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Seth Godin!

Seth Godin!

Stop Stealing Dreams | Stop Stealing Dreams Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin (read by Zia Hassan) Tweet Preface: Education transformed 00:00 / 04:52 Digital Album Immediate download of 132-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Free Download Share / Embed Preface: Education transformed 04:52 download A few notes about this manifesto 01:34 Back to (the wrong) school 03:50 What is school for? Column A and Column B 01:30 Changing what we get, because we’ve changed what we need 01:10 Mass production desires to produce mass 02:46 Is school a civic enterprise? Three legacies of Horace Man 01:34 Frederick J. To efficiently run a school, amplify fear (and destroy passion) 00:50 Is it possible to teach attitudes? Which came first, the car or the gas station? The wishing and dreaming problem 00:46 “When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut assistant” 01:54 School is expensive 01:04 Reinventing school 01:30 Fast, flexible, and focused 02:06 Dreams are difficult to build and easy to destroy 01:26

Novellablog: Yes, You Can Edit Your Own Work, but You Will Probably Frack It Up. | The Clockwork Foundry It will not surprise my nerd audience that I’m watching Battlestar Galactica as I write this. But that’s neither here nor there. We are now progressing into the portion of this series I like to call Here’s a list of things I am worried about with this project: 1) Finishing the novella. Then, right on schedule, (I KNOW!!) 1) Without running the agent/editor gauntlet, how do I actually know this thing is any good? I had already decided I needed to have someone else copyedit the manuscript. We all make mistakes. All of these things get fixed because someone other than me looks at the manuscript in a particular way. And yet. A page from the revised final draft of Ellen Raskin's THE WESTING GAME. The last time I got a manuscript back from my editor at Clarion, it was prefaced by an email that said (I am not paraphrasing), “Great job, Kate! What would it look like if she thought the manuscript quote-needed work-unquote? Then there’s this to panic about: catching potential historical mistakes.

Family tree of the Greek gods FUNNY WOMEN #82: Apply Your Feelings Of Professional Inadequacy To A Really Adorable Birthday Cake In a perfect world, we would emerge from the womb clutching our CVs in our tiny, clenched palms. Our eyes wouldn’t yet be open, but still we’d be all, Here, look at how accomplished. Womb, it would read. Baby, it would say. Nine months old, and already we would have detailed lists of achievements: awards won, publications scored, the way we spent our time when we weren’t spending it acquiring life. Experience: Nine months of stellar attendance. Volunteer work: making you glowy as fuck. And all of it would be perfectly formatted, stylishly indented, the font so drop-dead gorgeous even Papyrus would be jealous. We’d be brand new but impressive. Because who could compete with that? What if first I was a baby with accomplishments in letterpress? Would that change a thing? In the meantime, I’m making plans. Because I will do that. And it gets worse every year. First drive across town to that hulking ass Wal-Mart that stands alone in the middle of nowhere. Not you, remember? Adhere sticker to cake.

Build a Lightsaber NO NEW LIGHTSABERS FOR ME RIGHT NOW becuase - UPDATE: I've been super busy taking part in Dallas Red Bull Flugtag. I am part of Team Dworks. So you have decided to take the final step to embracing the force. What ever side you are on, what follows is how to make a Duel-Worthy Lightsabre. Total cost of this project is $60 to $1,000 USD. The Video: NOTE 1: This Instructable is very TEXT intensive. NOTE 2: Most of the parts used in this tutorial came from The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS). * The author of this instructable is not responsible for property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and/or death resulting from the building and use of the lightsaber prop.

Win a place on a top writing course - Lifestyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – 26 August 2012 The course, at The O'Brien Press in Rathgar, also includes one-on-one assessment of your work with a possibility of representation by the Author Rights Agency. The Making a Novel course is led by Author Rights Agency director Svetlana Pironko and novelist Kevin Stevens. Previous contributors include the first Irish Laureate of children's fiction Siobhan Parkinson, and novelists Ken Bruen, Aifric Campbell, Catherine Dunne, Celine Kiernan and Sam Millar. The first two years attracted writers from all over the country who travelled up every week to attend classes. To celebrate the Making a Novel course's third birthday, we're delighted to offer a trio of terrific prizes. Submissions will be accepted by email only to in Word, PDF or RTF document. For more information about the Making a Novel course, visit

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