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Explore Startup Timelines. Startup Timelines - Welcome! I have always found the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to be a highly underrated resource, despite how valuable it can be.

Startup Timelines - Welcome!

It is humbling to see how simple many startups were when they first got started, and also how quickly many have grown. I have taken screenshots of notable companies from the Internet Archive and collected some of the interesting pics onto a timeline, so that others can easily see each startup's evolution over time. Although I have only included the homepages, I hope others can also find them interesting. If you do, please consider donating to the Internet Archive today. Click on any company below to see its timeline: Forbes Top 20 "Unicorn" Companies Collection XiaomiUberAirbnbPalantirSnapchatSpaceXFlipkartPinterestDropboxTheranosDidi KuaidiSpotifyMeituanSquareWeWorkSnapdealZenefitsClouderaDianpingStripe The Transportation Wars Collection UberLyftBlaBlaCarCurbHailoOlaShuddleSidecarZipcar Ycombinator Summer 2015 (S15) Batch Collection Airbnb Basecamp Bisplease BlaBlaCar Ola.

Explore Startup Timelines. 135 Startup Failure Post-Mortems. No survivorship bias here.

135 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors. On his many failed experiments, Thomas Edison once said, I have learned fifty thousand ways it cannot be done and therefore I am fifty thousand times nearer the final successful experiment. And so while we have dug into the data behind startups that have died (as well as those acqui-hired) and found they usually die 20 months after raising financing and after having raised about $1.3 million, we thought it would be useful to see how startup founders and investors describe their failures. While not 50,000 ways it cannot be done, below is a compilation of startup post-mortems that describe the factors that drove a startup’s demise. We analyzed 100+ startup failure post-mortems and identified the top 20 reasons startups fail.

. *2015 Update 1 (8/15/2015) From Zirtual to Circa to Secret, we’ve added 34 startup post-mortems from 2015 YTD. Title: Sunset Product: Secret Product: Zirtual. Startuplister - Promote your startup on the best websites. Lessons from Failed Startups. Where to get press coverage for your startup. Geektime. 10 lessons learned from a non-technical founder. Building something people love is really hard.

10 lessons learned from a non-technical founder

IMHO, getting started (and not quitting) is the biggest challenge. This post is designed to help other entrepreneurs overcome the emotional roller-coaster of bringing their ideas to life. A little background: I had no business starting a tech company — I’m not technical.I had no business designing our first product — I’m not a designer by trade.I had no business raising money — I’ve never taken a finance class. Sometimes you just feel so compelled for a thing to exist in the world. As a non-technical founder, here are 10 lessons I picked up along my journey. Before starting Glimpse, I had this crazy idea to redesign New York’s lost & found system. My thesis: People want to return what they find, if made ridiculously easy. As a solo, non-technical founder I needed help. I needed more social proof. So I conducted an experiment. 57 of 100 were returned!

More importantly, people were impressed that I did some actual field testing. 6 Great Business Models to Consider for a Startup. People often throw around the term business model in discussing startups.

6 Great Business Models to Consider for a Startup

But just what is a business model? Which ones work best and why? How do you know if your startup has the right one? A business model explains which consumer pain your startup chooses to relieve, why your solution works better than competing ones and how big a wedge a company can drive between what customers are willing to pay and the costs. I recently spent three hours with some clients, executives from Beijing, to discuss these questions: I presented several business models and their financial benefits.

After sharing the idea of the business model canvas, developed by Alexander Osterwalder to help entrepreneurs design a customized business model, I gave the Chinese executives an hour to "paint" a new business idea. They did so brilliantly, picking two business ideas that clearly passed these three tests. Related: The Business Model for Disruption 1. Related: How to Filter Conflicting Advice From Multiple Mentors 2. 3. IdeaMensch - Interviews with Entrepreneurs. [45] 마케팅 비용 한푼도 안쓰고 10만 사용자를 얻는 방법 (What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?)

이번 포스팅의 내용은 미국판 지식IN 서비스라고 할 수 있는 Quora에 올라온 한 질문과 그에 대한 답변입니다.

[45] 마케팅 비용 한푼도 안쓰고 10만 사용자를 얻는 방법 (What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?)

질문의 내용은 ‘마케팅 비용 지출 없이 첫 10만 사용자를 얻기 위한 핵심 전략’을 묻는 것이었는데, 이 질문은 미국뿐만이 아니라 우리나라에서도 아마 인터넷 & 모바일 서비스 사업을 하시는 거의 모든 분들이 궁금해 할 내용이라고 생각합니다. 답변자는 무려 20가지가 넘는 전략을 제시했고, 해당 전략과 관련있는 글의 링크까지도 친절하게 달아주었습니다. 관련 사업에 종사하시는 분들, 준비하시는 분들 모두 읽어보시기를 권해드립니다. (번역문-원문 병기) ‘마케팅 비용 한푼도 안쓰고 10만 사용자를 얻는 방법’ What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget? New Startups - Showcasing the brightest new startup ideas.

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