sus valiosos recursos. Es un juego muy divertido, de verdad, y no te costará ni un céntimo. ¿Quieres saber más cosas interesantes sobre el juego? • Defiende tu fortaleza con 13 tipos distintos de estructuras que podrás mejorar hasta que tus defensas sean completamente inexpugnables.

. . . • Enfréntate a otras tribus en una épica y draconiana batalla por el poder supremo. Flip Da Coin. Romans called it ship or head (navia aut caput) and the British call it cross and pile. Whatever you call it, Flip Da Coin is the perfect way to decide between two options. No dirty coins to handle, no conflict over fraudulent flipping, with Flip Da Coin just a tap of your finger provides a chance outcome or expression of divine will, along with mPOINTS mobile rewards. Portland, Oregon got it's name via a coin toss. Scientists sometimes use coin flipping to determine the order in which they appear on the list of authors of scholarly papers. In Canada and the United Kingdom, a coin toss is used to decide an election when two candidates receive an equal number of votes.

Family Feud® & Friends - Google Play. * Play with your friends or randomly against one of the 12 million players 1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find and score higher than your friends.

Family Feud® & Friends - Google Play