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High-Speed photographs of ink dropped into water. 30 Most Ridiculous Doodles on Draw Something. Draw Something is a mobile app developed by Omgpop.

30 Most Ridiculous Doodles on Draw Something

It was one of the Mobile apps which won the Flurry App Spotlight Awards in 2012. In the first five weeks after its launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times. Fifty days after its release, it had been downloaded 50 million times. Recently, both Draw Something and Omgpop were bought by the game giant Zynga for $180 million. Two players alternate turns between drawing a picture for the other to guess. I know I put my Megazord around here somewhere… Megaman has this easy. Love(bug) conquers all. Leave it to Russel to always be prepared with a compass. Hey chain chomp! This takes sibling rivalry to a whole other level. I think I’m tapped out on Star Wars clues. I like how Donkey Kong is professional enough to wear a tie despite having a job of primarily manual labor One small step for toys … One giant leap for toykind… Just glad I didn’t step on that tootsie roll.

Who needs a surgeon when you got Dr. Dad-gum! Itadakimasu! Aystein-Lunde-Ingvaldsen1.jpg (1024×681) Some Bizzare and Odd things around us… Beauty of the nature lies in viewer’s eyes.

Some Bizzare and Odd things around us…

A photograph is just a way to show or represent that beauty. Here is a bunch of some wonderful pictures which are not only the example of beautiful photography but are also a photograph of some miracles happening in the world. You can also call it the creativity and innovation of photographer’s mind. I think it was at the peak while taking these pictures.

Some photographs are just the example of wonder created by God. Some are really very cute and heart touching. I am simply in love with these photographs and I am sure you will too. Gibraltar Airport is one of the most extraordinary airports around the world. Morning Glory – kind of clouds observed in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia. The river above the river: Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany. Heavy fog in Sydney, which enveloped the whole city. Skyscraper-Crescent Crescent Moon Tower (Dubai). Photo of storm in Montana, USA, 2010. In northwestern Montana, USA. Shoes with teeth. From London's Fantich and Young: Apex Predator shoes, whose soles have been covered with denture teeth: Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain.

Shoes with teeth

Materials: Savile Row Oxford Shoes, Size UK15, 1050 teeth dentures. Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain. Awesome People Hanging Out Together. Mick Jagger, William S.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Burroughs and Andy Warhol, 1980 Charles Bukowski and Mickey Rourke Michael Caine and Nancy Sinatra Trent Reznor, Jon Stewart and Marilyn Manson Clockwise from left: Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, producer Jerry Epstein, and Chaplin’s son Sydney Chaplin. Richard Avedon, Gloria Vanderbilt and Sidney Lumet Susan Anton, Sylvester Stallone & Andy Warhol Eric Clapton and George Harrison Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage at the 28th Annual Academy Awards Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, 1976 Ringo Starr and David Bowie Wilson Pickett and Jimi Hendrix, 1966. Chevy Chase & John Belushi, New York City, 1976.

Like a boss : Crazy Liver. The rare beauty found within Google street view. It is not often when browsing through Google street view that you come across anything of real beauty but Aaron Hobson has found some rather rare examples of what the Google car cam has caught while traveling around the world.

The rare beauty found within Google street view

Update: You can now see even more photos from the Google car cam here: The rare beauty found within google street view 2. You know it’s hot when … Hope you enjoyed.

You know it’s hot when …

Source: Email chain. Let your friends enjoy share this post ... Like this: Like Loading... Related Road rage African style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you are feeling rushed and in a hurry, maybe it is time to stop and appreciate the wonder all around you. In "General" 877e2e8b216a52b9bfe2edf40ebdd861.jpg (806×850) Future Computer by Jakub Záhoř. Future Touch Tech This concept computer-of-the-future by designer Jakub Záhoř allows the user to operate the device anywhere they can find a glass surface.

Future Computer by Jakub Záhoř

The user simply attaches the central unit to any glass surface like a window or coffee table, switches on the power, and watches their system light up before their eyes. The display appears as an interactive hologram on the glass that the user merely has to touch to operate. It also makes for an easy, take-anywhere way to project photos and presentations or stream movies. Gear : Design Magazine. Internet Map. DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More @ - Tweak Technology to Your Will. Untitled. 070712_ghost_orchid_vlrg_9a.grid-4x2.jpg (308×479) Steen.jpg (680×453)