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The Downfall of Detroit: White Flight and the 1967 Race Riots. The 1967 Detroit riot, also known as the 12th Street riot, was a civil disturbance in Detroit, Michigan that began in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 23, 1967.

The Downfall of Detroit: White Flight and the 1967 Race Riots

The precipitating event was a police raid of an unlicensed, after-hours bar then known as a blind pig, on the corner of 12th (today Rosa Parks Boulevard) and Clairmount streets on the city’s Near West Side. Police confrontations with patrons and observers on the street evolved into one of the deadliest and most destructive riots in United States history, lasting five days and surpassing the violence and property destruction of Detroit’s 1943 race riot, which occurred 24 years earlier.

Detroit is a shocking example of "white flight." News Team “We moved away because of the crime.”

Detroit is a shocking example of "white flight."

“We moved away because of the noise.” “We moved because our kids got attacked at the schools.” These are some of the excuses you hear from millions of middle class white people who have moved, sometimes multiple times, to get away from black neighbors. They are terrified to simply say that they fled the neighborhood to get away from black people. Detroit, Michigan is a giant monument to white flight. 1) In 2000, Detroit ranked as the United States’ eleventh most populous city, with 951,270 residents. 2) The city population dropped from its peak in 1950 with a population of 1,849,568 to 871,121 in 2006. 3) Detroit is usually listed as 82% black. Detroit has lost over half it’s population and virtually all of it’s white people since the 1950s!!!! A Dream Still Deferred. Photo AT first glance, the numbers released by the Census Bureau last week showing a precipitous drop in Detroit’s population — 25 percent over the last decade — seem to bear a silver lining: most of those leaving the city are blacks headed to the suburbs, once the refuge of mid-century white flight.

A Dream Still Deferred

But a closer analysis of the data suggests that the story of housing discrimination that has dominated American urban life since the early 20th century is far from over. In the Detroit metropolitan area, blacks are moving into so-called secondhand suburbs: established communities with deteriorating housing stock that are falling out of favor with younger white homebuyers. If historical trends hold, these suburbs will likely shift from white to black — and soon look much like Detroit itself, with resegregated schools, dwindling tax bases and decaying public services. When white Detroiters could not win by fighting, they fled to the suburbs. Rush Limbaugh: Detroit Went Bankrupt Because Blacks Drove Out Whites. Economists are attributing Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing to problems facing the entire Rust Belt region: a shrinking tax base, high health and pension costs, sprawl, and general dysfunction.

Rush Limbaugh: Detroit Went Bankrupt Because Blacks Drove Out Whites

But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh added another cause to the long list of factors that have contributed to the city’s downfall: black people. During an appearance on Fox News’ On The Record with Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday, Limbaugh claimed that “unchecked” Democratic rule “since the last Republican mayor [in] 1957” created a lazy and bloated culture of out-of-control spending and corruption. For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope. DETROIT — This city was already sinking under hundreds of millions of dollars in bills that it could not pay when a municipal auditor brought in a veteran financial consultant to dig through the books.

For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope

A seasoned turnaround man and former actuary with Ford Motor Co., he was stunned by what he found: an additional $7.2 billion in retiree health costs that had never been reported, or even tallied up. White Paper Tackles Bad Behavior in the Fire Service. Black Ruled Detroit in Collapse: The Shocking Example of White Flight. The Europe media uses the phrase “asylum seeker” as a politically correct euphemism for illegal alien. They enter the country illegally. Once caught they apply for asylum, because it automatically allows them to legal stay in the country longer.

An illegal alien from the Sudan should have been deported by the Norwegian government on Tuesday. Instead he was allowed to roam free. He went on a triple murder spree one day before he was supposed to show up for his deportation. The 31-year-old, who was living at an asylum reception centre in Årdal, near where the bus was hijacked, after having his application rejected in June.

“This person had applied for asylum, and come to Norway in April,” a spokesman for Norway’s immigration directorate said. The man is accused of killing the bus’s driver, Arve Haug Bagn, 55; Margaret Molland Sanden, a 19-year-old biotechnology student, and a Swedish man in his 50s, who has not been named. ( Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline. By Marilyn Salenger July 21, 2013 Marilyn Salenger is president of Strategic Communications Services and a former correspondent and news anchor for several CBS stations.

Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline

Population change in Metro Detroit. Continue Reading » Advertisement You will be redirected to the page you want to view in seconds.

Population change in Metro Detroit

The Detroit News Special Reports Data Center July 19, 2007 at 1:00 am. Stuff Black People Don't Like - SBPDL: How Did it Come to This? WaPo Sheds Tears Over the Inevitable Collapse of Detroit. It is the opinion of SBPDL that the coming collapse of Detroit represents a watershed moment in American history.

Stuff Black People Don't Like - SBPDL: How Did it Come to This? WaPo Sheds Tears Over the Inevitable Collapse of Detroit

A mere 100 years ago, Detroit was nearly 100 percent white. Beyond the horizon, these white citizens envisioned a magnificent city, with opulent buildings, grand theaters for entertainment and a thriving economy that would be the envy of the world. If you build it, they will come. From the southern United States flowed "The Great Migration," as Black people saw that same horizon and realized they could never build an infrastructure for a city near the grandeur of Detroit. For that matter, no record exists of any city that Black people have ever built with an economic infrastructure or low crime rate that didn't receive massive subsidization or entitlements from a government or charitable organization.

The two Detroits: a city both collapsing and gentrifying at the same time. James Cadariu was born and bred in a neighbourhood that’s now falling to pieces.

The two Detroits: a city both collapsing and gentrifying at the same time

Detroit files largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S history.